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Aug 20, 2021 5:10 AM CST
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Name: Pat
McLean, VA (Zone 7a)
Unless otherwise noted, you will get a 4 fan clump for the price of a double fan. Shipping is $12 plus $3 each additional clump; with a surcharge if you live pretty far west of the Mississippi.

BLUE RONDO (Ball-P 2017) 30",Tet,5",SEv,EM - $50 - 3 AVAILABLE

Lavender pink with blue violet eye and edge. I have had instant rebloom on this but not consistently so not registered as a rebloomer. 30 buds and 4-6 branches. Fertile both ways. (WILLIAM DELOREY X SEEDLING)
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CHEEKY MONKEY (Ball-P, 2020) 37",Tet,5",SEv,M,Frag - $75 - 3 AVAILABLE

Terracotta pink with lighter sepals, gently ruffled and veined, cranberry plum eyezone and matching edge, gold over green throat. Wide branching. 4 nice, wide branches and close to 30 buds. (William Delorey x Vivid Butterfly) Pod fertile.
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CONSTANT HEART (BALL-P, 2016) 27",Tet,6",SEv,M,Frag - $35 - ONE AVAILABLE

Gorgeous rich rose pink with a watermark and white gold edge. Substantial foliage with overall good substance. BC=15-30, BR=2-4. Fertile both ways. (MAN OF SORROWS X ZAHADOOM)
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Peach cream with rose pink eyezone and edge, yellow green throat. Blooms have a tendency to go from single to fully double as the season goes on (25% double). 3 branches and 15-20 buds. Pod fertile. (UNKNOWN X UNKNOWN)
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DOLLY POLY (HERR-D., 2013) 39",Dip,6",Dor,E,Re - $10 - ONE AVAILABLE

Lemon yellow. Polymerous.
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DORIS DELOREY (BALL-P, 2015) 26",Tet,5",SEv,EM,Re - $15 - SOLD OUT

Dark coral pink with lighter sepals, pleated yellow throat and white gold edge, good substance, fast increase. Excellent resistance to rust. Fertile both ways. (ED BROWN X RUFFLES AND RIBBONS)
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EDIBLE ARRANGEMENT (BALL-P, 2016) 32",Tet,6.50",Evr,ML,VFrag - $30 - ONE AVAILABLE

Yellow cream with rose overlay, ruffled yellow edge, yellow green throat. Massive fans. Height ranges from 28"-36", BC ranges from 16 to 35, 4 branches. Fertile both ways. (SEEDLING X PINK ALOHA)
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GAIA (BALL-P, 2016) 28",Tet,6.50",Dor,M,Re - $35 - ONE AVAILABLE

Burgundy and cream bicolor with cream watermark, a few gold tendrils, apple green throat. 5+ branches and 25+ buds. Fertile both ways. (SEEDLING X SEEDLING)
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JOY TO YOU AND ME (BALL-P, 2016) 31",Tet,6",Dor,ML - $25 - 4 AVAILABLE

Creamy peach with feathered purple band, yellow over green throat, gold edge. 4-5+ branches and 30+ buds. Six weeks of abundant blooms in 2015. Pod fertile. (SEEDLING X KISSED IN THE DARK)
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MIDSUMMER A WOMAN'S WORK (BALL-P, 2016) 35",Dip,4",SEv,E,Re - $15 - 4 AVAILABLE

"EVERBLOOMING" soft orange with faint narrow rose band, gold throat. In my garden the clump is always in bloom, with new scapes emerging throughout the season. (Usually mid-June to frost in mid-October. This year our first heavy frost was mid-November and the plant still had blooms.) It has 3 to 5 branches and is a bud builder starting at about 28" with 20 buds and going to as much as 40" with 60 buds. (35-40 average) Fertile both ways but does require a bit of persistence. (UNKNOWN X UNKNOWN)
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MISTY MOSQUITO (BALL-P, 2017) 33",Dip,7",Dor,M,UFO - $15 - 3 AVAILABLE

Cream with a stippled rose eye and edge, quilled UFO. Pod fertile. (SNOW CRAB X MONOCACY SUMMER MIST)
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PETE'S DRAGON (BALL-P, 2016) 46",Dip,6",Dor,EM - $10 - 3 AVAILABLE

Soft rose wIth large cream eye, apple green throat. Average of 18 buds with a range of 14-22, 2 or more branches plus a terminal W. Pod fertile. (HARVILLE SEEDLING #1 X CRYSTALLINE ENTITY)
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Lavender with lavender pink watermark band, large cream-green throat. 30 buds and 5-6 branches. Fertile both ways. (UNKNOWN X UNKNOWN) This has low, arching foliage from which the well-branched scapes shoot up as though from a fountain. Very good rust resistance.
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RED BADGE OF COURAGE (BALL-P, 2017) 44",Dip,6",SEv,EM,Re - $25 - 3 AVAILABLE

Dark red blend with gold lines and gold throat. 35+ buds with up to 6 branches. This has rebloomed for me, but not consistently so it's not registered as reblooming. Pod fertile (SEEDLING 08-019 X FREE RADICAL) This one calls out to you from across the garden when the clump is in full bloom.
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RHIANNON (BALL-P, 2018) 38",Tet,6.50",SEv,ML - $60 - 1 AVAILABLE

Rose pink with a narrow cream edge. There is a pop of green apple in the throat which then becomes cream often spilling out to cover most of the flower's face. 16 buds, 3-4 branches. Fertile both ways. (WESTBOURNE MOM'S CINNAMON ROLLS X CROWNING FIRE)
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RUDY'S FUNHOUSE (BALL-P, 2018) 35",Dip,6",Dor,EM,UFO - $25 - 3 AVAILABLE

Dusty rose UF with olive drab and yellow throat ends out onto petals. 4 branches and 16 buds, pollen fertile. Blue green foliage and seems to have very good rust resistance. [(Idoo Voodoo x seedling) x Rose F Kennedy)]
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SAMBA SKIRT (BALL-P, 2017) 32",Tet,7.50",Evr,ML - $25 - 2 AVAILABLE

Orange blend with darker veins, lighter sepals. A large showy flower with a nice open presentation. 12-25 buds and 3-5 branches. Pollen fertile. (Seedling x Parrot Moon)
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SHERBET LEMONS (Ball-P, 2020) 28",Dip,2.50",SEv,E,Re,Mi - $50 - 3 AVAILABLE

Light yellow self. 25 buds, 3-4 branches (LITTLE LEMON TWIST X NANO PROBE)
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SMALL WORLD VELVET ICE (Miller-M, 2018) 40",Dip,7",Dor,ML,Re,UFO - $50 - 1 AVAILABLE

Violet purple with grey undertones, white midribs and a lighter wire edge. Green throat. Great plant habit and a wonderful color. Show scapes also. Easy fertile both ways. HYBRIDIZER'S PRICE IS $150 BUT HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY FOR SALE!
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STARLIGHT SYMPHONY (Ball-P, 2020) 38",Dip,6",Dor,EM,UFO - $75 - 3 AVAILABLE

Soft orchid pink with a starburst green to yellow throat overlapping a plum purple chevron eye with jagged edges which feather out onto the the segments and a white midrib. 5-6 branches and 30+ buds. This seems to have excellent rust resistance. (SQUIRRELLY X STARFISH PRIME) Fertile both ways.
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SURPRISED BY JOY (Ball-P, 2019) 34",Tet,7.50",SEv,ML,Re - $35 (triple fans because the fans are so big) - 2 AVAILABLE

Red with a gold edge and nice green throat. 25-30 buds and 6-7 branches.
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THIS ISN'T OVER (Seifert, 2018) 39",Dip,8.50",Dor,EM,Re,UFO - $75 - ONE AVAILABLE

Burgundy maroon with wide starburst chartreuse throat on all segments and thin white edge on petals and sepals. Starts early and keeps building. Most likely a bud builder, and extremely fertile both ways
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