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Jun 5, 2011 9:43 AM CST
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Name: Toni
Denver Metro (Zone 5a)
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
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For this update and the next we're departing from featuring roses by class to feature two types of special situations. Here in part one, the roses are in 15 gallon pots. The majority of these were imported from Europe and released from quarantine last year but never planted in the ground. They will be removed from their pots, cut back and shipped as actively-growing bare root plants. In part two, to follow, we'll feature roses planted in the ground in the display gardens around the house.

These roses in 15-gallon pots are $24 each, plus actual shipping costs. We have just one plant of each variety, unless a number is noted after the variety name. As always, we would be grateful if you would provide alternates, in case your first choices have sold by the time we receive your email.

To order, send an email with the subject header "Rose Order-Special Situations" to:
[email protected]. Orders will be filled and shipped in the order in which they are received.

In ordering these roses, you will be giving these wonderful roses good new homes and at the same time you'll likely be the first in your area to grow these gems.

It's important that we move these roses out quickly now so that we're able to cut down on the time needed to hand water them -- time which increases as the hot, dry desert summer sets in. Please seriously consider adopting at least a few! Thank you.

Cliff Orent
EuroDesert Roses

Roses in 15 gallon Pots to be Shipped As Bare Root Plants

Purple Splash, Climber Neon Cowboy, Miniature Pink Home Run, Shrub

Available roses:

Abigaile Fl pb Tantau 1988
All a 'Twitter Min ob Bedard 2010
Ange Divin MinFl pb Lens 1994
Annie Davidson HT pb Jalbert 2010
Barbados HT salm-p Interplant
Be-Bop S rb Carruth 2003
Big Bowie S ob Williams, Ben 2005
Black Country Pride F m Cowlishaw 2008
Caramel Kisses (Jacdandy) Min m Zary 2007
Catalonia HT or Dot, Pedro 1933
Celientje (Rocelien) HT ly
Cherry Bomb S mr Jesch, Tom 2003
Claret HT dr Fryer 2005
Colorific F ob Carruth 2009
Coronation Street (Mary Adrienne) S op Carruth 2001
Dick Clark (2) Gr rb Carruth & Bedard 2009
Dick's Delight Min. dp Dickson 1999
Double Delight HT rb Swim & Ellis 1976
Dublin Bay LCl mr McGredy 1976
Eloise HT op Kirkham 2007
Estelle HT r Olij 1997
Fond Memories Min ob Kirkham 1999
Fragrant Cloud HT or Tantau 1967
Freddie Mercury HT my Stainthorpe, Eric 1994
Genesis (Fryjuicy) Fl op Fryer 2005
Grande Dame HT dp Carruth 2009
Gravin Michel d'Ursel Hyb Musk ab Lens 1994
Gretel Greul HT mr Greul 1939
Heinrich Conrad Soth S pb Lambert, P. 1919
Helene Schoen HT mr Von Abrams 1963
Heroica (2) HT dr Lens 1960
Ilse Haberland F mp Kordes 1956
Jack's Wish HT op Kirkham 2001
Jeanny Soupert (2) Pol w Soupert & Notting 1913
La Royale de Mulhouse F ly Sauvegeot 2003
Lavender Mist LCl m Christensen 1981
Lichterloh Hyb Musk mr Tantau 1959
Lisa (Kirdisco) F op Kirkham 2005
Louis Mon Ami Ayr pb Louette 2001
Lovania S or Lens 1970
Lucy F ob Kirkham 2001
Mamouche (2) F m Lens 2007
Marieken (Romariek) F ab RvS - Melle 1987
Marjolaine F ab Sauvegeot 2002
Michael Fish F mp Kirkham 2001
Miss Canada HT pb Blakeney, F. 1963
Mondorf-les-Bains (2) HT r Lens 2006
Moonlight LCl yb Kordes 2004
Multiflore de Vaumarcus N lp Menet 1875
Nashira (Jutland) F lp Poulsen 1995
Neon Cowboy Min rb Carruth 2001
Operetta HT yb Bailey 1980
Our George S ab Kirkham 1999
Palm Springs S mr Rippetoe 2006
Patricia Kent S ly Harkness 2004
Petit Bonheur LCl mp Adam 2001
Pink Cadillac S lp Jesch 2000
Pink Gruss an Aachen F op Kluis & Koning 1929
Pink Home Run (2) S dp Carruth & Bedard 2009
Pink Showers Cl HT lp Verschuren 1974
Pink Spray S dp Lens 1980
Purple Heart (2) F m Carruth 1999
Purple Splash (3) LCl m Carruth 2009
Raissa HT mp Cocker 1990
Rose d'Annecy S mp Adam 1995
Rose de la Petite Chabote F pb Lens 2005
Royal City Rose F ab Jalbert 2009
Sebastian Kneipp HT w Kordes ? 1997
Sedona HT or Zary 2008
Shaida HT or Lens 1979
Simply Heaven HT ly Dickson 2002
Stormy Weather LCl m Orard 2010
Sugat Moon HT w Bedard 2010
Sweet Intoxication F m Zary 2008
Tiddly Winks Min yb Carruth 2006
Trump Card HT pb Orent 2007
Vanilla Cream F ly Lens 2000
Velindre (2) HT mr Lionel Poole 1998
Wacky Sheila S mp Jalbert 2008
Warm & Fuzzy ('Wekhasamiro') Min. mr Carruth 2007
Water Llily MinFl w Jalbert 1998
Wild Blue Yonder Gr m Carruth 2004
Woman O'th North F lp Kirkham 1993

Recent Feedback

A few of the many positive messages recently received:

"Thank you so much for the roses. All three are wonderful, sprouting like crazy, and enjoying New Mexico. I must commend you for the manner in which the roses were packaged and shipped. I have never, absolutely never, received bare-root roses in such wonderful condition. They were literally dripping wet when I opened the packages. I expect they will be blooming in no time, and I'll be sure to send photographs."

"All have safely arrived.... Portrait isn't a bush - it is at least two bushes!! You must have had that mother plant for a long time or it likes the high desert. I had to get the wash tub out in order to soak her!" (from Tennessee)

"The roses are AMAZING! Linda Campbell has already shot canes up to almost 3'!" (from New Jersey)

"I can't believe the size of your roses! I love having roses with a story. Now I can tell anyone that visits my garden that these came from a special garden in the desert of all places." (from Indiana)

"The roses are already producing flowers and thriving. They are gorgeous!" (also from Tennessee)

Update on Hybrid Perpetuals, Polyanthas and Hybrid Musks

We have just three hybrid perpetuals left (at $24 each plus actual shipping costs). They are:

Caroline de Sansal
Maurice Bernardin
Souv de la Reine d'Angleterre

The following polyanthas are still available ($24 each plus actual shipping costs):

"Lindee" Lovely Fairy
"Orange Hearts" Lullaby
"Mountain Mignonette" Mädi
"Pink Hearts" Magenta
Alice Maman Turbat
Anda Marie-Jeanne
Anne-Marie de Montreval Mary Guthrie
Baby Bath Mignonette
Baby Faurax
Britannia Mme. Taft
Charles Métroz Mothersday
Clothilde Soupert Mrs. Alston's Rose
Coral Cluster Natalie
Deutsches Danzig Nypels Perfection
Ebloussant Orange Miss Edith Cavell
Ellen Poulsen Orange Triumph, Cl.
Emmeloord Paquerette
Etoile de Mai Paul Crampel
Excellenz von Schubert Pinafore
Fairy Damsel Pink Sweetie
Fairy Dance Pinkie
Father's Day (Vatertag) Red Fairy
Fireglow Rita Sammons
Fluffy Cloud Rote Gabrielle Privat
Gabrielle Privat Rottkäppchen
German Fairy Schöne von Holstein
Gloria Mundi Sparkler
Golden Salmon Spray Cecile Brunner
Heinrich Karsch Too Cute
Ideal Triomphe Angevin
Jeanny Soupert White Cecile Brunner
Karine White Pet
Katharina Zeimet Wing-Ding
Kleine Eva Yesterday
Little White Star Yvonne Rabier

The following hybrid musks are still in need of good new homes
($29 each plus actual shipping costs):

Alden Biesen Mozart
Andenken an Alma de l'Aigle Neige d'Ete
Annelies Omi Oswald
Art Deco Paganini
Bel Esprit Petite De Terre Franche
Belinda Pink Spray
Brigitte de Villenfagne Pretty Pink
Bukavu Prosperity
Claire Jolly Rosalita
Daybreak Rosy Purple
Diamant Rose Schoone Gezelle Blomme
Feeling Sibelius
Flash Silver River
Francoise Drion Smarty
Frisson Frais Sourire Rose
Gravin Michel d'Ursel Souv de Rose-Marie
Guirlande d'Amour Verdi
Jacqueline Humery Vif Eclat
Jean Stephenne Waterloo
Maaseik White Crystal
Matchball Wilhelm

And the following five hybrid musks are also available. They were inadvertently left off
the list in our last update:

Maid Marion
Wind Chimes
Roses are one of my passions! Just opened, my Etsy shop (to fund my rose hobby)!
Jun 5, 2011 6:11 PM CST
Name: Suzanne/Sue
Sebastopol, CA (Zone 9a)
Sunset Zone 15
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Yeah, I only wanted one, Stormy Weather and I emailed him last night but I was too late.
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Jun 8, 2011 11:25 AM CST
E TX (Zone 8a)
I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database!
Sue, not big on climbers, not big on purple but Stormy Weather would have been awesome. I would have given it serious consideration for my blue garden.

Polyanthas have been a delight and easy in my garden. I grow Orange Hearts, Pink Hearts and Red Hearts and they are incredibily easy. I do trim the spent flowers b/c in polys they seem to make the plant unkept if not done, vs. a HT, let's say. Highly recommend these. Grow3 other polys but can't think of names right now.

I am resisting researching the roses featured in Cliff's emails b/c I just don't want to baby any more plants this summer.

I wasn't aware there was a min. Pink Home Run. I got the Pink Home Run from Chamblees and while healthy and vigorous like reg. Home Run, the pink is turning to red as time goes on. This is not a rose I would replace if something were to happen to it.
Jun 8, 2011 1:44 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Toni
Denver Metro (Zone 5a)
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
Birds Garden Ideas: Master Level Salvias Garden Procrastinator Irises I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database!
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I just ordered his last Silver Star & Shreveport. Yay!! How on earth I'm going to dig holes big enough for these monsters I'm not sure (at least I hope they're monsters!!)
Roses are one of my passions! Just opened, my Etsy shop (to fund my rose hobby)!
Jun 9, 2011 6:57 PM CST
Name: Cindi
Wichita, Kansas (Zone 7a)
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Vossner, is your Pink Home Run reverting, or do you mean the blooms fade to red after starting pink? the Pink Home Run I got from Chamblees last year is growing and blooming like crazy. The blooms have all stayed pink so far. If I see a stem with red blooms, I'll cut it off.
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