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May 12, 2020 9:17 PM CST
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Name: Frank
I just learned about this Container forum and am reposting this here. It was previously in the Ask a Question section. I've used these for landscaping with success, but am new to containers for food gardening.

I'm planning to start my container food gardens later this week using two kinds.
Any recommendations on changes are welcome. I'm not buying anything else so I'll use what I have.

First:. Stiff plastic shallow kids pools.
I will drill drainage holes as big as possible yet small enough to keep moles out.
I'm cutting down a big old maple tree that shades the yard/ garden. The green branches will be the drainage medium along with some Jerusalem Artichoke stalks from the Fall.
A layer or two of cardboard will keep the soil mix off of the bottom and wood, but allow water to drain. Not sure how worms will like it or climb to it and break it down.
Next layer will be a mix of potting soil, groundhog 🐹hide (nitrogen from recent meal πŸ˜„), organic compost, peat moss and vermiculite. The top layer will be peat moss and soft wood chips to hold moisture. After that I will use compost tea, whipped cream with a cherry on top! πŸ§πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸŒ±
OR should I lay sheets of cardboard to kill the grass and weeds. Then cut out the bottoms and allow worms, and the microbiome to benefit the plants, like raised beds, forgetting about potential moles?
Someone already said to forget the layering and just use the soil.

Depending on how much soil I have left, I m considering using my old water trough, 4x2'x waist high for deep root veggies. It has a single drain. Same mix with more wood space on the bottom to get the plants sunshine. I don't have enough soil, nor need that much verticle space, so the wood is filler. Screen support and/or galvanized fencing. Then mix, etc.
Either the trough OR cardboard lasagna bed between the pools and weed block edges to keep the yard mowing easier.

Goat fence 4"x2" squares trellis for butternut (,?maybe?), climbing squash, and beans.

Also doing a vineyard for 3 grape varieties, and kiwi, various berries, tubers, etc. But that's for another time/ place.

The pools aren't food grade, although I have white buckets that are. Just trying to use what's available with zero income, and some rainy day savings right now.

These are new ventures to add to my job search, topping and sculpting over 100 old growth trees, remodeling, etc. In my 50s and no help, I can use some recommendations and a little encouragement. My goal with food is to eat the nutrition that can not be found in the stores, so I can improve health and optimum energy to get the next job and 100 projects done.

Any recommendations on the 3 new garden projects?
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May 14, 2020 6:08 AM CST
Name: UrbanWild
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Depends on your climate. Where are you?

Do you need filler? If not, of fill with what you have and leave the opportunity to add more or even compost in the same beds while stuff is growing.

Plan and measure up front. You'll save a lot of work later. Plan on how you can reach it all with house, carrying buckets of water, or how you expect to deliver that, told, supplies, etc. If you have a wheelbarrow, make sure you leave ample room to move them.
Always looking for interesting plants for pollinators and food! Bonus points for highly, and pleasantly scented plants.

"Si hortum in bibliotheca habes, nihil deerit." [β€œIf you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”] -- Marcus Tullius Cicero in Ad Familiares IX, 4, to Varro. 46 BCE
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May 14, 2020 1:37 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Frank

Just south of Pittsburgh PA.
We've had our last frost I believe.
I use well water so what you say about buckets makes sense. As does the rest. I'm planning on adding a LOT to a limited area so sun/shade issues, etc. I think that the challenge is a bit for me, but the less weeding the more successful above all.
What you said about carrying buckets hits home. That's one reason that I want to mulch lots. I have plenty of organic matter by way of broken down old compost, fresh cut Maple and hemlock tree branches(acid), wherever it can help. Oh, and plenty of cardboard boxes....for a section as weed/grass retardant and maybe lasagna. I always wanted to grow italian food.πŸ˜„
I'm out of lumber, so The large hardwood limbs and evergreen can border the cardboard to keep grass from intruding.
I have a couple bags of leaves, straw, softwood chips, and probably 6 bales of moss for top dress. Not so much potting soil.
(Zone 6b)
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