Lilies forum: Question about Lilies in General.....why do some come up sideways..?? ..........

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May 26, 2015 4:42 AM CST
I have some lilies that are coming up in the strangest positions. some are growing almost sideways out of the ground....... I remember years ago at the other house and had quite a few lilies but not near what I have planted now and they always seemed to right themselves when they came up........all came up straight out of the ground....... hoping they change as they get a bit further out of the ground here..

thought all lilies could right themselves?? am I wrong on this....... Majority are straight but not all of them........

also a fast question on trumpets here. I noticed and I am new to trumpets and species this year ....... why are the Regale Album forming a flower head and the Regale are just showing up out of the ground...on some of them?. Some are taller and some are shorter in the Regale as well, all planted at the same depth and all in the same type of soil and all in the same depth and width of the pot....... I did not find my trumpets coming out of the ground here first at all. I am still waiting on a couple of my Kushi Maya to show up and they were planted a long time ago.... other trumpets are slow to emerge here too that are in the mixed trumpet pots so I have no idea.....
I just find that it is strange that they are all are growing at different rates......
all the other types of lilies are fine here and growing about the same rate and in different beds.........
only just starting to see some of the asicatics coming up and thought they would be the first to show up since they bloom first around here but NOT in my gardens for sure......
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May 26, 2015 6:05 AM CST
Pat, perhaps I remember wrong as I just take this from memory, but wasn't your regular Lilium regale purchased from a different source than your Lilium regale 'Album'? They were from completely different parts of Canada grown under very different condition, with at least one of them spring dug with huge sprouts??? If so that could certainly explain a lot of the difference.

Also I think you need to have some extra patience with spring planted lilies, not only will they of course take longer to show above ground, but there is also usually a lot more difference as to when individual bulbs of the same cultivar first shows above ground. In comparison already established bulbs would appear much more evenly(but certainly still with some variation). At least this is my experience.

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May 26, 2015 9:45 AM CST
I have patience just confused...hahaha
anyhow no big deal...........
I have 3 pot of albums here........and one has what looks like a flower pod on the top..........the other 2 were from the same place and not much of them is out of ground yet at all....... same source, some depth, same pot size and so on

the regale had a bit of sprout on top and not seen many of them as of yet. there are 20 regale and see maybe 4 popping out of the ground.....

the temptation is to empty the pots and see what is going on under there and the other side of me says Sit on Hands.........and leave well enough alone.....

it is not the patience but the understanding that I lack.............not sure how something the exact same can come up entirely different

you are right the bulbs are not established yet and that makes good sense to me that things might straighten out more in the future

thanks for your input
you are very knowledgeable as always
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May 26, 2015 11:50 AM CST
If mother nature's products were produced in a factory with exactly the same inert raw materials, and exactly the same assembly method, then the product would be exactly the same. If these factory produced products were given the exact same conditions of growth, there growth would be exactly the same.

Do ANY of these things ever happen in nature? ABSOLUTELY not!

It's human nature to try pigeonhole everything into its neat and tidy, perfect place in the world. This simply doesn't happen in nature.

May I present an analogy?
All these things that you expect to transpire on your own timetable are just not applicable to mother nature's timetable. Nature is not under your command, and there is a myriad of variables that influence the processes of nature. Do you expect every mother's pregnancy to be exactly 90 days 9 months? Under your assumptions, premature births would never occur, nor late pregnancies, nor miscarriages. Down Syndrome babies would be non-existent, etc. etc.

So when you say, "not sure how something the exact same can come up entirely different", that's just it right there: they are NOT exactly the same. You are just fooling yourself into believing that they are.

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May 26, 2015 12:31 PM CST
I get the message
sorry I posted this thread..

your right I am wrong.....
Name: Rick R.
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I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Garden Sages The WITWIT Badge Garden Photography Region: Minnesota Hybridizer
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May 26, 2015 2:21 PM CST
It's not a "you are right, I am wrong" dichotomy. That's not even valid, and it's not what I meant for you to "get". You must think I am very stuck up.

I am sorry to have been so blunt, and I don't know why you would be sorry you posted. It's all a learning process, and all your questions seem to revolve around the point that I tried (apparently unsuccessfully) to convey. Perhaps someone else can explain more easily. While I will not apologize for the facts I present, I do concede my social skills that render them are often lacking. By your terse response, it's clear I have failed. I didn't mean to offend you, and I'll try to stay out of you way from now on.
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Name: Joe
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May 26, 2015 2:42 PM CST
Ok you two! Pat, Rick often comes off like a snob! Just kidding Rick! I think that the moral of the story is that there are really no "givens" in nature. Pat, my 'Kushi Maya' stems came up almost a month after every other lily I grow. Why? Not too sure except for the fact that I'm sure it involves it's genetics and possibly many environmental factors. As I've said Pat, you have to let the plant grow on its own sometimes. It's ok to ask questions but realize that with experience it will be easier to put together. In my limited experience, spring planted bulbs tend to not follow "normal" sprouting patterns based on many factors such as; condition of the bulb, soil compaction, depth of planting, size of the sprout before planting, and as Will said the storage facilities cool storage can vary greatly. That said I prefer fall planting but I never let spring get in the way of a bulb that I really want! Ha
Finally, I think it is human nature to get defensive when it feels as if someone is against you. Rick, don't censor yourself as you add a lot of great knowledge to the forum. Pat, don't be afraid to ask questions either but DO think that there are many options in nature and fewer rules.
Name: Jason
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May 26, 2015 4:48 PM CST
we have some orientals that cant seem to pop out of the ground anywhere near where we planted them! one finally came up a few weeks ago out from under a landscape brick that was about 8 inches from where it was planted! we saw it poking out gasping for air, we moved the brick and low and behold, there was a 10 inch long stem coiled upon itself that eventually worked its way out from under the brick! it probably would have been fine, but we decided to not put the brick back after all!

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May 26, 2015 6:19 PM CST
You know what Joe that makes sense to me the ones that are planted in the spring verses the one in the fall. that never even occurred to me.
I have a variety of lilies planted at different times of the year here
and you are all right and I am just learning.......
and Rick you are now allowed to run away on me..hahaha I respect your opinion
just got to thinking maybe this was the wrong kind of question to ask on here......more on the stupid part on my side not yours........

I respect all the help I can get on this forum

actually when you think of it Rick is right, no two lilies are the same........ and likely no two bulbs are the exact same either........
even in the pots some of the bulbs that came in groups of three from the same source one is up and one is not up yet, same depth and so on.....

I think it is these pots that are driving me times. will be glad to get them out in the big garden as soon as the end of the summer or earlier... if possible

thanks again everyone

Another issue seems to be the one zone is not the same as the same zone in another place such as 5......

and Jason I have had Oriental's that have done that in the past too, nowhere where they were planted at all........
I have some dizzy lilies and some stargazers that are held hostage by a hosta here...
will have to make a decision to let the lilies go or the hosta go........

the hosta is huge and the lilies came up through the hosta in the summer last year..........and not sure how to fix this. the only solution everyone says is one has to go........ the hostas are winter hostas and they are well over 80 years old...........and produce tons of flowers although I find they invasive..
and then the lilies well they can likely compete with the huge plant for much longer.....
Name: Rick R.
Minneapolis, MN, USA zone 4
I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Garden Sages The WITWIT Badge Garden Photography Region: Minnesota Hybridizer
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May 26, 2015 9:28 PM CST
Very glad that there are no hard feelings, Pat.

And I guess my statement "While I will not apologize for the facts I present" can be thrown out the window.....
-- a 90 day pregnancy? Where did that come from! (Well I do know, but it's beside the point).

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