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Jun 8, 2020 4:12 AM CST
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Hello everyone! This my first time using this forum, and my first real attempt in growing plants, and so far it's not going well!
A bit of background, I live in Spain, I have a small east facing balcony wirh plenty of sun that I was intending on decorating with potted plants.

the plants: I bought last week a rosemary plant, lavender and thyme. I transplanted them all the same day I bought them, the rosemary is in its own pot and the lavender and thyme share a long trough pot with space in between.

I was watering them every night until my neighbour said that was way too much, so I stopped, but they haven't improved. the rosemary is drooping and the lavender flowers have dried and drooped over too. Can anybody suggest anything or advise me what I am doing wrong?
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Jun 8, 2020 4:54 AM CST
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Each of the plants that you have chosen are sun-loving, scrabbly soil tolerant, Mediterranean herbs. None wants much water or food, all want sharp drainage. Your neighbor was likely on the right path - but into what kind of compost did you plant them? If you used a general multi-purpose compost it is quite possible that, combined with frequent watering, you are killing them with kindness in that you have placed them in a moisture retentive rich medium. If so, you could remove the plants and replace the compost with one manufactured to be particularly lean and free draining; often sold as for Mediterranean plantings. Alternately, you could remove the plants and amend the existing compost with the addition of coarse sand - and then refrain from watering them and even then allowing them to dry out completely between waterings. It is almost always better to water more deeply but much less frequently. Also, be aware that that rosemary is going to want a much larger pot in order to thrive, that is not to say that you cannot keep it alive (for a while) in that pot, but it wants to be a shrub not a polite little thing.
Good job catching it early, you have plenty of chance to correct the problem! Either that, or they are all goners already. No, wait that's MY garden...
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Jun 8, 2020 6:09 AM CST
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wow thank you for replying so quickly!
Ok, I need to lay off on the watering, duly noted. It was universal compost that I used, so I'll try and shop for sand to mix it with (universal except for the plants i bought hahaha)
I just hope my lavender revives itself Sad it was so beautiful with its purple flowers and it pains me to see it so sad looking now.
Thanks again for your advice!
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