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Apr 9, 2010 6:29 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Cj
Iowa (Zone 5a)
I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Charter ATP Member Region: Iowa Hostas Daylilies Sempervivums
Lilies Garden Art Sedums Ferns Hellebores Heucheras
This tread will serve as a place for each member to post a list of the hostas that you currently own.

The plan is for a post for each person that starts with the login name, and lists the hostas they currently have. You are welcome to add a SHORT "Wish List" after your "Have List"

PLEASE do not add comments here. Those posts will be deleted. If you want to discuss someone's list, or attempt a 1 on 1 swap, you are welcome to do so a NEW THREAD.

If you want to add a * to the front of a hosta name to show you have enough and are willing to share a particular hosta, this could let people know that this hosta could be available for the right trade.
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Apr 20, 2010 5:37 AM CST
Name: Cheryl
NE Cedar Rapids
Blue Cadet
Praying Hands
assorted mini hostas

Wish list:
Sum and Substance
October Red
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Apr 22, 2010 7:29 AM CST
Name: Kris
Smiths Station, Alabama
Elvis Lives
Wide brim
Brim Cup
Fire and I ce
Mouse Ears
Pauls Glory
Gold Standard
Bressingham Blue
Sun Power
Maraschino Cherry
Sweet Home Chicago
I have more,,, just cannot remember all the names

Want List:
Anything miniture for a fairy garden.

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Apr 26, 2010 1:30 PM CST
Name: Karen
Watertown, WI (Zone 5a)
I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Dog Lover Hostas

2009 Hostas

Blue Mouse Ears
Choo Choo Train
Frances Williams
Krossa Regal
ventricosa Aureomarginata*
Pineapple Upside Down Cake*
Tokudama Flavocircinalis
Twist of Lime
Undulata albomarginata*
Undulata mediovariegata*

2010 Hostas

Blue Ivory
Blue Mouse Ears (x2)
Christmas Tree Gala
Cat's Eye
Designer Genes
Dragon Tails
Grand Tiara
Heavenly Tiara
Holy Mouse Ears
Maui Buttercups
Mighty Mouse
Orange Marmalade
Praying Hands
Rainforest Sunrise
Red Dragon
Regal Splendor
Rhino Hide
Roy Klehm
Sno Cone
Tropical Storm


Alex Summers
Amber Tiara
Blue Hawaii
Blue Wedgwood
Chain Lightning
Elvis Lives
Hanky Panky
Journey's End
Komobo Dragon
Lakeside Paisley Print
London Fog
Paradise Island
Queen of the Seas
Rainbow's End
Shade Fanfare

Unfortunately, most of mine are newbies and too small to trade. The only ones I have that are super-established came with the house, and I've marked them with a *.
Check out Petiole Junction, my garden blog! (I'd love your comments.)
May 3, 2010 2:46 AM CST
Name: Joy Wooldridge
Kalama, Wa. (Zone 8b)
Sunset Zone 6, Heat zone 4,
I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Photo Contest Winner 2021 Lilies Daylilies Organic Gardener Cat Lover
Birds Region: Pacific Northwest Garden Photography Bulbs Plant Lover: Loves 'em all! Container Gardener
Black Hills
Blue Angel
Earth Angel
Stained Glass
Wheaton Blue

Dancing Queen
Fire and Ice
Sea Thunder
No two gardens are the same. No two days are the same in one garden. ~Hugh Johnson
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May 16, 2010 12:02 AM CST
Name: Sharon
Milwaukee, Wisc
Charter ATP Member
sum and substance
pinapple upside down cake
captain kirk
maryiln monroe
golden tiara
grand tiara
praying hands
limey lisa
krossa regal
undulatas albomarginatas
richland surprise
lemon lime
apples green
red october
cherry berry
and some others!
Sticking tongue out
aliyahs grace
stitch in time
wavy hostas Smiling
May 18, 2010 8:37 PM CST
Name: Christine
Southeastern MN (Zone 4a)
Heucheras Garden Ideas: Level 2 Charter ATP Member I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! I sent a postcard to Randy! Garden Ideas: Level 1
Region: Minnesota Hostas Keeps Horses Birds Farmer Daylilies
Have (those marked with an * are mature enough and available for trade)

Abiqua Drinking Gourd
Abiqua Moonbeam
Allegan Fog
American Hero
American Icon
American Prayers
American Sweetheart
Arc De Triumph
Arctic Blast
August Moon *
Band of Gold
Big Daddy
Blue Baron
Blue Cadet
Blue Hawaii
Blue Ivory
Blue Jay
Blue Mammoth
Blue Maui
Blue Mouse Ears *
Blue Mouse Ears Supreme
Blue Umbrellas
Blueberry Muffin
Brave Attempt
Bright Lights
Brim Cup
Brother Stefan
Cameo *
Captain Kirk
Cat and Mouse
Cathedral Windows
Cheatin Heart
Cherry Berry
Christmas Candy
Christmas Tree *
Christmas Tree Gala
Clear Fork River Valley
Climax *
Coal Miner
Conte Partiro
Continental Divide
Count Your Blessings
Country Mouse
Cracker Crumbs
Crumb Cake
Dance with Me
Dancing in the Rain
Dancing Mouse
Dancing Queen
Dancing Stars
Dark Shadows
Deja Blu
Devil's Advocate
Devon Green
Diana Remembered
Dixie Chickadee *
Dream Queen *
Dream Weaver
Dust Devil
Earth Angel
Emerald Scepter
Empress Wu
Eskimo Pie
Eternal Flame
Everlasting Love
Eye Declare
Faithful Heart
Fickle Blue Genes
Final Summation
Fire & Ice *
Fire Island
First Frost
Flemish Skies
Fluted Fountain
Foxfire Palm Sunday
Fragrant Blue
Fragrant Bouquet *
Fragrant Dream
Francee *
Frances Williams *
Fred Wilson
Frosted Jade
Frosted June
Frosted Mouse Ears
Fruit Punch
Funny Mouse
Georgia Sweetheart
Gold Standard *
Golden Tiara *
Goodness Gracious
Great Arrival
Great Expectations
Grecian Vase
Green Mouse Ears
Green with Envy *
Gypsy Rose
Hadspen Blue *
Halcyon *
Hanky Panky *
Harry Van De Laar
Heavenly Tiara *
Hi Ho Silver
High Society
Holy Mole
Holy Mouse Ears
Hush Puppie
Ice Age Trail
Ice Follies
Inspire Greatness
Irish Luck
Island Charm
Ivory Coast
Jewel of the Nile
Komodo Dragon
Krossa Regal *
Lakeside Black Satin
Lakeside Cranberry Relish
Lakeside Cupcake
Lakeside Dimpled Darling
Lakeside Dragonfly
Lakeside Hula Hoop
Lakeside Love Affaire
Lakeside Masterpiece
Lakeside Midnight Miss
Lakeside Paisley Print
Lakeside Prophecy Fulfilled
Lakeside Scamp
Lakeside Spellbinder
Lakeside Tycoon
Lakeside Zing Zang
Little Aurora
Little Stiffy
Little Treasure
London Fog
Love Pat *
Luna Moth
Mama Mia
Marilyn Monroe
Maui Buttercups
Midnight at the Oasis
Midwest Magic
Mighty Mouse
Mike Shadrack
montana 'Aureomarginata' *
Moon Split
Morning Light
Mount Tom
Nifty Fifty
Night Before Christmas *
Northern Exposure
Northern Halo
Ocean Isle
Oh Cindy
Old Glory
Olive Bailey Langdon *
On Stage
One Iota
Orange Marmalade
Pandora's Box *
Paradigm *
Paradigm Sport *
Parhelion *
Paul's Glory *
Peppermint Ice
Pilgrim *
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Pixie Vamp
Plantaginea *
Plantaginea Aphrodite
Praise Him
Praying Hands
Precious Metal
Prestige and Promise
Queen Josephine
Queen of the Seas
Radiant Edger
Radiant Star
Radio Waves
Rain Dancer
Rainforest Sunrise *
Rebel Heart
Red Dragon
Red October
Regal Splendor *
Rhino Hide
Ripple Effect
Risky Business
Robert Frost
Rock and Roll
Roller Coaster Ride
Rootin Tootin
Royal Mouse Ears
Royal Standard *
Sagae *
Sea Ebony
Sea Thunder
Secret Ambition
Secret Love
Silk Komono
Silver Bay *
Silver Threads & Golden Needles
Sleeping Beauty *
Smokey Bear
Spilt Milk
Spring Fling
St. Paul
Stained Glass *
Striptease *
Sugar Daddy
Sum and Substance *
Sum of All
Summer Breeze
Sun Power
Sunshine Glory
Sweet Home Chicago
Sweet Innocence *
Teaspoon *
Teeny Weeny Bikini
Tobacco Road
Tokudama Flavocircinalis
Touch of Class *
Toy Soldier
Tropical Storm
True Blue
Undulata Albomarginata *
Undulata Variegated *
Valley’s Vanilla Sticks
Valleys Glacier
War Paint
Waukon Glass
Waukon Water
White Feathers
Wolverine *
Yankee Blue
Zebra Stripes

Streaked Hostas
Anything I do not have... Blinking
"Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously."
2 Corinthians 9:6
Mar 23, 2011 5:56 AM CST
Name: Teresa Felty Barrow
South central KY (Zone 6b)
Birds Hummingbirder Hybridizer Irises Lilies Peonies
Sempervivums Plant and/or Seed Trader Region: United States of America Vegetable Grower Hostas Heucheras
This is what I can think of now, I may update later.

Abiqua Drinking Gourd
Alligator Shoes
Big Daddy
Blue Angel
Blue Mouse Ears
Christmas Tree
Dark Shadows
Earth Angel
Faithful Heart
Fire & Ice
Fire Island
Formal Attire
Fragrant Bouquet
Frances Williams
Gold Standard
Golden Tiara
Great Expectations
Hadspen Blue
High Society
Krossa Regal
Lakeside April Snow
Lakeside Coal Miner
Lakeside Cha Cha
Lakeside Dimpled Darling
Night Before Christmas
Olive Bailey Langdon
Pandora's Box
Paul's Glory
Queen Josephine
Regal Splendor
Royal Standard
So Sweet
Stained Glass
Sum and Substance
Sum it Up
T Rex
Tattoo the only hosta I have lost Sad
Touch of Class
Undulata Albomarginata
Undulata Variegated
Wide Brim

Bee Kind, make the world a better place.
Mar 23, 2011 3:35 PM CST
Name: Rose
Oquawka, IL (Zone 5a)
Echinacea Hibiscus Dahlias Clematis Charter ATP Member Region: Illinois
Garden Photography Heucheras Hummingbirder Hostas Garden Art Birds
I'm kinda lazy, so if you don't mind...I'm gonna cheat and do this. I hope that this isn't out of line, but I have too many to try and type out a list again.

Want list:
Streaked and yellows
When all is said and done, there’s more said than done.
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Mar 23, 2011 6:20 PM CST
Name: Em Sparkman
Bunker Hill, WV
Hi all!

Have list:

- Arc De Triumph - 2011
- Abba Dabba Do
- Allegan Fog
- Aurea
- Aureamaculata
- Band of Gold - 2011
- Birchwood Parkys Gold
- Blue Cadet
- Blue Mouse Ears
- Brother Stefan - 2011
- Christmas Pageant
- Christmas Tree
- Clausa Stolonifera
- Color Glory
- Crowned Imperial
- Dream Queen - 2011
- Earth Angel
- Fantasy Island
- Fire & Ice
- First Frost
- Francee - 2011
- Guardian Angel
- Gold Crown
- Great Arrival - 2011
- Green Lama
- Guacamole
- June
- Krossa Regal
- Little Jay
- Midnight Ride
- Moonlight
- Orange Marmalade
- Pauls Glory
- Peppermint Ice - 2011
- Rainforest Sunrise - 2011
- Regal Splendor
- Royal Charm
- Royal Standard
- September Sun
- Shade Fanfare
- Silver Threads & Golden Needles - 2011
- Stained Glass
- Spilt Milk
- Sum & Substance
- Sun Power
- Temptation - 2011
- Twilight
- Undulata
- Ventricosa
- Wide Brim
- Yellow Splash Rim
Hostas - Streaked
- Splashed Leather
- Ice Age Trail
- Midnight at the Oasis
- Christmas Tree Gala
- Lakeside Paisley Print
- Dorothy Benedict x OP seedlings
- Galaxy
- Breeders Choice OP seedling
- Stealth

Want list:

Any streakers
Many, many more

Em Lovey dubby
Mar 28, 2011 1:21 PM CST
Name: CindyD
Peachtree City, GA
Do I dare? *Blush*
Don't know what made it in pots yet. Most of my hostas are not up yet.

1. Abby
2. American Prayers
3. Antioch (M)
4. August Moon (L)
5. Band of Gold
6. Barbara Ann
7. Big Daddy (L)(T)
8. Big Kahuna
9. Big Mama (L)
10. Birchwood Parky Gold
11. Blessingham Blue (M,L)
12. Blue Angel (VL)
13. Blue Blazes
14. Blue Cadet (S)
15. Blue Umbrella (L)
16. Brim Cup (S)
17. Captain Kirk (M,L)
18. Carnival (T)
19. Cathedral Windows
20. chantilly lace
21. cherub
22. Chesterland Gold
23. Chopstixs (M)
24. Christmas Tree (M)
25. Climax (M,L) (T)
26. Count Your Blessings
27. crested surf
28. crown jewel
29. Deja Blu
30. Diamond Tiara
31. Diana Remembered
32. Dream Queen
33. Earth Angel (M,L)
34. El Capitan
35. Emerald Tiara
36. Everlasting Love
37. Faith
38. Fantabulous
39. Fire Island (S,M)
40. fireworks
41. First Frost
42. flora dora
43. Fortunei Alba Picta
44. Fortunei Aureomarginata (M.L)
45. Fragrant Blue (S)
46. Fragrant Bouquet (M)
47. Francee
48. Frances Williams (M,L)
49. Fried Green Tomatoes (M,L)
50. Fried Green Bananas
51. Fringe Benefit (M)
52. Golden Tiara
53. Grand Tiara
54. Great Expectation
55. green fountain-
56. Guacamole (M)
57. Gunther’s Prize (L)
58. Hadspen Blue
59. hadspen samphire
60. Halcyon (M)
61. Hanky Panky (S)
62. heartsong
63. Holy Moly (M,L)
64. Hyacinthinna (L)
65. Independence
66. Inniswood (M,L)
67. Inspired Greatness
68. Invincible (M)
69. Ivory Coast
70. Ivory Necklace
71. Jewel of the Nile (M)
72. June
73. just so
74. Karin
75. Katsuragawa Beni
76. Kinbotan (D)
77. Komodo dragon (L,G)
78. Krossa Regal
79. Lacybelle
80. laevigata-
81. Lakeside Beach Captain
82. Lakeside Breaking News
83. Lakeside Cranberry Relish (S)
84. Lakeside Dragonfly (M)
85. Lakeside Hola Hoop
86. Lakeside Masterpiece (M)
87. Lakeside Missy Little (D)
88. Lakeside Roy EL
89. Lakeside Tycoon
90. lemon lime
91. Let me Entertain You
92. Limey Lisa
93. little white lines
94. little wonder
95. loyalist
96. Majesty
97. Maraschino Cherry
98. Mary Marie Ann
99. Masquerade
100. Millennium
101. mount tom
102. munchkin-
103. nakaiana
104. obsession
105. Oh Cindy
106. Olive Bailey (L)
107. Pacific Blue
108. Pamela Lee
109. Paradigm (M)
110. Pathfinder
111. Patriot (T)
112. Paul’s Glory (M)
113. Peanut (D)
114. Pearl Lake
115. pineapple poll
116. Pizzazz
117. Plantagenia
118. Polar Moon (T)
119. pooh bear
120. Queen Josephine (M)
121. Radiant edger
122. Rainforest Sunrise (S)
123. Red Dragon
124. Red October
125. Regal Splendor
126. Remember me (S)
127. Revolution (M)
128. rickrack
129. Roller Coaster Ride
130. Rootin Tootin
131. Royal standard (L)
132. Sagae (L)
133. Satisfaction (L)
134. second wind
135. Shade Fanfare
136. Shade Finale
137. Sharman
138. Silver Crown
139. Silver Threads and Golden Needles
140. Spilt Milk (M,L)
141. St. Elmo’s Fire
142. Stained Glass (M)
143. Starship
144. Stiletto (S)
145. Stirfry
146. striptease
147. Sugar and Cream
148. Summer Breeze (M,L)
149. Sun Power (M,L)
150. Sundance
151. sweet bo peep
152. sweet home Chicago
153. Tardiana
154. teaspoon
155. Thunderbolt (M)
156. Titanic
157. torchlight
158. Touch of Class (S,M)
159. Twilight (M)
160. Twist Of Lime
161. twist of lime
162. Unforgettable
163. Velvet Moon
164. Venucosa
165. venusta
166. veronica lake
167. White Christmas
168. Wide Brim (M)
169. Winter Snow (L)
170. Wolverine
171. Yellow Splash
172. Yellow Split Rim
173. Zion’s Hope

Wants: Will add later.
Dream as if you have forever. Live as if you only have today.
May 18, 2011 1:36 PM CST
Name: woodthrush
Albrightsville PA
I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Charter ATP Member Hummingbirder Lilies Region: Northeast US Birds
Sempervivums Plant and/or Seed Trader Region: United States of America Hostas Heucheras Garden Art
Needs a little updating, gained a few more, lost a couple

1. Aardvark
2. Abba Dabba Do
3. Abiqua Big Sky
4. Abiqua Drinking Gourd
5. Abiqua Gold Shield
6. Abiqua Moonbeam
7. Abiqua Recluse
8. Abiqua Trumpet
9. Abiqua Blue Edger
10. Abiqua Gold Shield
11. Abraham Lincoln
Academy Another
12. Academy Blushing Recluse
13. Adorable
14. Afternoon Delight
15. Alakazaam
16. albo marginata
17. Alex Summers
18. Alice in Wonderland
19. Allegan Emperor
20. Allegan Fog
21. Alligator Shoes
22. All That Jazz
23. Alvatine Taylor
24. A Many Splendored Thing
25. Amazing Grace
26. Amber Tiara
27. Amber Waves of Grain
28. Americana
American Gothic
American Hero
29. American Halo
30. American Icon
31. American Prayers
32. American Sweetheart
33. Amethyst Gem
34. Andrew
35. Angel Feather
36. Anglo Saxon
37. Ann Kulpa
38. Antioch
39. Aphrodite
40. Arc de Triomphe
41. Artic Blast
42. Aristocrat
43. Aspen Gold
44. Atlantis
45. August Moon
46. Austin Dickinson
Autumn Frost
47. Avalanche
48. Avocado
49. Awakening Angel
50. Aztec Treasure
51. Azure Snow
52. Baby Bunting
53. Banana Muffins
54. Band of Gold
55. Banyais Dancing Girl
56. Battle Star
57. Beach Party
58. Beckoning
59. Bedazzled
60. Bedford Blue
61. Behemoth
62. Betsy King
63. Bette Davis Eyes
64. Big Daddy
65. Big Foot
66. Big John
67. Big Top
68. Billie Bob's Angel
69. Bingo
70. Birchwood Ruffled Queen
71. Bitsy Gold
72. Bix Blues
73. Black Beauty
74. Black Hills
75. Black Jack Chew
76. Blaue Wolke
77. Blaze of Glory
78. Blazing Saddles
79. Blizzard
80. Blue Angel
81. Blue Arrow
82. Blue Baron
83. Blue Belle
Blueberry Cobbler
Blueberry Muffin
84. Blue Blazes
85. Blue Boy
86. Blue Cadet
87. Blue Dimples
88. Blue Dolphin
Blue Dome
89. Blue Eyes
90. Blue Flame
91. Blue Giant
92. Blue Haired Lady
93. Blue Hawaii
94. Blue Ice
95. Blue Ivory
96. Blue Jay
97. Blue Kiwi
98. Blue Lady
99. Blue Lollipop
100. Blue Mammouth
101. Blue Maui
102. Blue Moon
103. Blue Mouse Ears
Blue Mouse Ears Streaked
Blue Mouse Ears Supreme
Blue Regal
104. Blue River
105. Blue Sensation
106. Blue Shadow
107. Blue Silver
108. Blue Sophisitication
109. Blue Umbrellas
Blue Wedgwood
110. Blue Wonder
111. Bob Cat
112. Bob Deane
113. Bob Olson
114. Bobbie Sue
115. Bodacious Blue
116. Bogie and Bacall
117. Bold and Brassy
118. Bold Ribbons
119. Bold Ruffles
120. Borwick Beauty
121. Bottom Line
122. Bountiful
123. Boracay
124. Border Bandit
Border Favorite
125. Borwick Beauty
126. Boyz Toy
Brass Ring
127. Brenda's Beauty
128. Bressingham Blue
129. Bri Bear
130. Bridegroom
131. Brigadier
132. Brights Lights
133. Brim Cup
134. Brother Ronald
135. Brother Stefan
136. Buckshaw Blue
137. Buggy Wheels
138. Bulletproof
139. Bumblebee
140. Buster
Butter Cream
141. Cadillac
142. Camelot
143. Cameo
144. Candy Dish
145. Candy Hearts
146. Captain Adventure
147. Captain Kirk
148. Carnival
149. Carrie Ann
150. Cartwheels
151. Cascades
152. Cat's Eye
153. Cat and Mouse
154. Cathedral Windows
155. Celebration of Angels
156. Celestial
157. Centerfold
158. Center of Attention
159. Chain Lightning
160. Change of Heart
161. Chantilly Lace
162. Chariots of Fire
163. Chariot Wheels
164. Charlie's Angel
165. Charlotte's Web
Chartreuse Wiggles
166. Cheatin' Heart
167. Cherish
168. Cherry Tart
169. Cherry Tomato
170. Chesterland Gold
171. Cherry Berry
172. Chesapeake Bay
173. Childhood Sweetheart
174. Chirp
175. Chi Town Classic
176. Cho-Ko-Nishiki
177. Choo Choo Train
178. Copa Cabana
179. Chopsticks
180. Christmas Candy
181. Christmas Charm
182. Christmas Cookies
183. Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Gala
184. Cinderella
185. Cinnamon Sticks
186. Circular Saw
187. City Lights
188. Clear Fork River Valley
189. Cleopatra
190. Clifford's Stingray
191. Climax
192. Cloudburst
193. Clovelly
194. Clowns Collar
195. Coconut Custard
196. Cold Heart
197. Color Ala Mode
198. Color Festival
199. Con Te Partiro
200. Cookie Crumbs
201. Copa Cabana
202. Corkscrew
203. Corn Belt
204. Corn Muffins
205. Country Mouse
206. Count your Blessings
207. Cracker Crumbs
208. Cream Cheese
209. Crepe Soul
210. Crepe Suzette
211. Crested Surf
212. Crispula White Scallop
Crocodile Rock
213. Crossing the Rubicon
214. Crown Imperial
215. Crown Jewel
216. Crusader
217. Cutting Edge
218. Cuyahoga
219. Cuyahoga Falls
220. Dab of Green
221. Daddy Boomer
222. Daisy Doolittle
223. Dance with Me
224. Dancing in the Rain
225. Dancing Queen
Dancing Stars
226. Dark Shadows
227. Dark Star
228. Dawn's Early Light
229. Daybreak
230. Day's End
231. Deane's Dream
232. Deep Blue Seas
233. Deep Pockets
234. Deja Blu
235. Deliverance
236. Designer Genes
237. Devil's Advocate
238. Devil's Edge
239. Devon Giant
240. Devon Green
241. Diamond Tiara
242. Diana Remembered
243. Dick Ward
244. Diva
245. Dixie Chickadee
246. Domaine De Courson
247. Donahue Piecrust
248. Dorothy Benedict
249. Dorothy Benedict Blue
250. Dorset Blue
Dorset Clown
251. Dragon Fire
252. Dragon Tails
253. Dream Maker

254. Dream Queen
255. Dream Weaver
256. Dress Blues
257. Duke of Cornwall
258. Dust Devil
Dusty Waters
259. Dylans Dilly
Eagles Nest
260. Earth Angel
261. Ebb Tide
262. Edge of Night
263. El Capitan
264. El Dorado
265. El Nino
266. Elatior
267. Elbridge Gerry
268. Eleanor Lachman
269. Electrocution
270. Elegans
271. Elephant Burgers
272. Ellerbroek
273. Elvis Lives
274. Emerald Crown
275. Emerald Necklace
276. Emerald Rough Cut
277. Emerald Tiara
278. Emily Dickerson
279. Empress Wu
280. English Sunrise
281. Enterprise
282. Eskimo Pie
283. Eternal Flame
284. Eventide
285. Everlasting Love
286. Extasy
287. Eye Candy
288. Eye Declare
289. Faith
290. Faithful Heart
291. Fair Maiden
292. Fallen Angel
293. Fan Dance
294. Fantabulous
295. Fantasy Island
296. Fascination
297. Fatal Attraction
298. Fat Cat
299. Feather Boa
300. Feng Shui
301. Fiesta
302. Final Summation
303. Fingerprint
304. Fire Island
305. Fire N Ice
306. Fireworks
307. First Frost
308. First Love
309. First Mate
310. Five O'clock Shadow
311. Flame Stitch
312. Flap Jack
313. Flash of Light
314. Fleet Week
Flemish Gold
315. Flemish Sky
316. Floradora
317. Flower Power
318. Fluted Fountain
319. Forest Shadows
320. Formal Attire
321. Fort Knox
322. f. hyacinthina
323. f. Maya
324. Fort Knox
325. Fragrant Blue
326. Fragrant Dream
327. Fragrant Bouquet
328. Fragrant Fire
329. Fragrant Queen
330. Francee
331. Frances Williams
332. Fran Godfrey
333. Freckles
334. Friar Tuck
335. Fried Bananas
336. Fried Green Tomatoes
337. Friends
338. Fringed Benefits
339. Frosted Dimples
340. Frosted Frolic
341. Frosted Jade
342. Frosted Mouse Ears
343. Frosty Morn
344. Frozen Margarita
345. Fruit Punch
346. Fujibotan
347. Fulda
348. Fuzzy Dice
349. Galaxy
350. Garden Party
351. Garden Treasure
352. Geisha (Ani Machi Giboshi)
353. Geisha Satin Ripples
354. Gemstone
355. Gentle Giant
356. George M Dallas
357. George Smith
358. Georgia SweetHeart
359. Ghost Spirit
360. Gilt by Association
361. Gin and Tonic
362. Ginrei
363. Ginsu Knife
364. Glen Tiara
365. Gloriosa
366. Glory
367. Goddess of Athena
368. Going for the Gold
369. Gold Drop
370. Gold Edger
371. Gold Regal
372. Gold Standard
373. Golden Empress
374. Golden Friendship
375. Golden Gate
376. Golden Goal
377. Golden Meadows
378. Golden Prayers
379. Gold Boullion
380. Golden Anniversary
381. Golden Meadows
382. Golden Oriole
383. Golden Scepter
384. Golden Sculpture
385. Golden Sunburst
386. Golden Teacup
387. Golden Tiara
388. Golden Tusk
389. Golden Waffles
390. Goober
391. Gorgon - all green sp of Medusa
392. Gothic Charm
393. Grand Canyon
394. Grand Master
395. Grand Prize
Grand Rapids

396. Grand Slam
397. Grand Tiara
398. Grand Total
399. Grant Park
400. Gray Cole
401. Great American Expectations
402. Great Arrival
403. Great Escape
404. Great Expectations
405. Great Lakes Gold
406. Grecian Vase
407. Green Cheese
408. Green Eyes
409. Green Flash
410. Green Gold
411. Green Lama
412. Green Mouse Ears
413. Green Platter
414. Greensleeves
Green Sparkler
415. Green Velveteen
416. Green Wedge
417. Grey Ghost
418. Grey Piecrust on order
419. Ground Master
420. Grover Cleveland
421. Guacamole
422. Guardian Angel
423. Guilded Teacup
424. Gum Drop
425. Gunther's Prize
426. Gun Smoke
427. Gypsy Rose
428. Gypsy's Boa
429. Hacksaw
430. Hadspen Blue
431. Hadspen Hawk
432. Hadspen Samphire
433. Hakumuo
434. Halcyon
435. Hampshire County
436. Hannibal Hamlin
437. Hanky Panky
438. Happy Camper
439. Happy Hearts
440. Happy Valley
441. Harriette Ward
442. Harry Van De Laar
443. Heartbroken
444. Heart and Soul
445. Heartleaf
446. Heatwave
447. Heavenly Beginnings
448. Heavenly Tiara
449. Herbal Tea
450. Hidden Cove
451. Hideout
452. High Noon
453. High Society
454. High Tide
455. Hi Ho Silver
456. Hippodrome
457. His Honor
458. Hollywood Lights
459. Holly's Dazzler
460. Holy Mole
461. Holy Mouse Ears
462. Honeybells
463. Honeymoon
464. Honey Song
465. Hoosier Dome
466. Hercules
467. Hope
468. Hoosier Harmony
469. Hotcakes
470. Hot Spur
471. Hush Puppie
472. Hyden Sunset
473. Hyuga Urajiro
474. Ice Age Trail
475. Ice Cream
476. Ice Follies
477. Ice Prancer
478. Immense
479. Imp
480. Inaho
481. Incoming
482. Independence
483. Indiana Blue
484. Indigo
485. Innisglow
486. Innisjade
487. Inniswood
488. Interstate 71
489. Invincible
490. Irish Eyes
491. Iron Gate Delight
492. Iron Gate Glamour
493. Iron Gate Supreme
494. Island Charm
495. Itsy Bitsy Spider
496. Ivory Coast
Ivory Necklace
497. Jack of Diamonds
498. Jade Cascade
499. Jade Lancer
500. Jade Sceptor
501. Jambeliah
502. Janet
503. Janet's Joy
504. Jason and Katie
505. Jaws
506. Jaz
507. Jennifer Bailey
508. Jerry Landwehr
509. Jewel of the Nile
510. Jingle Bells
511. Jim Cooper
512. Jimmy Crack Corn
513. Johnny Angel
514. Journey's End
515. Jubilee
516. Juha
517. Julie Morss
518. June
519. June Fever
520. June Moon
521. Jurassic Park
522. Justice
523. Just So
524. Kabuki
525. Kalamazoo
526. Kaleidochrome
527. Katherine Lewis
528. Katie Q
529. Katrina Jo
530. Key Lime Pie
531. Key West
532. Kiffukrin
533. Kikuttii Hyuga
534. Kinbuchi Tachi
535. King Tut
King of Spades
536. Kiwi Black Magic
537. Kiwi Full Monty
538. Kiwi Gold Rush
539. Kiwi Golden Thimble
540. Kiwi Skyscraper
541. Kiwi Treasure Trove
542. Knight's Journey
543. Komodo Dragon
544. Korean Snow
545. Krossa Cream Edge
546. Krossa Regal
547. Krugerrand
548. Lacy Belle
549. Lady in Waiting
550. Lady Isobel Barnett
551. Lakeport Blue
552. Lakeside Alex Andra
553. Lakeside Allocade
554. Lakeside April Snow
555. Lakeside Babyface
556. Lakeside Beachbum
557. Lakeside Beach Captain
558. Lakeside Black Mama
559. Lakeside Blue Cherub
560. Lakeside Breaking News
561. Lakeside Breaking Waves
562. Lakeside Butterball
563. Lakeside Cha Cha
564. Lakeside Cindy Cee
565. Lakeside Coalminer
566. Lakeside Color Blue
567. Lakeside Contender
568. Lakeside Cranberry Relish
569. Lakeside Cricket
570. Lakeside Cupcake
571. Lakeside Cupid's Cup
572. Lakeside Dividing Line
573. Lakeside Down Sized
574. Lakeside Dragonfly
575. Lakeside Elfin Fire
576. Lakeside Fantasy Fulfilled
577. Lakeside Feather Light
578. Lakeside Foaming Sea
579. Lakeside Fruit Loops
580. Lakeside Full Tide
581. Lakeside Hazy Morn
582. Lakeside Hoola Hoops
583. Lakesie Iron Man
584. Lakeside Jazzy Jane
585. Lakeside Kaleidoscope
586. Lakeside Little Tuft
587. Lakeside Lollipop
588. Lakeside Looking Glass
589. Lakeside Love Affaire
590. Lakeside Maestro
591. Lakeside Masterpiece
592. Lakeside Meadow Ice
593. Lakeside Meter Maid
594. Lakeside Midnight Miss
595. Lakeside Missy Little
596. Lakeside Neat Petite
597. Lakeside Ninita
598. Lakeside Old Smokey
599. Lakeside Party Dress
600. Lakeside Pebbles
601. Lakeside Prophecy
602. Lakeside Prophecy Fulfilled
603. Lakeside Ragtime
604. Lakeside Rhapsody
605. Lakeside Ripples
606. Lakeside Rocky Top
607. Lakeside Roy El
608. Lakeside San Kao
609. Lakeside Sapphire Pleats
610. Lakeside Sassy Sally
611. Lakeside Scamp
612. Lakeside Shadows
613. Lakeside Shockwave
614. Lakeside Shore Master
615. Lakeside Slick Chick
616. Lakeside Small Fry
617. Lakeside Spellbinder
618. Lakeside Storm Watch
619. Lakeside Symphony
620. Lakeside Tee Ki
621. Lakeside Toy Treasure
622. Lakeside Tycoon
623. Lakeside Waterfall
624. Lakeside Whizzit
625. Lakeside Zesty Zeno
Lakeside Zing Zang
626. Last Dance
627. Laura and Darrell
628. Laverne and Shirley
629. Lederhosen
630. Lemon Delight
631. Lemon Lime
632. Lettuce Salad
633. Liberty
Lily Blue Eyes
634. Lime Smoothie
635. Linda Sue
636. Lion Heart
637. Little Aurora
638. Little Black Scape
639. Little Bo Peep
640. Little Caesar
641. Little Devil
642. Little Jay
643. Little Maddie
644. Little Patriot
645. Little Red Rooster
646. Little Star Struck
647. Little Stiffy
648. Little Sunspot
649. Little Treasure
650. Little White Lines
651. Little Wonder Supreme
652. Lime Smoothie
653. Limey Lisa
654. Lizard Lick
655. Lollapalooza
656. London Bridge
657. London Fog
658. Lonesome Dove
659. Lost World
660. Lothar the Giant
661. Love Pat
662. Loyalist
663. Lucy and Ethel
664. Lullabye
665. Lunar Eclipse
666. Lunar Orbit
667. Lucy and Ethel
668. Machete
669. Mack the Knife
670. Made You Look
671. Maekawa
672. Magic Fire
673. Majestic
674. Majesty
675. Majordomo
676. Malabar
677. Mama Mia
678. Mango Tango
679. Manhattan
680. Manzo
681. Marachino Cherry
682. Marc Anthony
683. Marrakech
684. Mardi Gras
685. Margin of Errors
686. Marilyn Monroe
Mark's Place
687. Mary Marie Ann
688. Masquerade
689. Mata Hari
690. Maui Buttercups
691. May
692. Maya Tritone
693. Maya Swingtime
694. Medeival Age
695. Medusa
696. Memories of dorothy
697. Merry Go Round
698. Midas Touch
699. Midmorning
700. Midnight at the Oasis
701. Midnight Moon
702. Midnight Ride
703. Midnight Sun
704. Midwest Magic
705. Mighty Mouse
706. Miki
707. Mildred Seaver
708. Millennium
709. Ming Jade
710. Mini HaHa
711. Mint Julep
712. Minuteman
713. Mississippi Delta
714. Miss Linda Smith
715. Miss Ruby
716. Miss Siagon
717. Miss Suzie
718. Miss Tokyo
719. Mister Watson
720. Montana
721. montana aureomarginata
722. montana Hida no Hana
723. montana Kinkaku
724. Monty Python
725. Moongate Flying Saucers
726. Moonstruck
727. Moon Waves
728. Morning Light
729. Mount Everest
730. Mount Tom
731. Mourning Dove
732. Mouse Trap
733. Mr. Big
734. Munchkin
735. My Child Insook
736. My Claire
737. My Cup of Tea
738. My Friend Nancy
739. Mystic Star
740. Nancy
741. Nancy Minks
742. Nathan's Nirvana
743. Neptune
744. Newberry Gold
745. Niagara Falls
746. Night Before Christmas
747. Nightlife
748. Nigrescens Elatior
749. Nigrescens
750. Nor'Easter
751. Northern Exposure
752. Northern Halo
753. Norwalk Chartreuse
754. Nutty Professor
755. Ocean Isle
756. Ogon Tsushima
757. Oh Cindy
758. Oh La La
759. Old Faithful
760. Old Glory
761. Olive Bailey Langdon
762. Olive Branch
763. Olympic Edger
764. Olympic Glacier
765. On Stage
766. On the Border
767. Orange Marmalade
768. Orange Slices
769. One Man's Treasure
One Iota
770. Opipara Koriyama
771. Ops
772. Oreo Creme
773. Orion's Belt
774. Oshima Silk
775. Outhouse Delight
776. Oze
777. plantaginea Athena
778. Paint Brush
779. Painted Lady
780. Palm Sunday
781. Pamela Lee
782. Pandora's Box
783. Paradigm
Paradise Backstage
Paradise Expectations
784. Paradise Glory
785. Paradise Island
786. Paradise Joyce
Paradise Ocean
787. Paradise on Fire
788. Paradise Power
789. Paradise Restore
790. Paradise Sunset
Paradise Sunshine
791. Parasol
792. Parhelion
793. Party Favor
794. Pathfinder
795. Patriot
796. Patriot's Fire
797. Paul's Glory
798. Peace
799. Peanut
800. Pearl Lake
801. Peedee Absinth
802. Peedee Elfin Bells
803. Peedee Gold Flash
804. PeeDee Granny Smith
805. Peedee Laughing River
806. Peppermint Ice
807. Percy
808. Permanent Wave
809. Peter Rub
810. Pete's Dark Satellite
811. Pete's Passion
812. Pewterware
813. Phantom
814. Philadelphia
815. Piecrust Power
816. Piedmont Gold
817. Pilgrim
818. Pineapple Juice
819. Pineapple Poll
820. Pineapple Punch
821. Pineapple Upsidedown Cake
822. Pinstripe Sister
823. Pistache
824. Pistachio Cream
825. Pixie Vamp
826. Pizzazz
827. plantaginea
828. plantaginea Aphrodite
829. Planet X
830. Platinum Tiara
831. Plug Nickel
832. Polar Moon
833. Pole Cat
834. Pooh Bear
835. Popcorn
836. Popo
837. Potomac Pride
838. Powder Blue
839. Prairie Dawn
840. Prairie Dazzler
841. Prairie Magic
842. Prairie Moon
843. Prairie Sky
844. Prairie Sum Shine
845. Prairie Sunset
Praise Him
846. Praying Hands
847. Precious Metal
848. Prestige and Promise
849. Primal Urge
850. Princess Anastasia
851. Princess Karafuto
852. Puck
853. Pure Heart
854. Purple Dwarf
855. Purple Haze
856. Purple Lady Fingers
857. Orange Marmalade
858. Quarter Note
859. Queen Josephine
860. Queen of Islip
861. Queen of the Seas
862. Quilting Bee
863. Radiant Edger
864. Rainbow's End
865. Rain Dancer
866. Rainforest Surprise
867. Rascal
868. Raspberries & Cream
869. Radio Waves
870. Rain Dancer
871. Raspberry Sorbet
872. Ray of Hope
873. rectifolia Aomori Gold
874. rectifolia Aomori Gold Star
875. rectifolia Aomori Select
876. rectifolia Aomori Setting Sun
877. rectifolia Ogon Tachi
878. Red Alert
879. Red Cadet
880. Red Dog
881. Red Dragon
882. Red Hot Flash
883. Red Hot Poker
884. Red Neck Heaven
885. Red October
886. Red Stepper
887. Regal Chameleon
888. Regal Promenade
889. Regal Rhubarb
890. Regal Splendor
891. Remember Me
892. Reptillian
893. Restless Sea
894. Rich Uncle
895. Revolution
896. Resonance
897. Rhapsody in Blue
898. Rhinestone Cowboy
899. Rhino Hide
900. Rhythm and Blues
901. Rick Rack
902. Ringtail
903. Ripple Effect
904. Riptide
905. Risky Business
906. Robert Frost
907. Robin Hood
908. Rock Island Line
909. Rock of Gibraltor
910. Roller Coaster Ride
911. Rootin' Tootin
912. Rosedale Blend Master
913. Rosedale Doughboy
914. Rosedale Golden Candlestick
915. Rosedale Golden Goose
916. Rosedale Lost Dutchman
917. Rosedale Misty Magic
918. Rosedale Misty Pathway
Rossing's Pride
919. Royal Charm
920. Royal Flush
Royal Mouse Ears
921. Royal Standard
922. Royal Tiara
923. Roy Klehm
924. Rhythm and Blues
925. Rusty Bee
926. Sagae
927. Sahara Nights
928. Salute
929. Samual Blue
930. Sandhill Crane
931. Satisfaction
932. Scallion Pancakes
933. Scarlet Ribbons
934. Scooter
935. Sea Angel
936. Sea Angel Wing
937. Sea Beacon
938. Sea Dream
939. Sea Drift
940. Sea Ebony
941. Sea Fire
942. Sea Gulf Stream
943. Sea Gold Star
944. Sea Monster
945. Sea Octopus
946. Sea Thunder
947. Sea Yellow Sunrise
948. Second Wind
949. Secret Ambition
950. Secret Love
951. Seducer
952. Sentimental Journey
953. September Sunrise
954. Serendipity
955. Serendipity Singer
956. Shade Fanfare
957. Shade Master
958. Shade Parade
959. Shazaam
960. Sherborne Swallow
961. Sho Gun
962. Show Boat
963. Sieboldii subcrocea
964. Silk Kimono
965. Silver Bay
966. Silver Crown
967. Silver Eagle
968. Silver Load
969. Silver Mine
970. Silver Mist
971. Silver Moon
972. Silver Star
973. Silver Threads, Golden Needles
974. Singing in the Rain
975. Sky Dancer
976. Sleeping Beauty
977. Slim and Trim
978. Small Sum
979. Smooth Sailing
980. Smugglers Cove
981. Snake Eyes
982. Snow Mouse
983. Snowstorm
984. So Sweet
985. Something Else
986. Southern Comfort
987. Spacious Skies
988. Spartacus
989. Spartan Arrow
990. Spartan Glory
991. Special Gift
992. Spellbound
993. Spinach Patch
994. Spinach Souffle
995. Spinning Wheels
996. Split Decision
997. Spilt Milk
998. Spinners
999. Splashed Leather
1000. Spring Fling
1001. Squash Casserole
1002. Squire Rich
1003. Stained Glass
Stand by Me
1004. Starboard Light
1005. Stargate
1006. Starkissed
1007. Star Light Star Bright
1008. Starship
1009. St Elmo's Fire
1010. Stepsister
1011. Stitch in Time
1012. St Paul
1013. Stiletto
1014. Stingray
1015. Stirfry
1016. Stonewall
1017. Strip Tease
1018. Substance Abuse
1019. Sugar and Cream
1020. Sugar and Spice
1021. Sugar Daddy
1022. Sugar Plum Fairy
1023. Sultana
1024. Summer Breeze
1025. Summer Fragrance
1026. Summer Joy
Summer Love
1027. Summer Lovin'
1028. Summer Music
1029. Summer Snow
Summer Vacation
1030. Sum and Substance
1031. Sum and Subtle
1032. Sum of All
1033. Sum Total
1034. Sun Dancer
1035. Sun Power
1036. Sun Worshipper
1037. Sunlight Child
1038. Sunshine Glory
1039. Super Nova
1040. Surf and Turf
1041. Surf's Up
1042. Surprised by Joy
1043. Sutter's Mill
1044. Swamp Thing
1045. Sweet Bo Peep
1046. Sweet Home Chicago
1047. Sweet Innocence
1048. Sweet Susan
1049. Sweet Tator Pie
1050. Swoosh
1051. Tambourine
1052. Tappan Zee
1053. Tattoo
1054. Tea and Crumpets
1055. Tea Ceremony
1056. Teaspoon
1057. Tea Time
1058. Temple Bells
1059. Temptations
1060. Teeny Weeny Bikini
1061. Thai Brass
1062. The King
1063. The Leading Edge
1064. The Queen
1065. The Razor's Edge
1066. The Shining
1067. Three Sisters
1068. Thumb Nail
1069. Thumbelina
1070. Thumbs Up
1071. Thunderbolt
1072. Tick Tock
Tickle Me Pink
1073. Tiddly Winks
1074. Tiffney's Godzilla
1075. Tiny Tears
1076. Titanic
1077. Tokudama
1078. Tokudama Aureonebulosa
1079. Tokudama Bright Lights
1080. Tokudama Flavocircinalis
1081. Tom Schmid
1082. Tortifrons
1083. Tot Tot
1084. Touch of Class
1085. Torchlight
1086. Tortilla Chip
1087. Tower of London
1088. Toy Soldier
1089. Trails End
1090. Treasure
1091. Tremors
1092. Trifecta
1093. Triple Ripple
1094. Tropical Dance
1095. Tropical Storm
1096. T Rex
1097. Tutu
1098. Twilight
1099. Twinkle Toes
1100. Twist of Lime
1101. Tycoon
1102. Ultramarine
1103. Ulysses S Grant
1104. Unforgettable
1105. Uppercrust
1106. Valentine Lace
Valley's Glacier
1107. Vanilla Cream
1108. Van Wade
1109. Velvet Moon
1110. Ventricosa (species)
1111. Venusta (species)
1112. Venusta Variegated
1113. Victor
1114. Victory
1115. Viking Ship
1116. Vim & Vigor
1117. Wagon Wheels
1118. Warwick Choice
1119. Warwick Comet
1120. Warwick Curtsy
1121. Warwick Delight
1122. War Paint
1123. Watermark
1124. Waving Wind
1125. Waving Wuffles
1126. Wheaton Blue
1127. Whirling Dervish
1128. Whirlwind
1129. Whirlwind Tour
1130. White Bikini
1131. White Dove
1132. White Feather
1133. White Necklace
1134. White Wall Tires
1135. Whiskey Sour
1136. Wide Brim
1137. Will of Fortune
1138. Wily Willy
1139. Winfield Blue
1140. Winfield Mist
1141. Winsome
1142. Wintergreen
1143. Winter Snow
1144. Winter Warrior
1145. Woolly Mammoth
1146. Wolverine
1147. World Cup
1148. Worldly Treasure
1149. Woodland Elf
1150. Woop Woop
1151. Wylde Green Cream
1152. Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
1153. Yellow River
1154. Yesterday's Memories
1155. Yin
1156. Xanadu
1157. X - Rated
Zion's Hope
1158. Zippity Do Dah
1159. Zodiac
1160. Zounds
1161. s,albomarginata

On Order for Spring 2011

Blue Ivory
Continental Divide
Fluted Fountain
Fred Wilson
Fruit Punch
Gone with the Wind
Irish Luck
Laura Lanier
Little Stiffy
Midnight at the Oasis
Mike Shadrack
Rock and Roll
Roseann Walter
Simply Sharon
Smokey Bear
Tobacco Road
Waukon Water
Curly Fries
Little Devil
Little Miss Muffet
Pixie Vamp
Tiny Bubbles
Tongue Twister
Margie's Angel
Nate the Great
Sharp Dressed Man
Spinach Souffle
Spring Shower
Sun Shower
Lime Smoothie
Awakening Angel
Backyard Monster
Dream Queen
Gila River
Lewis and Clark
Mad About Blue
Montreal Blue Ice Storm
Rebel Heart
Stormy Seas
Surfer Girl
Tonoko Tachi
Winter Snow

New - Plants for Sale - co-op prices
May 19, 2011 5:41 PM CST
Name: Arlene Smith
Roses, Clematis and Hostas Oh My!
I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Heucheras Roses
American Icon
Blue Mouse Ears
Blue Umbrellas
Fried Bananas
Mouse Trap
Grand Tiara
Stained Glass

Fat Cat
Holy Mouse Ears
Empress Wu
Cat and Mouse
May 19, 2011 6:19 PM CST
Name: Rose
Oquawka, IL (Zone 5a)
Echinacea Hibiscus Dahlias Clematis Charter ATP Member Region: Illinois
Garden Photography Heucheras Hummingbirder Hostas Garden Art Birds
Okay, Woodthrush made me feel bad for being lazy! Here's my list

** - can be traded
Abba Dabba Do
Abiqua Delight
Abiqua Drinking Gourd **
Abiqua Elephant Ears **
Abiqua Recluse
Ace of Spades
Alex Summers **
All That Jazz
Allegan Fog **
Allen C. Haskell
Alligator Shoes
Amber Tiara**
American Gothic
American Halo
American Hero**
American Icon
American Sweetheart**
Ann Kulpa
Apple Court**
Arc de Triomphe
Arctic Blast**
Arctic Circle
August Moon
Aurora Borealis
Austin Dickinson
Azure Snow
Baby Bunting**
Baby Doll **
Backyard Monster
Band of Gold
Barbara Ann
Battle Star
Beach Party
Big Daddy
Big Mama
Big Top
Bitsy Gold
Black Beauty**
Black Hills**
Blaze of Glory**
Blueberry Muffin**
Blue Angel**
Blue Arrow
Blue Baron**
Blue Blazes
Blue Boy
Blue Cadet
Blue Flame
Blue Hawaii**
Blue Ice
Blue Ivory
Blue Jay**
Blue Lollipop
Blue Mammoth**
Blue Maui
Blue Mouse Ears**
Blue Mouse Ears Supreme
Blue River
Blue Shadows
Blue Sliver**
Blue Splendor
Blue Umbrellas
Blue Wu
Bold and Brassy
Brave Amherst
Breeder's Love
Bressingham Blue
Bright Lights
Brim Cup
Brother Ronald
Brother Stephan
Buckshaw Blue
Canadian Blue**
Captain Kirk
Carolina Blue**
Cat and Mouse
Captain's Adventure
Cathedral Windows
Chain Lightning
Champagne Toast
Change of Heart
Charlotte's Web
Cheatin' Heart**
Cherry Berry
Cherry Tomato
Chesapeake Bay**
Chinese Dragon**
Chinese Sunrise**
Choo Choo Train
Chop Stix
Christmas Candy
Christmas Cookies**
Christmas Pageant**
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Gala
City Lights**
Clifford's Comet
Clifford's Comet (reverted to all green)
Clifford's Forest Fire
Clifford's Stingray
Color Glory
Con Te Partiro
Confused Angel
Continental Divide
Cookie Crumbs
Country Mouse
Cracker Crumbs**
Cream Cheese
Crystal Tiara
Curve Ball
Daddy Boomer
Dancing in the Rain
Dancing Mouse
Dancing Queen
Dancing Stars**
Dark Nebula
Dark Shadows
Dark Star**
Darwin's Standard
Dawn's Early Light**
Deep Blue Sea
Deep Pockets**
Deja Blue**
Devil's Advocate
Devon Giant
Diamond Tiara
Diana Remembered
Dick Ward
Dixie Chick
Dorothy Benedict seedling
Dorset Blue
Dorset Clown
Dragon Tails**
Dream Maker
Dream Queen
Dream Weaver
Dripping Lemon Custard
Dust Devil**
Earth Angel**
Edge of Night
El Capitan**
El Nino**
Elvis Lives**
Emerald Necklace**
Emerald Ruff Cut
Emerald Tiara**
Empress Wu**
Enduring Beacon
English Sunrise**
Erie Magic
Eternal Flame
Everlasting Love
Eye Declare
Faithful Heart**
Fallen Angel
Fantasy Island
Fat Cat
Fickle Blue Genes
Fire And Ice
Fire Island**
First Frost**
First Love
First Mate
Flemish Sky**
Fond Memory**
Forbidden Fruit
Forest Shadows**
Formal Attire
Fort Knox
Fortunei Albomarginata
Fortunei Albopicta
Fortunei Aureomarginata
Fortunei Hyacinthina
Foxfire Bamm Bamm
Foxfire Palm Sunday
Fragrant Blue**
Fragrant Bouquet
Fragrant Queen
Frank Lloyd Wright
French Quarters**
Fried Bananas
Fried Green Tomatoes
Frosted Dimples
Frosted Mouse Ears**
Frozen Margarita
Fruit Punch
Funny Mouse
Galaxy Light
Garden Party**
Garden Treasure
Gentle Giant
George Smith
Ghost Spirit
Glory Hallelujah
Gold Regal
Gold Standard
Goldbrook Glimmer
Goldbrook Glory
Golden Meadows
Golden Oriole**
Golden Tiara**
Goodness Gracious**
Granary Gold**
Grand Canyon
Grand Marquee
Grand Master
Grand Prize
Grand Slam
Grand Tiara**
Great Escape
Great Expectations**
Green Eyes
Green Mouse Ears
Green Piecrust
Green with Envy**
Grey Ghost**
Guardian Angel
Gunther's Prize
Gypsy Rose
Hadspen Blue**
Half and Half
Hand's Up
Hanky Panky**
Hannibal Hamlin
Happy Hearts**
Heart and Soul**
Heart's Content
Heavenly Tiara
High Society**
Holly's Dazzler**
Hollywood Lights
Holy Mole**
Holy Mouse Ears
Hoosier Dome
Hoosier Harmony
Hush Puppie**
Hyuga Urajiro
Ice Age Trail
Ice Cream
Ice Follies
Ice Prancer**
Iron Gate Delight**
Island Charm
Itsy Bitsy Spider**
Ivory Coast**
Ivory Necklace
Jack of Diamonds
Jason and Katie
Jerry Landwehr
Jewel of the Nile
Jimmy Crack Corn
Journey's End**
June Fever
Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park (seeds)
Katie Q**
Katherine Lewis**
King Micheal
King Tut
Kiwi Full Monty
Komodo Dragon**
Korean Snow
Krossa Regal**
Lady Guinevere
Lake Hitchcock
Lakeside Baby Face**
Lakeside Beach Bum
Lakeside Beach Captain
Lakeside Black Satin
Lakeside Blue Jeans
Lakeside Breaking News**
Lakeside Butterball
Lakeside Coal Miner**
Lakeside Cogwheel**
Lakeside Cranberry Relish**
Lakeside Cupcake
Lakeside Cupid's Cup
Lakeside Dividing Line
Lakeside Dragonfly**
Lakeside Elfin Fire
Lakeside Fantasy Fulfilled
Lakeside Foamy Sea
Lakeside Hoola Hoop
Lakeside Jazzy Jane
Lakeside Kaleidoscope
Lakeside Keepsake
Lakeside Lagoon
Lakeside Lollipop**
Lakeside Love Affaire
Lakeside Maestro
Lakeside Meadow Ice
Lakeside Meter Maid
Lakeside Midnight Miss
Lakeside Missy Little**
Lakeside Mom
Lakeside Old Smokey
Lakeside Paisley Print
Lakeside Premier**
Lakeside Prophecy
Lakeside Prophecy Fulfilled
Lakeside Ripples**
Lakeside Rocky Top**
Lakeside Roy El**
Lakeside Sapphire Pleats**
Lakeside Shadows
Lakeside Shore Master
Lakeside Small Fry
Lakeside Spellbinder
Lakeside Spruce Goose
Lakeside Storm Watch**
Lakeside Surf Rider
Lakeside Tee Ki
Lakeside Zing Zang
Lakeside Zinger
LaVerne and Shirley
Laura and Darrell
Lemon Frost
Lemon Lime
Lettuce Salad**
Lewis & Clark
Lily Pad**
Little Aurora
Little Bo Peep**
Little Devil**
Little Doll**
Little Jay
Little Miss Sunshine
Little Sunspot
Little Treasure
London Fog**
Lonesome Dove
Lookin Pretty
Love Pat
Luna Moth
Lunar Magic
Lunar Orbit
Mack the Knife
Magic Fire
Mango Tango
Maraschino Cherry
Marbled Cream
Mary Marie Anne
Maui Buttercups
Mid Morning
Midas Touch
Midnight At The Oasis
Midnight Ride
Midwest Magic
Mighty Mouse
Mike Shadrack
Mississippi Delta**
Mister Twister
Misty Gold
Montana Aureomarginata
Montana Hida no Hana
Moon Lily
Moon River
Moon Struck**
Mount Tom
Mouse Tracks
Mouse Trap
Neat Splash
Night Before Christmas**
Night Life
North Wind
Northern Exposure
Northern Halo
Obscene Gesture
Ocean Isle
Old Coot
Old Glory
Olive Bailey Langdon**
Olympic Sunrise**
On Stage**
Ooh La La
Orange Crush
Orange Marmalade
Outhouse Delight**
Pandora's Box**
Paradise On Fire
Paradise Expectations
Paradise Glory
Paradise Island
Paradise Power
Paul's Glory
Paul Revere
Pearl Lake
Peedee Gold Flash
Peppermint Ice**
Photo Finish
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Pink Flamingo
Pink Panther
Planet X
plantaginea Aphrodite
Pot of Gold
Potomac Pride
Powder Blue
Prairie Glow
Prairie Sky
Prairie Sunset
Praise Him
Prestige and Promise**
Prince of Darkness
Princess Anastasia
Princess Diana
Pure Heart
Purple Haze
Purple Lady Fingers**
Queen Josephine
Queen of the Seas
Quilting Bee**
Radiant Edger
Radio Waves
Rain Forest**
Rainbow's End
Rainforest Sunrise**
Rare Breed
Red Dragon
Red Hot Flash
Red October
Regal Splendor**
Regal Supreme
Remember Me
Restless Sea**
Rhino Hide**
Rich Uncle
Ripple Effect
Rising Sun
Risky Business**
Robert Frost
Roller Coaster Ride
Rootin Tootin
Rosedale Barnie
Rosedale Golden Goose
Rosedale Knox
Rosedale Tractor Seat
Royal Charm
Royal Flush
Royal Mouse Ears
Royal Standard
Sail's Ho
Saint Elmo's Fire
Sargent Major
Savannah Supreme**
Sea Fire
Sea Gulf Stream
Sea Lightning
Sea Sapphire
Sea Yellow Sunrise
Second Wind
Secret Ambition
September Sun
Seventh Heaven
Shade Fanfare
Shade Finale
Shimmy Shake
Silver Bay
Silver Mine
Silver Moon
Silver Star
Silver Streaks
Silver Threads and Golden Needles
Singing In The Rain**
Sky Dancer
Sleeping Beauty
Smoky Bear
Smooth Sailing**
Snowy Lake
Snow Cap
Snow Mouse
Solar Flare**
Soldier Boy
Something Different
Something Else
Spacious Skies
Spiked Punch
Spilt Milk
Spinach Patch
Spinach Souffle
Squash Casserole
St. Paul
Stained Glass**
Stained Satin
Star Wars
Stitch In Time
Stormy Seas
Sugar and Spice**
Sugar Daddy
Sum and Substance
Sum and Subtle**
Summer Breeze**
Summer Lovin'**
Summer Music
Summer Olympics
Summer Serenade
Sunlight Child
Sun Power**
Sunny Delight**
Sunshine Glory
Sun's Glory
Surfer Girl
Surf's Up
Sweet Home Chicago**
Sweet Innocence
Sweet Tater Pie
Swirling Hearts
T Rex
Tall Boy
Teeny Weeny Bikini**
The King
The Queen
The Right One
Tick Tock
Tijuana Brass
Tiny Tears
Tobacco Road
Tokudama Aureonebulosa
Tokudama Flavocircinalis
Tom Schmid
Tootie May
Tortilla Chip
Totally Twisted**
Touch of Class
Toy Soldier**
Trail's End
Triple Ripple
Tropical Storm**
True Blue
Twist of Lime**
Twisted Sister
Van Wade**
Veronica Lake**
Volcano Fire
Wagon Wheels
War Paint
War Party
Warwick Comet
Warwick Curtsey**
Warwick Essence
Waving Winds**
Waving Wuffles**
Wheaton Blue
Whirling Dervish
Whiskey Sour
White Christmas
White Dove
White Ray
White Wall Tires**
Wide Brim
Winfield Blue
Winfield Mist
Winter Lightning
Winter Warrior
Woolly Mammoth
Woop Woop
Worldly Treasure**
Xanadu Paisley
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Yellow Splash Rim

:blushing: *Blush*
When all is said and done, there’s more said than done.
May 23, 2011 6:40 PM CST
Name: Autumn May
Charter ATP Member
Rivada HAVES:

1. royal standard (id from here)
2. dream queen
3. fire and ice
4. june
5. krossa regal
6. lakeside cupcake
7. lancifolia (id from here)
8. loyalist
9. paradigm
10. pizzazz
11. red hot poker
12. vulcan

I just made this list for fun. I don't have anything really big enough to even divide aside from the oldies.
Avatar for SilkKnoll
May 30, 2011 3:39 AM CST
Name: Robert
East Central Alabama z8
Big Daddy
Earth Angel
Fire Opal
Gold Standard
Golden Tiara
H. montana aureomarginata
H. plantaginea*
Lakeside Cupcake*
Robert Frost*
Saybrook Surprise
Stained Glass
Sum and Substance
... lots on order....

My Minis:
Baby Bunting
Blue Mouse Ears
Cat’s Eye
Cheatin’ Heart*
Cracker Crumbs
Illicit Affair*
Lemon Lime*
Limey Lisa*
Little Wonder
Pandora’s box
Radio Waves
Silver Threads and Golden Needles
Teeny Weeny Bikini
Twist of Lime*

Wish List:
Any of the Blue Mouse Ears variants
Lakeside Zing Zang
*Oh My Heart*
Stitch in Time
Blue Ivory
Little Cyn
Little Stiffy
Empress Wu
Rhino Skin
Sweet Innocence
... tetraploid miniatures, orange, bronze, lutescent, glaucescent (?), pebbling, specks, stippling, streaks -- especially with heavy substance/tetraploids
Avatar for brrejr
May 31, 2011 11:48 AM CST

Farmer Region: Iowa Hostas Bulbs Clematis Daylilies
Plant and/or Seed Trader
Hello everyone: Here is my list that I have that I know names and I have about 12 not id
Abba Dabba Wow
Alex Summer*
American Hero
Aqua Velve
August Moon
Big Daddy*
Big John
Birchwood Ruffled Queen
Blueberry Muffin
Blue Cadet
Blue Hawaii
Bright Lights**
Cheatin Heart
Cherry Berry
Coconut Custard
Dancing Stars
Dawn's Early Light*
Dick Ward*
Dream Weaver
Earth Angel
Empress Wu
Enternal Flame
First Frost
Fragrant Bouquet*
Fragrant Queen
Frosted Jade*
Gentle Giant
Gold Drop
Great Expectations
June Fever
Lakeside Fulltide
Lakes Phophecy
Leading Lady
On Stage
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Pineapple Punch
Purple Heart
Queen Josephine
Raspberry Sundae
Red October
Rhino Hide
Ripple Effec
Silver Anniversary
Silver threads and golden needles
So sweet
Split Milk
Squash Cassorole
Stained Glass
Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Strip Tease**
Sum of All
Viking Ship

Wish List
Evelyn McCafferty (Granddaughter names)
War Party
Dancin in the Rain
Diana Remembered
Pixie Vamp
Ice Age Trail
Any of the Lakesides I don't have which is just about all of them
Avatar for ZZTOPSOIL
Jun 6, 2011 4:38 PM CST
Name: Lelan (Lee)
Oregon-Willamette Vally-OSU (Zone 7b)
Updated 6-01-2011

H. Adrians' Glory.
H. Abique Drinking Gourd-'10
H. Abique Moonbeam-'10
H. Albomarginata-'03
H. Albomarginata-'08
H. Albo Picta-'06
H. (TC) Alice in Wonderland-'04
H. Alligator Shoes-'06
H. Ann Kulpa-'10
H. Antioch-'08
H. August Moon-'08
H. August Moon-'09
H. August Moon-'09
H. Birchwood Parky's Gold-'03
H. Blue Angel-'03
H. Blue Cadet-'06
H. Blue Mouse Ears-'08
H. Blue Mouse Ears Supreme-'10
H. Bold Ribbons-'09
H. Bright Lights-'03
H. Brother Stefan-'08
H. Cathedral Windows-'10
H. Chartruese Wiggles-'09
H. Chesapeake Bay-'09
H. (TC-X) Corn Belt*-'04[gone]
H. Corn Belt-'08
H. Deane's Dream-'03
H. Diamonds and Rubies-'09
H. Earth Angel-'10
H. Elvis Lives
H. Emerald Tiara-'09
H. Emerald Tiara-'09
H. (TC-X)Erie Magic*-'04 [ almost gone/very small]-6/1/11
H. Eternal Flame-'09
H. Feather Boa-'07
H. Forest Shadows-'07
H. fortunei Albomarginata-'04
H. fortunei Albo Picta'06
H. fortunei Aureomarginata-'09
H. Fragrant Bouquet-'03
H. Fujibotan-'08
H. Geisha-'08
H. Ghost Spirit-'10
H. Ginko Craig-'07
H. Gold Drop-'03
H. Golden Gate-'08
H. Golden Prayers-'03
H. Golden Sceptor-'07
H. Golden Tiara-'03
H. Golden Tiara-'06
H. Golden Tusk-'09
H. (TC) Gosan Gold Midget-'04
H. Grand Master-'10
H. Green With Envy-'07
H. Guacamole-'06
H. Hacksaw-'08
H. Hadspen Blue-'06
H. Halcyon-'03
H. Halcyon-'09
H. Halcyon
H. Honeybells-'03
H. Honeybells-'08
H. Hoosier Harmony-'06
H. Invincible-'06
H. Jewel of the Nile-'10
H. Jimmy Crack Corn-'03
H. Kabitan-'06
H. Katie Q.
H. Kiwi Full Monty-'07
H. Lakeside Downsize-'09
H. Lakeside Kaleidoscope-'10
H. (TC) Lakeside Legal Tender-'04
H. (TC) Lakeside Rocky Top*-'04
H. Lancifolia-'03
H. Lemon Frost-'10
H. Lemon Lime-'06
H. Lily Pad-'08
H. Little Treasure-'10
H. Little Wonder-'09
H. Loyalist-'06
H. Mack the Knife-'06
H. (TC) Maple Leaf*-'04
H. (TC) Mid Morning*-'04
H. Midwest Magic-'06
H. Minuteman(-5/10/2011) -4 Divisions.
H. Mistress Mabel-'06
H. Moonlight Sonata-'10
H. Mountain Fog-'08
H. Night Before Christmas-'06
H. Noid #1-'10
H. Noid #2-'10
H. Olive Branch-'08
H. Paradise Power-'06
H. (TC)Patriots Fire*-'04
H. plantaginea-'06
H. Platinum Tiara-'10
H. Queen Josephine-'06
H. Queen of the Seas-'09
H. Radiant Edger-'06
H. Razor's Edge-'09
H. Red Dragon-'06
H. Red Dragon-'08
H. Red October-'08
H. Regal Splendor-'07
H. Restless Sea-'08
H. Rhapsody In Blue-'03
H. Richmond-'10
H. Rohdeifolia-'08
H. Royal Standard/plantaginea-'06
H. Salute-'07
H. Salute(sport from Scott's) Has a White Edge.
H. Samurai-'03
H. Savannah Supreme-'10
H. (TC-X)Sea Fire*-'04 </font>I Think it's Gone as of 5/1/06
H. Sea Thunder-'09sp
H. September Sun-'03
H. Serendipity-'07
H. Sharmon-'09sp
H. Sherborne Swan-'06
H. (TC-X)Silver Halo*-'04 (2 Very Little Leaves on 6/1/2010)
H. So Sweet-07
H. Squash Casserole-'06
H. Stained Glass-'07
H. (TC) Stetson*-'04
H. Stiletto
H. Stiletto-'09
H. Striptease-'06
H. Spilt Milk
H. Spilt Milk-'09
H. Summer Music-'06
H. Sun Power-'06
H. Teaspoon
H. Thunderbolt-'10
H. Tiny Tears-'07
H. Tiny Tears-'09
H. Toy Soldier-'03
H. Twist of Lime-'07
H. Ultramarine-'07
H. Undulata Albo Marginata-'03
H. Undulata Mediovariegata-'04
H. Vanilla Cream-'08
H. Warwick Essence-'10
H. Whirlwind-'10
H. Wide Brim-'03
H. Winsome-'08
H. Wolverine-'10
H. Wylde Green Creme-'08
H. Unknown(Not Undulata Albomarginata-'07
H. Unknown(Solid Dark Green w/ Purple and White Striped Bloom)
H. UnNamed Solid Green Seedling(2001)-(TY-treemon/Mark)gwsp-'10
Green(7-Seedlings/May be Lancifolia)-'03
Small Green Pointed Leaf(108-Seedlings)-'02
Beautiful Markers from ____/____(TY-2008)
TBI - Iris Lavender(father's garden)(TY-mjjones453)hsp-'10
*- Denotes TC(Tissue Cultured) Babies from a CO-OP in 2004.
Jun 6, 2011 5:14 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Cj
Iowa (Zone 5a)
I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Charter ATP Member Region: Iowa Hostas Daylilies Sempervivums
Lilies Garden Art Sedums Ferns Hellebores Heucheras
Since I am a Hostas admin, I will save some space on this thread and post my list in the files directory here. My Haves and some wishes are in this file:

If you have problems reading the file, let me know and I'll replace it with a pdf file (it is a MS excel right now).
Avatar for brrejr
Aug 2, 2011 7:48 PM CST

Farmer Region: Iowa Hostas Bulbs Clematis Daylilies
Plant and/or Seed Trader
WOW, I don't know where to start, I want them all, I would love to do a Farm Name Theme so if there would be any doing with farming?? The others are WISH I HAD ONES!!!

Here is my list
Abba Dabba Do
Alex Summer
Baby Bunting
Dawn's Early LIght
Dick Ward
King Tut
Silver Anniversary
Viking Ship

Your LIst: ( I'm drooling over these)
Arctic Blast
Blue Jay
Blue Mouse Ears *
Blue Umbrellas
Cat and Mouse
Christmas Tree *
Climax *
**Count Your Blessings
Country Mouse
Diana Remembered
Dixie Chickadee *
Dream Queen *
Dust Devil
**First Frost
Flemish Skies
Fragrant Dream
Frosted June
Gold Standard *
Green Mouse Ears
Green with Envy *
Holy Mole
Ice Age Trail
**Inspire Greatness
Lakeside Black Satin
Lakeside Cranberry Relish
Lakeside Cupcake
Lakeside Dimpled Darling
Lakeside Dragonfly
Lakeside Masterpiece
Lakeside Paisley Print
Lakeside Scamp
Lakeside Spellbinder
Lakeside Tycoon
Luna Moth
Midnight at the Oasis
Midwest Magic
Moon Split
Morning Light
**Nifty Fifty
Northern Halo
Oh Cindy
Olive Bailey Langdon *
Pandora's Box *
Paradigm Sport *
**Peppermint Ice
Plantaginea Aphrodite
Queen of the Seas
Radiant Edger
Radiant Star
Rain Dancer
Rainforest Sunrise *
Red Dragon
Robert Frost
**Roller Coaster Ride
Rootin Tootin
Silver Bay *
Tokudama Flavocircinalis
Tropical Storm
True Blue
War Paint
Waukon Water

Whatever you want to do, just let me know , Thanks so much
Drooling I tip my hat to you. Angel

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