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Apr 17, 2015 7:32 AM CST
Chicagoland annual plant swap will take place as usual May 22, Friday eve 4-7 pm of Memorial day weekend. UCE parking lot.
I would hope those who wants to do some pre-trades, requests and shares can post here.
Any suggestions fro improvements are welcome.

May 3, 2015 6:41 AM CST
I'm looking for zebra grass, hellebores, Autumn Joy Sedum, Echinacea (coneflower) in any color,
Have woodland/native plants: May Apple, Solomon seal
Day Lilies: Stella d'oro, Aztec Gold, Crimson Pirate, Hyperion, a rust colored one, Kwanso
Iris: bearded - various colors (white, yellow, purple, blues, ) and Siberian Iris
Herbs: Greek oregano, Spearmint, Sorrel,
Hosta: White/cream edged, and green edged with cream in the middle

May 3, 2015 9:19 AM CST
I just checked my garden, have some hellebore seedlings, depending how well they will transplant I should have some. Please save a Mayapple for me.

May 3, 2015 9:19 AM CST
I have indoor plants that I will be bringing in to share:
Wandering jew, arrowhead plant, some extra seeds and some containers to pot in.

Here are some plants on my wish list - really appreciate if you can share -->
Solomon seal
Siberian Iris
Iris - white and yellow
Clematis (any color)
Hibiscus (any color)

Thank you and see you all at the plant swap.

May 3, 2015 11:12 AM CST
Donna, I've got Autumn Joy sedum I can bring for you. Can I have a white or purple iris?

I will bring: Dwarf Alpine Columbine (deep purple-blue). Silene Dioica (lots). Variegated Money plant seedlings. Centaurea Montana (electric blue flowers with purple centers). Ice Follies white large trumpet daffodils. I'm rooting a pot of persicaria polymorpha. Mystery phlox, probably white. More, I have not chosen yet.

I'm looking for :

Geranium pratense
Geranium maculatum ‘Espresso’
Geranium phaeum ‘Samobor’
Any white geranium
Any big root geranium
Any geranium except sanguinea and Johnson’s Blue
Ligularia “Rocket” type, with flowers in spikes
Jack in the Pulpit
Pulmonaria esp silver speckled leaves

Agastache, any of the pink varieties
Anemone, white or clear pink
Aquilegia (columbine), any except for Alpina (dwarf alpine blue)
Artemisia Silver Brocade or Powis Castle.
Aster, white or blue
Astilbe, any, especially white, but not lavender
Brunnera Jack Frost or anything with silver leaves
Campanula short white, or tall blue or white
Centaurea Gold Bullion or other gold leaved variety
Daisy, only the fluffy/fringy ones
Cimicifuga purple leaves
Coreopsis, thread leaf varieties, like Moonbeam, Crème Brulee, etc.
Dianthus, any
Dicentra (Bleeding Heart), white, fernleaf types, or Goldheart
Digitalis (foxglove), any
Eryngium (Sea Holly)
Euphorbia esp. golden or burgundy, esp short. Chameleon and / Bonfire especially
Heuchera or Heucherella, esp purple or silver leaved; or golden/lime green
Iris esp deep colors like purple, burgundy
Lobelia (Cardinal Flower), red
Papaver (Poppy)
Penstemon, blue or pink, (not Husker’s Red)
Phlox not lavender or light purple
Physostegia (Obedient plant) white
Platycodon (Balloon flower)
Plumbago (ceratostigma)
Primula, esp Japonica
Sedum, purple leaved like Purple Emperor
Sedum, dwarf, red leaved like Voodoo
Verbena Bonarensis
Veronica, esp tall, like Sunny Border Blue (mine died, and I miss it!)

Anything that is very short with gold leaves


Sambucus Black Lace


Purple basil


Cherry tomatoes
Patio tomatoes for pots

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NW Indiana (Zone 6a)
May 4, 2015 10:07 PM CST
Hi everybody! I was Stage Rat on g-web, it took me forever to decide on a name for here, silly I know.

I'm excited about the swap, as always! I love knowing that the plants I bring will definitely find a good home so I'm glad to see some lists!

I have some hellebore seedlings and will try potting them up, but my goodness they take forever to get to any size. I wonder if the seedling(s) Mone got from me years ago have bloomed yet. It may just be worth the big $$$ to get a gallon-sized plant--although I was so lucky and got my plants on clearance for much less (Menards). I can tell you that White Lady spreads faster than Red Lady, Blue Lady and Pink Lady so I'm now a big fan of white hellebores! Also Pink fades quickly to buff/dirty, I wish I'd known that. I have also bought 3-inch hellebores, one from Bluestone's clearance sale which bloomed after 2 or 3 years, so that's an option too. Hellebores are AWESOME (and I grow mine in mostly sun).
I'd love a white iris please! And maybe some spearmint--mine has been swallowed by my other mints!
I'm not sure if the zebra grasses I had in pots survived but I will hope so, and I will try bringing some hellebore seedlings for you.
I have a medium yellow, medium-height iris I need to divide, would you like some?
Linnea, I will bring you some silver-speckled pulmonaria and
hopefully obedient plant (white)--it hasn't been very vigorous where I moved it

I brought you some yellow perennial foxglove last year, do you want more?

If you're bringing primula japonica may I have a bit?
Also your lovely daffodils, I can always find more places for them.

NW Indiana (Zone 6a)
May 4, 2015 10:11 PM CST
(I have taken down my list because I will not be able to fulfill new requests.)
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Name: Deb

Charter ATP Member Forum moderator I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! I helped beta test the Garden Planting Calendar Dog Lover Region: Illinois
I helped beta test the first seed swap
May 6, 2015 6:58 AM CST
It sounds like this is something that's been going on for a while. This is the first I've heard of your swap. Is everyone welcome? Where is UCE parking lot?

May 6, 2015 11:12 AM CST
Hello Seedrat

Thank you - I would love the yellow iris.

I would appreciate if you could bring me some of these also - they sound so beautiful to be in a garden Thank You!
Agastache foeniculum
Rudbeckia Hirta and Triloba
Foxglove, yellow perennial
Garden Heliotrope
Chocolate mint


May 6, 2015 2:46 PM CST
Thanks Ellen for hosting swap again. I am Jasmine from garden web. I really enjoy this swap.

seedrat - I would love to try: Snowdrops, Foxglove yellow perennial, obedient plant (white) if you have extras please

Linnea - Can I have primula japonica, and white daffodils?
I have edible asparagus plants but not sure if I can pull some seedlings. If I could do it I will bring some for you.

DonnaM - Can I have Iris: bearded - (white, yellow, blues, )

seedrat - I can bring spear mint.
jqsen - I will bring you some Sempervivum
DonnaM - I have Autumn Joy Sedum cuttings
I have these plants -
- Obedient plant lavender/pink
- Varigated corn plant (house plant)
- Gooseberry, Raspberry seedling
- Mint spear, apple
- Star sedum
- Rhipsalis cuttings
- Finger jade gollum cutting (green with red tip)
- Potho varigated cutting
- Rex begonia cutting
- pachyphytum cutting
- snow in summer
-Jave moss (aquarium plant)
-Umbrella palm (pond plant)
I might have more later

I am looking for
- Lamium (silver leaf)
- Asiatic/oriental lilly or similar anything

May 8, 2015 4:53 PM CST
Seedrat, thanks in advance for pulmonaria and possible white obedient plant! I would love feverfew too. I can bring castor bean seeds I collected from the plant I had last year. I don’t know if they are viable, I just picked the pods when it got cold.

Seedrat, Jasmine, I don’t have primula japonica, it is on my wish list. Maybe I should have done 2 separate postings, “bringing” vs. “wanting.”

I can bring a lot of Ice Follies white large trumpet daffodils if people want them. I have a whole bed to re-work. I will dig fresh that day, so knowing who else wants them (besides Seedrat and Jasmine) would be great.

May 8, 2015 7:07 PM CST
Jasmine - thanks a ton for bringing Sempervivum for me. Thank You!
I have some lily - not sure what kind but has orange yellow flowers - I will bring some for you.

Could you please bring me some of these also - thanks in advance.
Gooseberry seedling
Rhipsalis cuttings
Finger jade gollum
Rex begonia
pachyphytum cuttings
Star sedum

LinneaL - I can bring you feverfew

Can I request you for
Dwarf Alpine Columbine
Centaurea Montana
Silene Dioica
Thank You!


PS - I also have few chinese lantern plants that I can bring.
I have couple more plants that I do not know the names for - I will upload pictures of them this weekend and if someone would like those let me know.

May 8, 2015 7:17 PM CST
Hi Seedrat - I would appreciate if you have extra seedlings of hellebore Thank You!

Ellen - I have a couple of Mayapple plants I can dig up and bring for you.
NW Indiana (Zone 6a)
May 8, 2015 7:34 PM CST
Hi Windigo:

Please come to the swap! Yes, it's been held for several years now and I think this is the 3rd time at the Unitarian church parking lot in Evanston IL, 1330 Ridge, enter off of Greenwood. Some of us do this pre-trading but there are many other people who come. We bring our garden extras, from plants to supplies to books to just snacks. You bring what you can and take what you want, and mill around and chat with fellow gardeners. I always bring a carload and usually manage to go home with far less, to pay it forward from when I was starting out.

May 8, 2015 8:42 PM CST
Hi Deb/windigo/!
Yes, please, everyone is welcome to stop by. Plants, seedlings, divisions, garden supplies- everything you have extras you can share... Am thinking we are into our 10th year and our 3rd year at UCE parking lot location.
Rain of shine May 22, Friday of Memorial weekend 4-7 pm.
This thread is intended for some people to pretrade and there will be separate holding area for those. Otherwise people just bring what they have extras off. It is prefferable if one can pot it up bit earlier and label it but everything goes. We have been hugely successful because of people coming there. Gardeners are generous lot! We have always had some newbies coming too and it is a great way to start your garden.
NW Indiana (Zone 6a)
May 9, 2015 9:58 AM CST
Oh yes, plants do so much better if they're potted up ahead of time and watered back to perkiness. Digging them with a couple of days of the swap, or the day, makes for bedraggled offerings that some hesitate to try to resuscitate . And please make labels!! (this is said as one of the people asked to ID plants all afternoon).

I've started a list of who wants what, I will be able to fulfill all requests so far (except zebra grass which hasn't shown life yet) although for those of you getting obedient plant, it may be a paltry little pot. It spreads faster the moister its soil, and I moved it to a drier area where it had plenty of space. Ha! It hasn't spread much because it's drier.

I recommend printing and bringing a list of who gets what including a list of what other people are bringing for you. And label the plants with the person's name too if you can.

Thanks so much to those of you setting aside plants for me! I need to make a special spot for my new spearmint, it's shocking that it doesn't fight as hard as the other mints.

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NW Indiana (Zone 6a)
May 9, 2015 9:59 AM CST
PS Linnea, you actually have a line in your Wants list that you're bringing a certain primula--I think maybe you added that long ago for another swap, but that's why we were requesting it! :)

May 9, 2015 8:16 PM CST
seedrat said:PS Linnea, you actually have a line in your Wants list that you're bringing a certain primula--I think maybe you added that long ago for another swap, but that's why we were requesting it! :)

Yes, re-reading the line, it does read like that. I'd edited it now Smiling

May 9, 2015 8:35 PM CST
Anyone want some really nice daylilies? I got these from a breeder about 9 years ago. They were ones he had decided not to market. The only names they have are the ones I gave them for my reference, so I could remember the colors. They are really beautiful: they just needed dividing, and I did that today. I have pictures, if I can add them here. I don’t have many, so first dibs!

Shown in order:

Raspberry Ribbons: an early season bloomer. Usually my first to bloom. A bit shorter than many daylilies, so it needs a space where you can see it well.

Orchids and Antique Lace: a midseason tetraploid. Wide petals, heavily ruffled, diamond dusted.

Lemon with Melon: An unusual yellow with a light overlay of cantelope. A midseason tetraploid. Very wide petals, slight ruffling, a heavy bloomer.

I will dig up Chicago Royal if there’s an interest. Rich burgundy/ purple. Tetraploid. An older variety that has narrower petals than the modern daylilies. Huge flowers, up to 7” across. More of this available.

Thumb of 2015-05-10/LinneaL/dafca9 Raspberry Ribbons

Thumb of 2015-05-10/LinneaL/c5fe17 Orchids and Antique Lace

Thumb of 2015-05-10/LinneaL/f8ed6a Lemon with melon

Thumb of 2015-05-10/LinneaL/04ac9e Chicago Royal

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Name: Deb

Charter ATP Member Forum moderator I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! I helped beta test the Garden Planting Calendar Dog Lover Region: Illinois
I helped beta test the first seed swap
May 11, 2015 6:13 AM CST
It sounds like fun, I'm planning on coming!

Linnea, I would love some of your daylilies, Orchids and Antique Lace and Chicago Royal

I know I will have some Huskers Red Penstemon, Monarda Red Wine, and if anyone is interested "Freckles" violets.

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