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Sep 29, 2021 3:57 PM CST
Name: Sulli
Philadelphia (Zone 7a)
Hi all,

I won't share who the vendor is at this time because I don't want to put them on "blast" but every single one of the rhizomes I got from them, 11 have lost their fans and rotted away and additionally all the 5 bonues died as well. My orders from 3 other vendors are also planted in the same holding raised bed and none have died. They are not planted too deep and are not waterlogged.

What advice do you guys have in this case? It was my first year ordering from this vendor and it was about $200 of iris.

Sep 29, 2021 4:17 PM CST
Name: Frank Richards
Clinton, Michigan (Zone 5b)

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I think the first step would be to talk to the vendor.
Sep 29, 2021 4:51 PM CST
Name: Glendolyn
San Antonio, Texas (Zone 8b)
Irises Region: Texas
I had same problem this year. Do Iris get COVID-19? Should Iris be treated
with something before planting, like dipping in sulphur or bleach?
Sep 29, 2021 8:19 PM CST
Name: Sulli
Philadelphia (Zone 7a)
I had contacted the vendor and just heard back, it's their determination that the heat during shipping may have contributed to a fungal infection among the rhizomes as it affected them all. I will be receiving a refund and thought I would pass along the information.
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Sep 29, 2021 8:29 PM CST

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I've got the same problem as well. I planted an iris rhizome and I only slightly misted the soil and now it's rotting away! Sighing!
Sep 29, 2021 9:19 PM CST
Name: Robin
Melbourne, Australia (Zone 10b)
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It's great that you received a refund Thumbs up
Sep 29, 2021 10:44 PM CST
Name: Evelyn
Sierra foothills, Northern CA (Zone 8a)
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Totally_Amazing said:It's great that you received a refund Thumbs up

I agree Thumbs up
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Sep 30, 2021 8:21 AM CST
Name: Lucy
Hamilton, MA (Zone 6b)
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Shows that the vendor has customers interest at heart.
Sep 30, 2021 1:20 PM CST
Name: Glendolyn
San Antonio, Texas (Zone 8b)
Irises Region: Texas
Thanks for the update. Yes, we don't know how the USPS handles shipments.
Glad the supplier is taking care of you, but know it is a disappointment not having
the plants surviving.
Sep 30, 2021 1:55 PM CST
Name: Ian McBeth
Lincoln, NE (Zone 5b)
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That's a bit disappointing. Though I am glad you got a refund. Some companies wouldn't do that.

I had a really expensive order of iris that came in the mail a couple years ago. Same situation you had, and never got a refund. I was so angry, I never ordered from them again.
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Sep 30, 2021 2:29 PM CST
Name: Sulli
Philadelphia (Zone 7a)
I was very happy to get such a nice response, I have my own customer facing business and tried to keep the email direct but kind since I really don't think this vendor sells poor quality plants. I appreciate the good thoughts about the missing iris but I'm up to 200 cultivars at this point so while they'll be missed, I have lots to look forward to and many increases from last years planting as well.

Ian, I'm sorry to hear about your experience-how disappointing!
Sep 30, 2021 4:20 PM CST
Name: Tom
Southern Wisconsin (Zone 5b)
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Any reputable vendor will do what's right, Some of the second class vendors are looking to make a fast buck, not promote their irises. I like dealing with the people who hybridize the irises. They want their products to succeed, and will do what it takes to make that happen.
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Oct 1, 2021 3:37 AM CST
Name: Richard
Joshua Tree (Zone 9a)
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Good to here that you got a refund. Some wouldn't do that. It also sucks that it did happen though.
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