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Jun 5, 2016 12:30 AM CST
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Name: Melanie
Lutz, Florida (Zone 9b)
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Region: Florida Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Bromeliad Native Plants and Wildflowers Plant Identifier Salvias
Hello, folks! I made my own thread because, well, I can. But I have birds, butterflies, and...well, no bees but other insects. So there's a little something for everyone. It's mostly birds, but everyone slide on up to your computer and just enjoy the pretty pictures.

So if you're unaware, I went on a guided tour of the Christmas, FL area which is near Orlando. You know you're there when you see the out-of-season Christmas display. Hilarious! The tour was organized for a group of us to go see orchids growing in the wild. But you know I took pictures of more than that! I'll just focus on the BBB aspect of the trip, though, for this post. We stopped at two places on the side of the road, then Fort Christmas Historical Park, then Orlando Wetlands Park. Some of you may remember my trip to Orlando Wetlands Park with the Florida Wildflower Foundation back in January. This time, I was armed with my new camera!

The journey started where it usually does - Starbucks. Rolling on the floor laughing I've been really good and watching my sugar, and I figured I could indulge today. Plus, they have this limited time S'mores Frappuccino that Mom wanted to try. Needless to say, she loved it. With caffeine and sugar bombarding our systems, I connected my iPod and set it to my workout mix since I figured we would need upbeat music to keep us awake and motivated.

I think the clock says 5:51 and 71 degrees. This is I-4. If you pay attention to politics (or even if you don't), you might hear the term "I-4 Corridor". That means all the voters that live from Tampa to Orlando, with Lakeland in between.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/eab885

Okay, it's clearly 6:00 and it's 77 degrees! This is what I try to explain to people not from Florida. It does not cool down at night like it does in other places. The humidity doesn't go away, either. So nighttime is only slightly less sticky than daytime. Our sunrises are pretty nice, though. We also passed quite a few Osprey nests on the way.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/018782

The rest area (somewhere in Lakeland) provided me with my first bug encounter of the day. Well, not counting the caterpillars I had to feed before I left. Yes, I picked food by flashlight. Done it before; will probably do it again. I think this is a kind of Damselfly.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/89ebed

Sun's getting a little higher.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/cf0e25

We met at a Burger King and I get out and see this spray-painted on the side of the Checker's next door.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/b59191

R.I.P. Blinking Not quite the message I was looking for. I could tease this as an ominous warning, but you guys know I'm still alive.

Continuing the theme, there was a Mourning Dove up on the power line. Oh wait, that's a Eurasian Collared Dove. The Grim Reaper can't have me, yet!

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/c17cb5

The orchids were nice, but I was chasing this Dainty Sulphur.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/c5094a

Then, I saw one of the Blues with its wings open which is so rare around these parts. I never thought I'd be yelling at a Blue to close its wings so I could ID it. Pretty sure this is a Ceraunus Blue.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/7be2df Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/472339

And I saw this Tropical Checkered Skipper. I haven't seen one of these in a while, but I guess it's about time for them to show up.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/2461ca

My first dragonfly of the day!

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/55f0fb Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/54cdc6

So we saw some orchids and by this time we're at Fort Christmas Park. Apparently, there's a family that holds their reunion the same weekend our tour guide does these walks every year. There was also a birthday party and we tried to get ice cream and cake, but no deal. Rolling on the floor laughing

The next sighting was a couple of Sandhill Cranes. I was trying to figure out why they looked more brown than gray, like I'm used to. My books says they get that color due to staining from mud while preening. I guess Orlando has more mud than Tampa? Or different color mud?

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/05d928 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/266941 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/e1bcd8

Okay, this is a Mourning Dove. Wait, did I want to see one of these? Hilarious! It's cool; I'm not a superstitious person.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/233add

Dragonfly on the tip of a Tillandsia bloom. The stuff on the tree branch is Resurrection Fern. I guess they haven't gotten rain lately. Well, the forecast says that's going to change!

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/fea8cd

So I'm straining my neck looking up at orchids on trees and I see something in the sky. Two vultures, but a third bird was...different. Because it was a Swallowtail Kite! I don't often - wait, make that never - try to take in flight photos, but that was the only way I was going to get a shot. Check it out! Butterfly folks, you can see how the bird got its name!

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/e814bd Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/ad950b Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/fe0e85

There were quite a few birders on the trip, and someone spotted this Red-Bellied Woodpecker. It looks bigger than the ones in my yard. Maybe I need to fatten mine up?

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/9f1b13 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/c58fa1 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/61fc5a

There are always White Ibises.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/6069b5

Next, we were on our way to Orlando Wetlands Park! They have a native plant garden right outside the welcome center where I found some Gulf Fritillary cats. Two died of that virus, but one was okay. For now. You can see one of the dead ones in the far left of the pic, on the other side of that leaf.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/b66a61

Black Bellied Whistling Duck. There were so many of these guys. We will see them again. But I like it up on the tree where you can see the whole body.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/201ad1 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/60861d

Here's one for the butterfly folks. It's a Viceroy! I had a guy ask if it was a Queen, because you can see Viceroys in our area mimic the Queen in color and the Monarch in pattern. I got to be the butterfly expert on the trip. I knew a lot of the native plants, too because I know my host plants. Thumbs up

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/0a95e3

Speaking of host plants, there was a lot of Water Hemlock growing around. It's very poisonous, but it is a native host for the Black Swallowtail. I saw plenty of them flying around, but never did get a picture. Thumbs down

Great Blue Heron. Need I say more?

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/2f79e1

And because this is Florida, yes, there are alligators. It was so hot they were doing the correct thing and hanging out in the water. I also learned a bit of trivia. Apparently, to estimate a gator's size you use a ratio of one foot for for each inch between the eyes and snout. A guy in our group asked if anyone wanted to get closer so we could get an accurate estimate. Hilarious!

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/e9e5ee

We'll see more of these guys, too. I believe this is a Common Gallinule, but we will see a Purple Gallinule later.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/22bbeb

More Black Bellied Whistling Ducks. I like when I can get more than one in a shot.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/8233f9 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/6f48b1

Someone said this was a Leopard Frog. I just know it was hard to get the camera to focus on it! Good camouflage!

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/a935c9

This is about the time of the hike Melanie was fading fast. It was supposed to be a half mile, but I know we walked more than that. At least a mile. Mom and some of the other folks looked pretty fatigued. Oh, and our guide and some of the more adventurous folks stopped to look at a couple of Pygmy Rattlesnakes and a Ribbon Snake, but I was like, "Where's a comfortable tree to lean against?"

We made it back to Mom's Ford Escape and filled up on drinks and snacks while blasting the air conditioning. I thought Dad was being sarcastic when he asked if we needed more than ten bottles of water in the cooler, but now I think he was serious. Stay hydrated, folks! And wear sunscreen. And a hat!

Oh, someone saw this Dung Beetle playing near the parking lot so I got up the energy to take a pic.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/9d0e8a Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/e149f5

I felt like I hadn't taken nearly as many pictures as I wanted to, but Mom looked really tired. I asked if she could sit at the pavilion while I just walked out to the intersection of two of the trails. She could still (mostly) see me, plus I had my cell phone on me.

There were a lot of Black Bellied Whistling Ducks.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/7a27d1

Watch the Great Egret extend its neck!

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/9f9d8e Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/0b9f07 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/2fdef6

This is a juvenile White Ibis because he still has the brown feathers. And that's his butt. Rolling on the floor laughing

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/9be0ce Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/885d5c

Then, I saw a Hawk eating something on top of a tree. I think this is a Red-Shouldered Hawk. They're the most common around here. Pretty sure it was eating a frog.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/9a5653 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/2eeb90 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/ee262e

Some of you know I'm mad at blue dragonflies because one ate a freshly released Checkered White a few weeks ago. This one landed on my boot and I told it we still weren't friends.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/f0a776

Hey, it's the juvenile White Ibis again.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/049f31

The Glossy Ibises were hiding in a little corner behind a lot of vegetation. Hard to get pictures!

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/77eba9 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/f79113 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/c3b8f7

So I'm standing there and out of the corner of my eye, I see a little tour car coming at me. I have social anxiety and I was really tired so I prepared to turn and give a little smile and a wave. And that's when I see Mom in the front seat next to the driver and she asks if I want a ride! Apparently, they give free driving tours! Wha....? In the middle seat was a couple who had been on the orchid tour with us. Mom jumped in the third row so I could sit next to the guide and ask questions. Plus, I didn't realize it, but Mom didn't have her camera on her. I was so afraid the other people had paid for the tour and Mom somehow got caught up in it because that happens sometimes. But apparently it was cool. Here's the electric vehicle we rode around in. They have a newer one, but it has a windshield so you can't see as well. Or take pictures out the front!

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/86cd5d

I told Mom I would give her much kudos on the forum because she really came to the rescue! Not just because I really liked sitting down, but because we got a nice, personal tour around the place! Hurray!

FYI, as we were driving around the man in the vehicle tells us about how male dragonflies have a scooped tail so they can literally "scoop" out the sperm of another male and then mate with the female. I was like, "That's cool. Some male butterflies emit a waxy substance that acts like a plug so the female can't mate again." You want to talk about insect sex? Bring. It. On. Rolling on the floor laughing

So first we see a Red-Bellied Woodpecker. FYI, you're going to have to forgive some of the blurriness. I don't even want to know what my blood sugar was. And I was tired. Hence, holding the camera steady was getting difficult.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/110f6f

We saw lots of Grackles and the nice guide lady (Jane) was explaining how the males look different from the females. We saw quite a few and I got to where I was shouting out things like, "Female grackle", as I pointed. I think I just heard the bird people give a collective cheer. "She's learning!" Rolling on the floor laughing Nah, you know I'll still be asking for ID confirmation. But this is a male Boat-Tailed Grackle.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/0a6d4b

Mom pipes up from the back row asking about some white birds and one that looks a little different. Keep in mind, Mom has been fishing with Dad for years. So she knows a few things about water birds. And she knows when she sees a Roseate Spoonbill! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

This one is a juvenile so it's not quite as pink as they usually are. There were some other markers Jane mentioned, but I was a little busy taking pics. Hilarious!

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/a93278 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/92c5d1 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/a1a42a
Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/b41d90 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/bffdfa Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/d88a93

But like I said, the Roseate Spoonbill had friends. Like this Snowy Egret with it.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/aa7735

There was an Anhinga that kept popping its head up out of the water. I managed to get one pic of it. Here's the original, and where I circled the head in orange for those of you who need a little help. Honestly, I was looking at the picture at first thinking, "What was I taking a pic of?"

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/2edc4f Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/4b3a39

More Snowy Egret pics.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/8e1a7d Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/b597b8 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/7defb1

Female Grackle hiding in the vegetation.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/97b692

At first, we all thought this Great Blue Heron was dead. But then it moved its head! Don't know what it was doing unless it was overheated like me.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/5b7879 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/8c2496 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/e536e2

This Great Blue Heron was a little more active.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/8fa5a7 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/fa26c6

Partners in crime? Snowy Egret and Great Egret.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/31fc95

I made a promise to the bird thread there would be baby birds. Look at the Gallinules!

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/4d57a5 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/599899

Male Red-Winged Blackbird! Hurray!

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/6232be Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/f6d281

Jane said this Great Blue Heron wasn't quite full grown. He needed to be a little more afraid of people, I think.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/b49376 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/b74ba0 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/6119c7

More baby Gallinules!

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/9a439f Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/f9ee10 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/ffee24

And then we saw a Purple Gallinule! The color came out a lot better than I thought it would. Hurray! Don't know what it has in its beak.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/7c2004 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/9ab8a8
Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/24fe29 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/0f4132

More baby Gallinules (the common, not the purple) just because.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/591f77 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/341721

Male Anhinga

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/9f994e Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/6c4ce2

About this time I asked Jane if there were any Coots, or if they were just here in the winter. She said she had seen a pair this morning. We turned a corner, and there they were! I just think they're so cute.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/176fca

This Green Heron was really far away! Glad I had a tour guide. I knew it was a Heron, but I'm not sure I've seen the green except maybe once.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/5a627e Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/a066fb

Finally saw a Little Blue Heron.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/813f27 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/17b97d

We had been talking earlier about how the juvenile Little Blue Heron looks a lot like the Snowy Egret. I've never seen one that I know of, but we spotted this Little Blue Heron going through "the change". Honestly, does he look like acid wash jeans, or is just the 80's music I'm listening to? Rolling on the floor laughing

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/29afe7 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/8fb5b0 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/07b88e

Finally, the tour ended where it began. Does that mean this is the same Hawk that was eating that frog? We may never know!

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/f444f3 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/417c99

I wanted to go in the visitor's center so Mom drove us across the parking lot. Rolling on the floor laughing We were very tired. But we parked right in front of some Passion Vine (probably P. incarnata) with a Gulf Frit caterpillar on the bud!

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/e56b59

Inside they had a gator in a tank.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/064355

And a Florida Softshell Turtle.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/7c022d

And some nice butterfly displays.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/8e0225 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/043fb8 Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/7d69ef

But in my opinion, the "piece de resistance" was the plushie Black Swallowtail with osmeterium. I saw it last time and forgot to take a picture. Also, I need to find one of these.

Thumb of 2016-06-05/mellielong/a57bf1

Okay guys, that's it for BBB photos. And a few extra. I'll post some plant pics in other forums today.
Jun 5, 2016 4:28 AM CST
Name: Ann ~Heat zn 9, Sunset
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Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!!! You got a lot of species of birds Melanie! Good Job! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
That new camera really makes a difference doesn't it?

Cool shot of the snowy egret & great egret together!
You got some really great shots of the Great Blue Herons. Thumbs up
Love the babies!

Thanks for the fabulous tour. Green Grin!
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Jun 5, 2016 5:00 AM CST
Name: Marie
Ohio (Zone 6b)
What a treasure trove of fabulous photos, Melanie! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

That must have been so much fun despite the heat.

I think I like the pictures of the male Anhinga and the Roseate Spoonbills the best and of course the babies! I'm glad you were able to see some awesome butterflies as well!

Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
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Jun 5, 2016 8:38 AM CST
Name: Christine
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Awesome tour, Melanie! Hurray!

Enjoyed seeing all the neat birds and everything else. The baby Gallinules are the cutest. I like how you put them near the end of the tour. Smiling It's been a long times since I've seen Coots! Miss the funny sound they make too, when they sound like a squeaky toy.

The Blue Heron laying on the ground is "Anting", like I was telling you about on our monthly picture forum. Here's wiki's info on anting:

Great pictures of everything. That must have been kinda eerie to see the spray painting that morning... Blinking and then the doves! Oh, by the way, LOVED that picture of the mourning dove. Lovey dubby

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
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Jun 5, 2016 9:33 AM CST
Name: Elaine
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Wonderful, Melanie. Great job! You can take the rest of the day off . . if you want.

"Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." –Winston Churchill
Jun 5, 2016 10:31 AM CST
Name: Ginger
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Thank You! Thank You! for my summer vacation, Melanie....I had a great time Hurray!
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Jun 5, 2016 12:57 PM CST
Name: Ibis
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Looks like a great tour Melanie, and fantastic pictures! I especially loved the acid-washed Little Blue Heron Hilarious!
Jun 5, 2016 1:44 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Melanie
Lutz, Florida (Zone 9b)
Butterflies Enjoys or suffers hot summers Hummingbirder Birds Bee Lover Bookworm
Region: Florida Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Bromeliad Native Plants and Wildflowers Plant Identifier Salvias
Thanks, everyone! And thanks for the info Christine! I did wonder what was going on there. FYI, I post my pictures in chronological order because I know I would miss some otherwise. So you guys saw it like I saw it!
Jun 5, 2016 3:25 PM CST
Name: Robin
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Wow! What a trip! Thanks for sharing all of your hard earned goodies Mellie, there were lots of things I haven't seen before. I've got to say Ginger said it best for me. Thank You! Hurray!
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Jun 5, 2016 5:24 PM CST
Name: JoJo
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Thanks Melanie, what a great tour, it was just like being there !! nodding Lovey dubby Lovey dubby
Gardening is learning, learning, learning. That's the fun of them.
You're always learning !
Helen Mirren
Jun 5, 2016 5:25 PM CST
Name: Carol
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Me too! Thank You! Thank You!
Jun 5, 2016 7:44 PM CST
Name: Elaine
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Trust me, Jolana this was better than being there - getting up a 4am, driving in the dark to get there, then hiking in the heat and humidity - I'll take looking at the pictures on my computer any day!

Does Prem give a fall orchid walk, by any chance? Some of the native species don't start to bloom until August.

"Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." –Winston Churchill
Jun 8, 2016 3:05 AM CST
Name: Alice
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I feel like I was with you on that tour Melanie. Thank You!
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