Lilies forum: Stilldew and other here are some PICS of these odd Regales...Need some input...

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Jun 22, 2016 7:33 AM CST
I know they are Regale but they are not nodding yet just bud forming right now

Thumb of 2016-06-22/patweppler/1b9c91

Thumb of 2016-06-22/patweppler/751c77

Thumb of 2016-06-22/patweppler/7625ea

These are second year bulbs here and last year they had quite a few blooms as well but nothing like this year

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Jun 22, 2016 9:47 AM CST
here is the flat stem one
this one is Regale Album is my guess though...

Thumb of 2016-06-22/patweppler/cc42ac

Name: Susan
Southeast NE (Zone 5b)
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Jun 22, 2016 12:27 PM CST
Wow! Those are going to be stunning in bloom. I can see the fascinated stem on the last one for sure. Wonder if the first one fascinated right before starting to form buds. Can you tell if the part of the stem that the buds are formed on is flattened at all? Almost looks like it in the photo. I have seen some very strange fascinated blooms on coneflowers and other plants too. It is fun to watch for one you know what you are looking for.
Name: Lorn (Roosterlorn)
S.E Wisconsin (Zone 5b)
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Jun 22, 2016 3:21 PM CST
This last one is fascinated to a light to moderate degree. Not so with the first three in the preceding post, however. I think it's quite common for regale types, and especially regale album to thicken the stem at the base of the flowerhead where umbel (umbrella) style inflorescence is involved. Most often this thickened area of the stem will take on the appearance of I-beam configuration which gives it tremendous strength. I think it's the plants and mother natures evolved way of dealing with such a heavy load of flowers and to keep it from snapping off during high wind and heavy rain events. In some cases, you'll see the typical umbel configuration transition somewhat into a more raceme vertical form which may or may not develop this I-beam configuration, depending on bud count. The first three look very healthy and the flowerhead will likely grow a couple more inches taller yet. Looks like about 10 days to bloom---post pictures. Smiling

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Jun 22, 2016 3:25 PM CST
I compared the 3 big regale that have lots of blooms......
the second pic the blooms are more formed and it is the same size all the way down the plant
The real big one I am not sure about but if it is fascinated then I have many of them doing that this year in the garden
the rest of the regale look the same and I know it looks flat from the pic but if you look at it from different angles it is just very thick....
will get a better look as the buds start to drop and it stems out a bit more and then I can see better what the whole stalk looks like but for now I would no..
but will see as this goes along.......

the one has 17 and one has 21 and one has well over 30 of hard to tell.............but they all look the same to me........

the only that buds have not started to drop is the one with well over 30 plus blooms on it........likely 40 of them maybe.....can not count very well......and the plant is very heavy to count them.

the one thing that stands out about all 3 regale and there is a number of them around here ..........and bought at the same time. they all have around 10-12 buds but not thick stems like these
and also the leaves are a bit longer on the bigger plants as spindly like the other regale

maybe can get some better pics once the sun goes down here tonight

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Jun 22, 2016 3:29 PM CST
Lorne you were typing as I was typing.......
I hope you are right and it is just a very healthy happy regale lily that is about to put on a good show......

I am curious to see if the umbrella affect as you call it happens with the big ones..

and you are saying more buds yet to come??
Name: Lorn (Roosterlorn)
S.E Wisconsin (Zone 5b)
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Jun 22, 2016 4:20 PM CST
No more buds--just the flowerhead will get a little taller. Keep in mind L regale is sold as a species and with this species there is a lot of variation in many different ways so if you have lots of them, you'll see a lot of these differences I speak of. My approach with L. regale was to buy lots of them, then I picked out the ones I liked best for myself and gave the rest away. They are prone to fasciation and some repeatedly, which I got rid of. Some divide excessively, too, resulting in more plants than flowers--which I also got rid of. But overall, they're very tolerant/resistant to most common lily diseases, especially botrytis because of their relatively narrow leaves and the best for last---they are just downright beautiful..

Watch the cigarette around lilies, though. Tobacco commonly carries a mosaic virus which can infect lilies. Just to be safe wash your hands before handling bulbs, etc. and don't let anyone discard butts containing unburned tobacco around your lilies. Thumbs up
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Jun 22, 2016 5:04 PM CST
I checked again for fasciation with this one and do not see any but will keep my eyes open more as the buds set.......
are the buds on a flatter stem at the top..?? where the buds start I mean.........
this thing is just plain huge and going to be beautiful
I would not mind just taking off some seeds off the ones I really like and get rid of some of the weaker cheaper bulbs out the side of the house.........they might have 5 to 7 flower buds right now and more spindly then these ones...

never got to see the umbrella effect with Regale last year although I did with Regale Album so hopefully this year I will

thanks for all your help Lorne

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Jun 24, 2016 1:58 PM CST
Nigel said the one at the top seems to have some fasciation going on although not convinced here. It would seem that I have 3 Regale in the same bed with the same issue........
the last pic is for sure fasciated for sure.....
I am not sure about the other plants though in the pics........
do not see the ruler type stems on any of them.......yes a large number of blooms but read in one of my lily books they can produce 30 blooms on mature plant if the plant is in a perfect situation and everything is met for it.........but the norm is 8 to 10.

if by chance this happened and even if it did not happen........
I BOUGHT 3 huge big vases here fact 3 of them for this reason
one comes in for me and the other 2 are going to some senior shutins in town here are alone that would love the flowers in their homes.......

surprising the elder population seems to know what a regale is.......... most of the younger ones only seem to get stargazer at times..haahahaa. oh well been there and done that myself before too

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