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Name: Juli
(Zone 5b)
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Sep 22, 2013 8:51 PM CST
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Announcing a Fun Writing Contest for Daylily Lovers

Sharon is joining Char and Juli in sponsoring a fun Daylily Related Contest!!!!

All you have to do is ENTER for a chance to WIN!

There will be THREE winners, chosen by YOUR votes!


Description: This contest is open to all ATP members and here's the general idea:

Write a short story using names of daylilies found in the ATP database or the AHS database as the primary text of your story. Our theme is Holidays, and you choose which holiday to write about and what daylily names you want to fit into it.
(Please keep in mind that ATP is a family oriented site.)

Here are the rules:

• Each person is allowed to submit ONE story. Your story should be approximately 150 to 500 words.
• Choose a holiday, then choose the names of daylilies appropriate to that holiday.
• Use registered names of daylilies to tell your story. Daylily names must be found in the ATP or AHS database.
• Use all capital letters for the names of the daylilies.
• Make sure your story has a title for people to use when voting.
• Your story must be submitted in secret by Tree-mail to daylily, Char, or Sharon no later than midnight September 30, 2013

Here is how we will post the stories and you will vote for the winner:

• Your story will be copied and pasted to a separate thread, just as you wrote it (with no editing) on October 1, 2013 and will be posted anonymously by one of the three of us.
• After we finish posting the stories, we will announce that voting can begin. All members of ATP are invited to select your 3 favorite stories and you can vote for them by sending a tree-mail to Char, Sharon or daylily listing the stories by their titles. Vote for the stories you enjoy most.
• Only vote for your three favorite stories.
• Voting will close at midnight on October 5, 2013. We will count votes on the 6th, and announce the winner on October 7, 2013.
• The story with the most votes will be the winner. The story with the second most votes will be 2nd place etc. In case of a tie, the story that uses the most daylily names will win. If you use the same daylily name multiple times in your story, it will only count once in a tiebreaker.

To verify the names you are using and to help you find names to use in your story....
Here is a link to the ATP daylily specific database The Daylilies Database
Here is a link to the AHS database

This should be lots of fun - we have a great group of creative people!

Lots of daylilies have names that can be fit into Halloween, Christmas, Easter, even Veteran's Day theme - so get those creative fingers typing and lets have some fun with DAYLILY NAMES!!!
Name: Juli
(Zone 5b)
Region: United States of America Charter ATP Member Cottage Gardener Daylilies Garden Photography Enjoys or suffers cold winters
Birds Hummingbirder Butterflies Dog Lover Cat Lover Garden Ideas: Master Level
Sep 22, 2013 8:53 PM CST
Here is Juli's example - though it does not follow the holiday theme. Feel free to ask questions about how Juli found the names to use, ask questions or make comments about the contest!

MAL and GERDA BROOKER were SO EXCITED that their DEAREST FRIENDS, LEE PICKLES and his wife JEAN PICKLES were visiting and they were going OUT ON THE TOWN. They wanted to make a BIG IMPRESSION and show their friends what a HIGH CLASS place Cleveland is. MAL arranged for a STRETCH LIMO to pick them up. Gerda planned for a night of DRINKING WINE WITH FRIENDS at the SANFORD WINERY, going on a DINNER DATE, to see the BIG SHOW LION KING put on by the VICTORIAN GARDEN DRAMA CLUB, a drive along the waterfront to see the LAKE ERIE SUNSET, where they would sit by the LIGHTHOUSE in the EVENING BREEZE and watch the FIREWORKS DISPLAY of a SHOWER OF STARS before GOING DANCING at the local HOT SPOT, where they planned to enter the MIDNIGHT TANGO dance COMPETITION.

Gerda and Mal were GOING IN STYLE. Mal wore his new COAT AND TIE, and Gerda took the OPPORTUNITY to wear her FRILLS AND FINERY, COMPLETE with a STRING OF JEWELS and her WHITE MINK stole. She didn't want to be DOING THE TANGO in her FIVE INCH HEELS, so she wore her FAVORITE satin DANCING SHOES instead.

Their OLD FRIENDS called to say their FLIGHT landed late. The FLIGHT COMMANDER didn't NOTIFY GROUND CREW the landing instructions and they had flown ROUND AND ROUND. But, they managed to ARRIVE AT FIVE and they waited for the car to pick them up.

When the limo arrived it was a BIG EYED SURPRISE. It was OLDER THAN DIRT, a DECKED OUT, RUSTY, PINK LIMOUSINE driven by a CLOWN IN A GOWN, STRUNG OUT from taking kids to a CHILDRENS FESTIVAL and was in no FRAME OF MIND for a FUN TIME.

Their friends LATE ARRIVAL caused some issues. The winery had closed, and they missed their dinner reservations. They ended up at the PARADISE BAR AND GRILL, just in time to be LAST TO THE BUFFET LINE, where there were SLIM PICKINGS. Greasy SHORT RIBS, PIZZA PIE covered in HOT PEPPER and MANGO, a wilted TOSSED SALAD, and soggy LEMON CREAM PIE for DESSERT.

Gerda gave Mal a DRAMATIC LOOK, and made a CHOICE COMMENT about their LASTING IMPRESSION. They returned to their limo, and headed to the theater. Mal had to give the clown a NEW DIRECTION several times but they finally arrived after SHOWTIME, missing ACT ONE. They found the play was so poorly acted it was NEVER BORING, and headed out hoping the LAKE EFFECT would provide the TURNING POINT and they would start to have a FUN FLING.

As they enjoyed the LAKES WIND AND WAVES, UNDERNEATH THE STARS, they noticed the FRESH AROMA of a MAGIC PERFUME on the RESTLESS WIND and realized that CLOWN FACE driver was blowing MIDNIGHT SMOKE RINGS of ACAPULCO GOLD into the NIGHT SKY.

They left the LAUGHING CLOWN there to his SELF IMPOSED PARADISE, called a BIG YELLOW TAXI and rode to the dance competition. They were TWO TO TANGO and soon took CENTER STAGE. At the END OF THE DAY, they didn't win the big SILVER TROPHY or the BIG MONEY. Instead, they had PRICELESS MEMORIES