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Jun 7, 2020 9:38 AM CST
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New York
So I would love to say it's just snail/slug damage, considering I live by the river they're all over. However I don't ever see them near my hostas, any of them. Early morning or night time. So I can't for sure say they did this and now I'm afraid of it being a disease :(. We do have grubs, lots. Extremely hard to get rid of myself apparently. And we have an entire property FILLED with pavement/carpenter ants. I don't think they would do this though lol. Can someone tell me if I'm over reacting by saying "what if it's virus X or Anthracnose " please Sad I have some hostas that are babies, and some that are 3ft wide.
Some of the babies have TINY black spots, and have hard bumps. The bigger ones, I only found one that had hard bumps & black dots. But they all have these rips/chunks taken out, and these burn hole looking marks. I couldn't tell you the exact time they were put in, my landlord put them in when she lived here in roughly 2012-2014 give or take. I just like them, so I was gonna keep them and shuffle around the gardens. These allllll from the pictures are at the road side by our mailbox/curb. One of my other hostas leafs are curling and I feel like they aren't supposed to. 😑 I don't know what's going on, someone help!
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Jun 8, 2020 1:01 AM CST
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Too much water. Browning edges can indicate too much water. A plant pushes water through to the edge of its leaves, and if given in excess, this can cause veins at the edges to burst, which leads to browning. Let the soil dry more if you can, however I no you can't stop the rains. What you can do to help the soil dry more, is to aerate the soil around the plant very gently to allow the moisture to escape a little faster. Take a hand cultivator and loosen the soil around the plants and that will let more air get to the roots. Keep the soil loose until the hot dry season.
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Jun 8, 2020 1:37 PM CST
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New York
Oneeyeluke, thank you!!!! I can't help but blame slugs still 😂 I did find 4 hiding under a stone at my one garden. Haven't seen anymore though. I don't water them, really, unless I'm watering the lawn and it hits them. I'm still afraid of it being a disease, a lot of my small plants have these marks and the bigger ones have rips/chunks taken out Sighing! Thank You!
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