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Aug 21, 2014 11:20 AM CST
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Name: tarev
San Joaquin County, CA (Zone 9b)
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I have been using my Worx Trivac 3 in 1 blower/mulcher/vacuum for about 4 years now. Happy with it as it works well in my small sideyard. However through the years the orange collar that connects the bag collector to the angled machine got disengaged. So made some research, and I thought I will just order another bag, and I saw this other related product they have called the leaf collection system. Instead of lugging around the collection bag, you can just put the collection system onto the collection bin of your choice, tighten the grip on it and saves you the step of having to toss the collected mulch. That made sense to me since I often hated it when I have to dump the mulch, just too powdery mess as you throw them out to your compost bin or if it is full onto your trash bin.

So my new leaf collection system came in two days ago:
Thumb of 2014-08-21/tarev/c977fb
Removing it from the box:
Thumb of 2014-08-21/tarev/2b761d
and these are the attachments you can use to connect the collection system to your own vacuum/blower/mulcher, does not really need to be a Worx machine:
Thumb of 2014-08-21/tarev/2c8658
As with any equipment it comes with its instruction manual to walk you through how to use the attachments:
Thumb of 2014-08-21/tarev/0e7111

So test driving it yesterday:
Our wonderful city trees...beautiful to see...but all of those leaves will come down soon..and it is already falling now too, slowly doing the seasonal transition:
Thumb of 2014-08-21/tarev/09a824 Thumb of 2014-08-21/tarev/dc54ca
Raked up a lot of left over leaves from the far corner of my yard, since my bag collector broke down early this year, I decided to leave that part of the yard alone..and now time to face the clean up...gathering those leaves a little nearer to open space to make the vacuum/mulch process easier:
Thumb of 2014-08-21/tarev/3424e0

And this is that orange collar that got disengaged from the old bag collector I have, have just removed it from the connecting tube of the machine, so I can use the new collection system:
Thumb of 2014-08-21/tarev/39fa00

Connecting now the new collections system..same style of orange collar..just align and follow the directions to twist and close:
Thumb of 2014-08-21/tarev/d1e540 Thumb of 2014-08-21/tarev/2648dd
Thumb of 2014-08-21/tarev/8023f9

There it is connected to the machine. The aspect I like with Worx 3 in 1, I just do a simple flick of the orange lever, so it quickly converts from blowing to vacuuming, no need to remove parts to do the other function.
Thumb of 2014-08-21/tarev/dd7687

So I placed the collection system onto my round trash bin, then making sure to use our orange power cord to extend our reach:
Thumb of 2014-08-21/tarev/d2f98f Thumb of 2014-08-21/tarev/83c365

And off to vacuuming. I was alone doing this,so cannot take actual shot as I do it.
My observations are:

1) Make sure your trash bin is somehow weighted, so it will not accidentally get toppled, or do not be too far away from your collection bin, it is so easy to topple over.

2) The collection bag in the old Worx 3 in 1 is made of a tightly woven cloth fabric. So when you vacuum and it starts collecting, the mulch just stays collected into the bag. I noticed with this leaf collection system, the material of the collection system is so porous, the density of the material is bigger, so when the strong air pressure starts to come in, you can visually see particulates being blown around...ah..not nice if you happen to vacuum near your fountain or your plants..they will get those fine particulates on them.

3) The trash bin I used is small,if you can use a wider mouthed one, it would be better, so the entire collection system cover will be more snug fit. Of course you can tighten it with the pull cord that comes with it, but just the same, when air starts to be sucked in, it inflates, and you end up with excess leaves bunched up in the excess portion of the cover. So what I did to make it easier for me to put those leaves later into the trash bin, I gather the excess edge of the trash bin bag, and empty the collection system inside, that way, no collected mulch scattering around.

4) Editing to add: Advantage over the bag collector, at least I do not have to carry the bag, it gets heavy as you continue vacuuming. I like that the collection bin will at least carry that part of the weight.

So that's about it...pretty much, for my own use it works. I am just a bit disappointed with the material of the collection system cover, but other than that, it works as advertised. I got this product directly at their website, and got it for 2 payments, comes with free shipping. I always like free shipping, I was not in a hurry anyaways, ordered August 8 and got it 10 days after. And as I have said, my yard is small..just have to catch up with clean up as the seasons start to change again.
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