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Apr 18, 2015 2:23 PM CST
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Celebrating Gardening: 2015
I got all my bulbs this week........
the Lily Nook sent me the L. Regale and they have tons of shoots and some extra shoots showing up but only notice one point to each shoot if that make sense....more or less like a regular lily that you would a trumpet and so on
but the Regale Album came from SW Gardens and they have tons of shoots on top of shoot.......... so not sure what is happening here.....
both claim they sent out the right bulb but they do not look at all the same going in the ground
it is possible the album is further ahead in sprouting then the L. Regale
the regale was out of zone 3 and the album out of zone 8...
any thoughts on this

I see the martagon has a yellow tinge to the bulb sprouts and not seen that before either. was told to plant them so they are just out of the ground and as they get taller to add more soil and that was just for the martagon. this is the white one......

can someone shed some lights on this

I searched the net and tons of pics of the flowers but none of the just the bulbs that I could find.....

Lily nook bulbs are huge huge huge.........was surprised at the quality of bulbs
and the SW Gardens are big too although not as much as the Lily Nook
but far more outstanding then brecks or another place like that......

these are all getting potted today and tomorrow. calling for snow here next week for 2 days.........return of the polar vortex and will cover in a double layer of frost blankets over them...... the temps will not be that cold at night about -3C but will cover then anyhow
Apr 19, 2015 1:06 AM CST
Name: della
hobart, tasmania
Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Photo Contest Winner: 2015
It's hard to imagine what you might be describing. Can you post pictures?
Apr 19, 2015 3:46 AM CST
Name: Lorn (Roosterlorn)
S.E Wisconsin (Zone 5b)
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Don't be frustrated, Pat; you're bulbs will be just fine once planted. See the pictures below. The reason you're bulbs may look similar is because the seller knows you had a late spring and had to hold them back until the time and conditions were right for planting in your area. This is normal practice. Most of us would rather not see that much growth upon receipt, but we also know it's not a problem. Just plant as you normally would, but be very careful not to break off the stem or the bulb will not come up until next year.
Thumb of 2015-04-19/Roosterlorn/6bfb09

Thumb of 2015-04-19/Roosterlorn/281308

Whenever possible, post pictures of what you're talking about, if you can. Smiling
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Apr 19, 2015 11:10 AM CST
Thread OP

Celebrating Gardening: 2015
I can not post the pics since I have planted most of them already
I thought that the Regale was the same type of bulb that looked the same as the Regale Album
I am talking bulb out of the bag to be planted........the different is just in the top of the shoot that is all
I am just trying to find a pic of the Regale Bulb and Regale see

everything has some sprouts so into the pots they go
have some that are not planted but will be by the end of the day
a variety of other bulbs that have to go in for the lilies

I am very very impressed with the lily nook and their bulbs.........I got 30 trumpet mix.......and they are all the size of a baseball almost....with more then one stalk out of each of the bulbs...impressive

Kushi Maya is a bit smaller but that is it.......

Just starting the SW Garden bulbs this afternoon and did a few last night that is when I really noticed the difference in the Regale and Regale Album bulbs....... might just be a different stage of development not sure .........planting and hoping for the best

sorry can not take any pics at the moment
Apr 21, 2015 5:09 PM CST
Name: della
hobart, tasmania
Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Photo Contest Winner: 2015
I was still thinking about this and it (finally! Hilarious! ) dawned on me that maybe you have a lot of double and triple -nosed bulbs. These are bulbs in the process of dividing, so they have more than one growing point (nose), but haven't separated at the base yet. If so, all the more flowers in summer!

Otherwise I can only think that maybe the leaves have separated at the top of the shoots already, giving the impression of multiple shoots when in reality there is only one.

But anyway... they're planted and you'll soon be enjoying a beautiful, fragrant lily garden. Thumbs up
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Apr 21, 2015 6:34 PM CST
Thread OP

Celebrating Gardening: 2015
well that would be cool if they did that........
the Regale you can see the distinct points on the bulbs and there are more the one of them pointing up.
but the Regale album.......has a multiple number of points on the growing point nose as you call it
there are 10 regales planted and 10 regale album
3 martagons that are white
and also some of the species yellow throated oriental...10 of them too....

all of the trumpets bulbs have 4 plus now of points coming out of the bulbs but are the size of a small soft ball........could only fit 3 of them in a 12 in wide pot.......
but then again only 3 of the Regale were the same
the martagon the same and album........although there is more room in the pot for them then there is for the trumpets

all these will go out to the new bed once it is done......

and there is about another 50 or so orientals that need to be planted as well

one is red morning and every time I search that bulb it comes up as an OT.......but the bulb does not look like an OT.....more like a oriental......

whatever happens I have well over 400 lilies that hopefully bloom for the first time this year

even have 3 nepalense to be planted and hoping for the best......decided right into the bed that has lots of leaf mold and gravel and love PH for them and hope things go ok.......In the pot it would be my luck for them to come through the drainage hole......hahahaha
anyhow they are not here yet along with about 50 asiatics.......
on top of the other 400............

I will be lilied out by the end of the summer and happy
hope to interest tons of neighbours in these beautiful flowers since you seldom see any of them growing in town at all.......

I am happy happy
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