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Jun 6, 2016 1:57 AM CST
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Name: Carl Boro
Milpitas, CA (Zone 10b)
Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Photo Contest Winner: 2015
My wife and I attended the SLI Convention in Shreveport/Bossier City Area. They are on opposite sides of the Red River. I agreed to give a presentation to our iris society when we got back. Since I have all the photos processed and labeled where appropriate I thought I would post them on the Iris Forum. I'll give some narrative.

The convention was held April 20 through April 24.

A little recent history is in order. That area of Louisiana had very heavy rains in March and April. The morning after I made my hotel reservations for the Hilton Garden Inn in Bossier City, Bossier City made the national news because of it's severe flooding.

There were storms in the area the morning of the day we arrived. But everything was sunny when we touched down. This was the sunset the day we arrived.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/d4e18d

This was our hotel. We stayed in the Homewood Suites-free breakfast and free beer at night.
These were taken on the day we left. I have since heard that they are back to "rain, rain, rain".
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/ab7c5a
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/ca043f

The first garden we toured was a private garden owned by Eric Newton and Ray Taylor. Eric is a Landscape Architect and Ray is a horticulturist. One of their passions is roses.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/d26edd
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/6a35ee
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/accf24
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/09b528
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/de7a9f

Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/b2229f
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/e73180
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/97dd81
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/f04cd7
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/61ec28

Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/c97049
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/59ec29
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/601651

Their house was interesting. It dates back to the 1950's and was ordered from the Sears and Roebuck catalog.
It started out as a seasonal fish camp.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/b2ee5f
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/8e75b5
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/411f99
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/136b86

Their garden was beautiful and very neat and orderly.
It turn out that they bought 100 bales of pine straw from Lowes to mulch everything.
Being from California I was not familiar with pine straw.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/5d2820

Their other gardening passion is Japanese maples. They had 75 on their two acre property.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/9dcdac
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/bac154
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/040c2c
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/4eb15a
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/a6dc78
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/0ed30b
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/11877f
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/975b67
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/5bde0e
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/8852be

If you have Japanese maples, you should have a proper Japanese lantern.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/565f8b

They also had a number of other interesting plants on the property.

Dwarf Ginko bilobas.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/e2bf62
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/a9e621
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/29a17f

A ground cover camellia.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/bd2fa4

Some more miscellaneous garden shots.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/d0e7b5
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/01501e
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/81109c
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/9375fe
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/42cceb

Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/07884d
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/d7353a
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/834cb2
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/a9ba00
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/dba4a4

Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/b0eeb6
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/ce0b53
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/b9bf13
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/03cceb
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/244602

Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/bbe3c4
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/5a2038
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/5eac46
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/b4c29e
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/715995

They did grow some Louisiana irises.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/9495bd
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/de7870
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/266bd8

A few more garden shots. I never did figure out what picture I was taking when my wife took my photo.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/0e422b
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/f85964
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/1ff05e
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/d9dc51
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/d48259
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Jun 6, 2016 3:18 AM CST
Name: Teresa Felty Barrow
South central KY (Zone 6b)
Birds Hummingbirder Hybridizer Irises Lilies Peonies
Sempervivums Plant and/or Seed Trader Region: United States of America Vegetable Grower Hostas Heucheras
Hi, Carl
I am hoping flower pics are to follow Rolling my eyes.
Bee Kind, make the world a better place.
Jun 6, 2016 3:44 AM CST
Name: Tom
Southern Wisconsin (Zone 5b)
Butterflies Vegetable Grower Keeper of Poultry Irises Keeps Horses Dog Lover
Daylilies Cat Lover Region: Wisconsin Celebrating Gardening: 2015
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Jun 6, 2016 6:15 AM CST
Name: Arlyn
Whiteside County, Illinois (Zone 5a)
Beekeeper Region: Illinois Irises Celebrating Gardening: 2015
I agree Hurray! Thumbs up !
Jun 6, 2016 6:40 AM CST
Name: Mary Ann
Western Kentucky (Zone 7a)
Bee Lover Irises Hummingbirder Hostas Keeps Horses Farmer
Daylilies I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Container Gardener Cat Lover Region: Kentucky Birds
Wonderful pictures, wonderful gardens. Thank you so much for sharing with us!!
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Jun 6, 2016 7:23 AM CST
Name: Teresa Felty Barrow
South central KY (Zone 6b)
Birds Hummingbirder Hybridizer Irises Lilies Peonies
Sempervivums Plant and/or Seed Trader Region: United States of America Vegetable Grower Hostas Heucheras
Well, that is odd. This morning Carl when I posted I hope flower pics would follow, I could only see the first picture. Thanks for sharing all those! I am not sure what your were taking a picture of either. It may have been a bird in the tree lol.
Bee Kind, make the world a better place.
Jun 6, 2016 11:43 AM CST
Name: Leslie
Durham, NC (Zone 8a)
Garden Photography Cat Lover Irises Region: North Carolina Peonies Enjoys or suffers hot summers
Celebrating Gardening: 2015
Beautiful gardens. Wish they had grown more LA's, but then I am partial to LA's. Love all the Japanese maples. They are taking great care of them. The lantern and maples remind me of the Asian gardens at Duke.
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Jun 6, 2016 12:58 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Carl Boro
Milpitas, CA (Zone 10b)
Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Photo Contest Winner: 2015
Teresa, I was having problems uploading photos so I uploaded the first three and then went in and did an edit to add more pictures. That seemed to work. I had to upload 5 at a time.

Leslie, the Louisiana iris are in the next garden. I thought their maples were great. Just a very nice garden.
Jun 6, 2016 2:00 PM CST
Name: Leslie
Durham, NC (Zone 8a)
Garden Photography Cat Lover Irises Region: North Carolina Peonies Enjoys or suffers hot summers
Celebrating Gardening: 2015
Yes it is!
"The chimera is a one time happenstance event where the plant has a senior moment and forgets what it is doing." - Paul Black
Jun 6, 2016 2:31 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Carl Boro
Milpitas, CA (Zone 10b)
Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Photo Contest Winner: 2015
The next garden was a mere 5 minutes away. If you have ever been to a garden convention, that is amazingly close.

Plantation Point Nursery is owned by Dr. Stan Schikowitz and his wife, Bobbie Hutchinson. Bobbie is a past president of the SLI.
Plantation Point Nursery used to be a youth summer camp for kids. It sat abandoned for ten years before they bought it. Their house sits where the dining hall/cook house was. They originally planned to renovate it but when they tore into it they realized it was beyond repair and they demolished it.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/3cd6f8
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/835eb2
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/6ff23b
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/fbcd4d
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/03bc75

This is the view looking out the back towards Caddo Lake. Note the railings on the pier. In March the lake rose so much it covered the railings and also many of the iris on the lake side. They had to take the boat out of the boathouse or it would have been sunk or it would have destroyed the roof of the boathouse.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/d5613e

I went with a group and followed Stan as he gave a quick tour of the property.

First stop was their ponds. The lower pond has been stocked with catfish. The middle pond was used to grow fresh water prawns at first but now is used to grow crayfish. More on the crayfish pond later.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/9bb50b

The next stop was the Orangerie, a Victorian style greenhouse. Bobby uses it to grow tomatoes and other vegetables in the winter. She said winter is the best time to can tomatoes.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/fe2681
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/408871
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/87afac
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/382c3d
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/93124c
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/6fb6ab

Stan sat and talked about their plans for the place and also the damage they suffered from the flooding.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/59afe4

This water feature is almost done. They will be planting the steps in the summer.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/31b9b9

The flood would have been bad enough just having covered the irises for over a week. Louisiana iris can live in water. When it is storming they are at the downwind end of the lake and tons of trash washed up and covered the iris. Other things floated away.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/16ef38
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/a19618
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/29bf7b

Iris had been planted right down to the lake.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/9ca2b8

This greenhouse was heavily damaged by the flood.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/26fc2c

This was their collection of species iris. It was underwater most of the flood. Stan thought that he had lost his bloom for the year but society members went down and looked and there were lots of stalks forming, just a little late.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/9dc08e

This is the smokehouse and the apiary is in the back yard behind the fence with the 'Bees at Work' sign.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/0989e1

Many of the other buildings like the bunk houses, the shower building and the maintenance buildings are still there. Some are lived in by workers and others are use for a variety of uses (one is set up as a tissue culture lab).
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/1e1322

One is the coffee roaster. Stan is passionate about his coffee and sells to some of the high end restaurants in Shreveport. His brand is "Plantation Gourmet Coffee" and it is available online.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/86b24d
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/2b9ed3

Another is where they cast stepping stones and garden art.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/9d9e8d
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/358dbb

They have a large maintainence shop. It's a necessity to keep up a place that large.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/2d04ee
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/990381

Bobbie's brother, Ron Killingsworth, and his wife Sue also live and work on the property. This is their house.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/f445d8

This is the famous (OK, only locally-they did make the local paper) Mooringsport Ferry. When the lake flooded it cut off many people from town. Ron and another neighbor took their boats to the flooded spot on the road and ferried people across every morning and evening. One lady ran out of food after three days. Two guys went to town and brought back four cases of beer and a half a case of scotch. Everybody has their priorities.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/b4a8fe
Jun 6, 2016 2:33 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Carl Boro
Milpitas, CA (Zone 10b)
Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Photo Contest Winner: 2015
Plantation Point part 2

Stan has lots of plans for the place. One of his newest is a Zen garden. The weather has created so many problems that have to be dealt with that no one has raked the Zen garden in a while.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/bbad01
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/99d429
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/e4c71c

They have a number of fruit trees on the property. They have them under bird netting.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/751518

Stan goes marching on.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/674779

This is the berry garden.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/f52798

This was an experiment to try and sort the unknown iris by color. Not highly successful to say the least.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/0c2a25

At last, some iris.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/cf3069
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/128a25
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/c1595b
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/349f85
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/66133e

We broke for lunch a little late because the catering truck missed a turn and got stuck in the mud.

After lunch one of the young workers took us over to see the crayfish traps. He warned us to be very careful and to stay well away from the edge of the pond. The reason was Cottonmouth snakes. Very poisonous and very agressive. They will charge you. He said he kills a number of them everyday. They don't go to the catfish pond. There they are prey. We saw three cottonmouths and a diamond back water snakein the 15 minutes we were there.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/299af9
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/5cac39
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/57630c

This was a dead one we found in another area of the garden.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/1343e7

They also have turtles.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/c1014f

And of course, fire ants.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/c9d2da

A few more garden shots before we get to some iris.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/63b5ae

Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/f33bfb
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/03519f
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/5fef9c
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/e70313

LA iris Laura Louise was voted the favorite iris seen on the tour.

Marilyn among the iris.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/0f9aec

Some garden art. The pair of herons were about 8' tall.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/b54aca
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/956a86
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/ab7120
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/c630b6
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/8f80f3
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/0fba2c
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/1027c1
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Jun 6, 2016 3:44 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Carl Boro
Milpitas, CA (Zone 10b)
Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Photo Contest Winner: 2015
Plantation point part 3-The Louisiana iris.

When they wanted to buy iris, they found out that Lone Star Nursery was closing. They bought all of the stock. Some of it was named and some was not. They kept the clumps separated and hoped to be able to identify them when they bloomed. We all know how that goes.
They also heard that Marie Calliet was digging out her iris pond. Beautiful iris, but unnamed. They brought them all back to plantation Point and planted them. They dig trenches and line them with black plastic and plant the iris in composted cotton gin waste. They use lake water to irrigate during the summer.

Because many of the irises started out as unknowns, many of my photos are of unknowns.
Worse, many have the wrong name.The tag in the second photo is between the two irises and neither is Bryce Leigh.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/2e52d4
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/4ab63d
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/aabd96

More unknowns (NoIDs)
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/36fd83
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/6bd345
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/54f701
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/477f17
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/3a3627
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/da1cff

Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/0bcafd
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/1d7a2f
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/5366b4
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/148370
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/a9fd0d
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/819246

Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/a5019f

Now we get to the named varieties.

Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/cbaf09

Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/f1fef1
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/9916b4

Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/e9fc3b

Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/fa6e82
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/717463

Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/f6b629
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/5d3d51

Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/6268cc

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Jun 6, 2016 4:02 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Carl Boro
Milpitas, CA (Zone 10b)
Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Photo Contest Winner: 2015
Plantation Point part 4.

There were a lot of barn swallows. It was almost impossible to take a landscape photos without getting one or two in the picture.
It looked like they left them alone because they did such a good job controlling the flying insects.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/730e9c
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/c22637
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/b4e778

Every now and then you would see a bright flash of red from a cardinal. They are hard to get a picture of them. They never seem to sit still.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/85a632

A pair of lovebirds.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/2fffe2

My favorite decoy.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/278d00

More garden shots.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/b7ada6
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/589d55
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/d885ab

Probably the most perfect magnolia blossom I have ever seen.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/c006ca
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/02baa2

There were even a couple of tall bearded iris blooming.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/526f2a
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/477fe4

I. virginica in blue and pink
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/bf41fe
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/7d28d9

Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/17277e

What's a garden tour without at least one fungus foto?
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/c1102c

Two last panoramas.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/26e4ff
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/51711f

We are done for the day and it's back on the bus and back to the hotel.
Thumb of 2016-06-06/coboro/df478b
Jun 6, 2016 4:04 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Carl Boro
Milpitas, CA (Zone 10b)
Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Photo Contest Winner: 2015
Sorry if those posts were too long. I can break them into smaller posts in the future.
Jun 6, 2016 4:15 PM CST
Name: Bonnie Sojourner
Harris Brake Lake, Arkansas (Zone 7a)
Magnolia zone
Region: United States of America Region: Arkansas Master Gardener: Arkansas Irises Plant and/or Seed Trader Moon Gardener
Garden Ideas: Master Level Dragonflies Bulbs Garden Art Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Gardens in Buckets
What a fantastic tour, Carl! Did you encounter a lot of mosquitoes? I deal with the fire ants and cottonmouths without the benefit of the beautiful irises. Thanks for posting the photos and no, the posts are never too long when they are engrossing.
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Jun 6, 2016 5:18 PM CST
Name: Barbara
Northern CA (Zone 9a)
Region: California Cat Lover Dog Lover Irises Enjoys or suffers hot summers
Amazing, absolutely amazing! Thank you so very much for posting these. I agree the posts were not too long.
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Jun 6, 2016 5:38 PM CST
Name: Arlyn
Whiteside County, Illinois (Zone 5a)
Beekeeper Region: Illinois Irises Celebrating Gardening: 2015
Really great, Carl ! Thanks for taking us along on the tour Hurray! !
Jun 6, 2016 8:37 PM CST
Name: Lucy
Tri Cities, WA (Zone 6b)
Charter ATP Member Cottage Gardener Irises Region: Northeast US Region: United Kingdom Region: United States of America
Enjoys or suffers cold winters
I am sure the LA society could help with doing IDs. Lovely tour.
Jun 6, 2016 10:47 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Carl Boro
Milpitas, CA (Zone 10b)
Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Photo Contest Winner: 2015
The R. W. Norton Art Gallery


The second day of the tours took us to the Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport, LA. They dropped us off in front of the main entrance where we waited until they told us to go around back to the gardens. The Norton is a large brick building with several acres of gardens behind it.

Thumb of 2016-06-07/coboro/0b6962
Thumb of 2016-06-07/coboro/80e84f
Thumb of 2016-06-07/coboro/b9769f
Thumb of 2016-06-07/coboro/9018f1

They had beautiful brick walkways.
Thumb of 2016-06-07/coboro/94005e

Thumb of 2016-06-07/coboro/2c9966
Thumb of 2016-06-07/coboro/8da2c8
Thumb of 2016-06-07/coboro/05d72e
Thumb of 2016-06-07/coboro/d766b6

They have a number of sculptures placed in the garden. This was the first one we came to.
I told Marilyn that we had seen it before. It was at Butchart Gardens.
Thumb of 2016-06-07/coboro/8c9820

When I got back to he hotel room I looked at my slide show of the AIS convention in Victoria, BC.
Sure enough, there it was in Buttchart Gardens.
Thumb of 2016-06-07/coboro/4579b0

When I was putting together the program I tried looking up the name.
There it was. "Il Porcellini" in Florence Italy.
Thumb of 2016-06-07/coboro/c0ce34

The way we went around the gardens took us next to Maple Hill.
Thumb of 2016-06-07/coboro/67d44e
Thumb of 2016-06-07/coboro/c14f60
Thumb of 2016-06-07/coboro/90d14a
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/c2411c
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/42d9c6

Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/a8bfeb
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/4e064b
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/3cdb97

This is one of the nicest garden boulders I have ever seen. About 2' x 2' x 4'.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/900d42

The brick paths go on and on.
If you had a penny a brick you could have a nice meal anywhere.
Probably anywhere in the world.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/fb1e48
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/49f741
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/9b3495
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/dac21a

Destiny of the Redman. A complex bronze sculpture.
The lighting was bad and these were the best shots of all the ones I took.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/093c1c
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/326d59
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/5b7f4a

The pond where all the streams end.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/22a613
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/62e5a3

Another sculpture.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/296101
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/52dfed
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/7f91e3

Canyon Watch by Kent Ullberg
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/6913f8
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/f0adba

They then rousted us out of the garden and sent us into the gallery.
It was before opening and only part was open to us.

The first area we came to was the Children's Storybook area.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/977364
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/2f6e1a

I thought the pig might be from a children's story like Charlotte's Web or some such.
When I looked it up on line I found that it was just a sculpture named 'Eat More Beef'.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/3cac2f

I looked for a name for the two kids riding the alligator.
I didn't find a name, but I did find the same sculpture about twenty minutes from my house.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/919d41
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/ac872d

These are beehives in a little courtyard outside the Children's area.
They gave us little bear shaped sample bottles of the honey.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/d21815

The Gallery had a nice collection. One room was western art with quite a number of pieces by Remington and Russell.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/211d50
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/29de78
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/d169f9
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/0c1951
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/36b916
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/5691b7

This was my favorite piece. It is a six or seven color lithograph by Alphonse Mucha.
This is his original style. People copied his style and it became known as art nouveau.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/ea0682
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Thread OP
Name: Carl Boro
Milpitas, CA (Zone 10b)
Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Photo Contest Winner: 2015
The Briarwood Nature Preserve.

This is a quote from their website (
"Briarwood is the birthplace and home of Caroline Dormon, a world renowned naturalist, author, artist and the first woman to be hired in the United States Forest Service.
The Caroline Dormon Nature Preserve strives to carry on the work started by Miss Dormon by preserving wildflowers native to the south and educating the public on how natural forest ecosystems work."

Caroline Dorman was also an important part of the early years of what would become the Society for Louisiana Iris. She introduced a number of Louisiana iris.

It was a long bus ride from the Norton Gallery to Briarwood, so the first order of business was lunch.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/37c732
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/ba66fd

After lunch we were taken on a walking tour of the area.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/d5e916

Our docent was one of three generations working there.
His father and his son both work there.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/f736a8
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/d9ae68

The first thing of note was the meadow.
Caroline Dorman worked to preserve southern wildflowers
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/cfad7a

We were at the back of the group, taking pictures, so we missed out on the names of the wildflowers that were in bloom.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/56595e
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/9d40c6
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/71162c
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/7a823b
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/89bbd1
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/8d9609

This is the site of the original Dorman family cabin.
They have dreams of someday rebuilding it.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/c0bfca
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/5e836a

Mountain Laurel
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/5f00d4
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/fa1f03

Star Anise or Stinkbush
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/bb5d1c
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/44d8a0

Caroline Dorman's cabin built in the early 1950's.
This is where she lived for much of her adult life.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/199113
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/cab43d

Beautiful masonry work on the chimney.
It is holding up remarkably well.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/49182f
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/59a1b6
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/ec1537

Interior shots and some examples of her artwork.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/957ab0
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/de5c3f
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/50c0dc
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/d74a5e

This is a plate taken off the internet.

Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/f68023
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/a01b6a
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/129550
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/d9c1df

On with the walk.

Red Horse Chestnut
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/b68fbd
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/e18156

'Grandpappy' long leaf pine. Caroline Dorman realized that this was the biggest and oldest tree around and protected it.
In the 50's, foresters told her it was dying and it should be taken down. She said only over her dead body. At the time it was 37" in diameter. Today it is 39.5" in diameter. It is clearly still growing.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/89c19b

There was a road crew working nearby and Caroline talked them into building this pond.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/0d92cf
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/31ce29

Sometimes trees have to be removed for the good of the rest of the forest
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/91b13f

Artist in Residence Cabin
She had this cabin built about 1/4 mile from her cabin.
The forest is so dense that it probably felt more like 4 miles.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/96e70f
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/d8a1ed

Piedmont azalea
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/cef744
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/4addc8

We finally arrived at the bog area where Caroline Dorman grew her Louisiana iris.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/d6ac42

Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/b42c5b
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/a14ad0

The NoIDs far outnumbered the labeled iris.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/0e956f
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/eb6290
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/89307d
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/ccdb27
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/2dc078
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/57cbb4
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/5fc6ab

There were a number of nice wildflowers in the bog area.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/09a75f
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/d221be
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/6cf6b6
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/9187c8
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/04abb2
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/5b2052

A piece of petrified wood.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/762018

At the back of the bog area was a planting of carnivorous pitcher plants.
I don't know much about them but they seemed to be thriving.
There seemed to be several different ones.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/d16904
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/0ae078
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/ab5951
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/23f137
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/8b36c3
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/8f2d4a

Like I said, I don't know much about carnivorous plants.
I was a real surprise to me to find out that they were in flower.
The first photo appears to have three different types of flowers.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/1bad86
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/af86a7
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/cb7aa1

I liked this log.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/b386f6

I was trying to get a shot of the water beetle.
What I got was three beautiful abstract photos.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/5f4973
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/1e18c0
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/393cb2

Snapped this out the bus window as we were leaving the Briarwood area.
Malls here are very big and a very big deal so this struck me as quite funny.
Thumb of 2016-06-08/coboro/855a8c
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