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Pennsylvania (Zone 6b)
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Dec 18, 2015 2:47 PM CST
I happened to see a Semp in Lowes this week with the tender succulents and it just said Sempervivum Pacific. I know there is a series of Semps develpoed by Pacific and I was wondering if there has been any info from the developer of this series.

I would like to know what was different with the release of this series. Were they suppose to be colorful, hardier, greater increase etc. We see write ups about plants like Sedum, Hosta, Coral Bells, etc. developers I have not seen anything about this semp developer.
Name: Julia
Washington State (Zone 7a)
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Dec 18, 2015 3:23 PM CST
Cinta, I often see sempervivum mixed with tender succulents as well. Kind of sad really because they don't do will in side.

This is what I know about the Pacific series of semps
hybridizer: GARY GOSSETT
He lives around the Portland area in Oregon.
My experience with this series is that they adapt well here in the Pacific North West with all our rain because of hybridizers location.
@valleylynn @jungleshadows I'm sure an exspand on this
Sempervivum for Sale
Name: Lynn
Dallas, OR (Zone 8b)
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Dec 18, 2015 4:00 PM CST


Kevin knows Gary Gossett, so maybe he can fill in the blanks.
I agree with what Julia posted above. I have many of them in my collection and they do very well, even in the rainy season, with the exception of 'Pacific Hep'. It does tend to have problems with rotting.

Here are some of Gary Gossett's semsp.

I see one listed as 'Sea Foam' as being one of Gary's. Do you know if that one really is his?
And a 'Helen Melissa'?

Cinta can you show us a photo of your new 'Pacific' semp?
Pennsylvania (Zone 6b)
Garden Ideas: Level 1
Dec 18, 2015 7:58 PM CST
Thank you Julia, Lynn. I tried googling Pacific Semp and all I came up with was all the different named varieties. I remember them coming out years ago as a series but could not remember the developer's name or what the word was about them.

Yes Lynn I will take a pic. I am testing it....... I put one in the pot with some Armarylis because they are going into the cold dry area until March and I put the other 2 that was in the ;pot outside in my live plant picture semp design I have been making. I will see which ones survive.

I asked this question because of the Name Pacific I thought it was probably developed for a milder climate wetter area. That is what I have seen with the Coral Bells. I think that is why it is being mixed with tender succulents. I have noticed that some of the Semps are not as hardy or the survivors of the old Semps of yesterday.
Pennsylvania (Zone 6b)
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Dec 18, 2015 8:18 PM CST
Here you go. It is really a dark one it is almost black. I thought it was dead when I saw it at the store. When I picked it up I realized it was a Semp and it was not dead I had to have it. Rolling on the floor laughing

Thumb of 2015-12-19/Cinta/5a7a6c

Name: Kevin Vaughn
Salem OR (Zone 8a)
Dec 18, 2015 8:20 PM CST
Cinta, The Pacific series and all semps should be fine in PA. There's a few tender ones out there, mainly things with lots of hair and species from Turkey and Iran.

Almost all of Gary's look to be within the basic European complex (tectorum, montanum and arachnoideum). These are your best bets for hardiness.

Unfortunately unscrupulous nurseries might be labeling them "Pacific" but they aren't really! Ordering frrom reputable dealers will get you much further!

Pennsylvania (Zone 6b)
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Dec 18, 2015 9:03 PM CST
Thank you Kevin. I have had trouble with survival of many of the newer Semps so I think there are more now that really are not breed for survival. At least not as strong as the old houseleeks as we called them back in the old days.

I guess it should be expected when plants are developed to be better most time better is in the eye of the beholder. Shrug!
Name: Kevin Vaughn
Salem OR (Zone 8a)
Dec 19, 2015 1:54 PM CST
Cinta, That's very odd as I grew them well in MA (Zone 4) and saw 32 below F more than once. The only cultivar I lost was 'Commander Hay', which I lost 3 times before giving up. Never lost another.

If the semps are in too heavy soil or don't get enough drainage they are much more likely to rot. Be sure you have those sort of conditions for the plants. Only the toughest tectorums will take wet feet.

Pennsylvania (Zone 6b)
Garden Ideas: Level 1
Dec 19, 2015 3:26 PM CST
Kevin I will explain the conditions we zone 6 PA people live through.

Sept. Rain, Rain, Rain, at least 3 weeks every day that month
Oct, Rain, by morning Freezing Rain, Snow, Freezing Rain on top of the Snow
Nov. Spring rains, Spring Rains, Spring Rain, Freezing rain, Snow maybe
Dec. Rain today, Ice tomorrow, Spring Rain, Ice storm, Snow.
Jan - March.....Rain, Snow for weeks, Freezing Rain, Then Snow until March

So my zone 6 is not a good indicator to a zone 4 that gets cold stay cold with maybe some snow or a lot of snow. My type of winter is different with the moisture, freeze, before there is a layer of snow for insulation. You have constant moisture and drastic temp change in a matter of hours changing that frozen block of ice from water to ice then back to ice constantly.

We have so many warm up enough to dump a small lake of water to freeze then a layer cake of ice, snow, ice.

I grow all my succulents on a 1-2 feet layer of gravel, topped with a foot of pine needles, and a thin layer of soil on top.
Name: Greg Colucci
Seattle WA (Zone 8b)
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Dec 23, 2015 1:10 AM CST
Cinta I have very similar experiences with the wetness (not the freezing part) and finally just began covering them during winter because I could never get good enough drainage, or when I did get it, in the summer they dried out too quickly. Covering them isn't very pretty but it saves them! I try to cover as late in the season as possible, for me this year it was November, and then I plan to uncover them as soon as possible in the spring, last year the one bed I covered, I uncovered by February (again this is for my conditions. I think with your wet, freeze, wet conditions it is tricky! I tip my hat to you.
Plants bring me peace and calm, more of what we all need Smiling

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