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Name: greene
Savannah, GA (Sunset 28) (Zone 8b)
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Jul 17, 2014 10:18 AM CST
So your plan is to eliminate the squirrels from your property? Sorry, but the squirrels were here first. If you don't feed them, don't provide tasty treats like bulbs, and don't provide food-producing trees, like oaks, the squirrels will go away. To find food. Somewhere else.

As long as you are feeding the squirrels, whether intentionally or not, the squirrels will continue to breed at their highest rate, probably two litters of young instead of one. Try withholding all the bird food for one full year (don't worry, the birds won't starve; your neighbors will see to that) and the squirrels will relocate themselves.

I found it a bit confusing when you said you did not want to harm the squirrels, then you trapped and dumped them like they were in the Witness Protection Program leaving them to die a slow death. After that idea you had a better offer and planned to give the the trapped squirrels to the farmer so people can hunt/kill/shoot them. I'm pretty sure this will harm the squirrels. Rolling on the floor laughing

In the past sixty-five years I only eaten one squirrel and it was delicious; I was a guest at dinner and everything on the table was legally captured, hooked, trapped, shot or grown by the host and hostess.

And in my life (up to this point) I have only had a problem with one family of squirrels; that was because they entered my house while we were doing renovations and they tried to live in the attic. Sorry guys, 'no pay - no stay'. I did not harm them, but I did give them a scare. I simply waited until they were warm and cozy and asleep for the evening in my attic, then nailed a board over their entrance hole. Once they discovered they were trapped in the attic, they wanted out, and fast. Waiting only long enough for them to get the message, I then removed the board and jumped off the ladder as they scampered away. They did not return. Period.

I happen to like squirrels and find them amusing; I allow them to live in peace where they will, as long as it is not inside my house; I don't feed them nor do anything to discourage them. I do not plant oak trees or daffodil bulbs or anything that will encourage them to come closer.

Also, I would like to say that I agree with your wife who is a wise and a patient woman. Lovey dubby
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Name: Andi
Boca Raton, FL (Zone 10b)
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Jul 17, 2014 10:44 AM CST
I agree that the problem is the rodent aka bird feeders. In my old neighborhood, the squirrel/mouse/chipmunk populations exploded when people started hinging bird feeders. Then the bears moved in as well. I am glad that not only have I moved, but also the new neighbors don't hang bird feeders.

Sprinkling pepper on the soil/potting mix surface and spraying the plants with pepper spray help to keep rodents from eating plants and digging in the soil.
Name: Barb
NE Illinois (Zone 5b)
Jul 17, 2014 1:48 PM CST
So discontinuing bird feeders might help encourage my resident chipmunks to move on. Good to know.

Since chipmunks hibernate, could I still feed the birds during the winter?
Name: Becky
Sebastian, Florida (Zone 10a)
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Jul 17, 2014 1:53 PM CST
Winter might be why more people feed the birds, because of possibly no chipmunks. Here in the south, the squirrels don't hibernate. We have them out and about year round.
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Lawrenceville, Georgia
Jul 17, 2014 10:07 PM CST
Wal, I have lots of trees and with them, comes the critters.
So I have 2 dogs that get their exercise chasing the squirrels .. Almost got one too. But when I let out the 4 legged security guys, the critters do run for the trees. The newest challenge is Alvin the chipmunk. He's a little more complex to chase, but they make a valiant effort. No, the squirrels aren't gone, but I have the most fun watching the races!
Name: Ken Ramsey
Vero Beach, FL (Zone 10a)
Tropical Plants & More
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Jul 20, 2014 3:37 PM CST
Green, believe me, I put the squirrels out in a "safe neighborhood". There are thousands of acres of forest for them to re-establish. I do not harm them in any way. You will have to ask my neighbor not to hunt them. I don't kill animals any longer. And no, they were not here first. The neighborhood was built on farm land without trees. The first trees were planted six decades ago when the neighborhood was first established and have been planted ever since.

I guess I could simply remove the bird feeders, remove all the tropical plants (they sometimes destroy valuable budding orchids), not worry about them digging up the yard and landscape, and quit growing vegetables. They would still be around but at least I would have no cause to remove them.

The squirrels are still here, just a more limited population of them. I will never trap/relocate them all, since the neighborhood will always have them.
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