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Jun 25, 2016 1:19 PM CST
Name: Jenny
Cantwell, Alaska (Zone 4a)
I have lost two plants in containers this year to bacterial blight. One was an heirloom tomato, the other a hydrangea sprout. They were together in the same sunroom. Is the soil from the container safe to reuse? Do I need to sterilize it? One pot is small and doesn't matter, but the tomato was in a very large self watering container and I'd like to reuse if possible. Thanks!
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Jul 26, 2016 12:44 PM CST
Name: J.R. Baca
Pueblo West Co. ( High Dessert (Zone 6a)
Hello and welcome, Welcome! I'm actually surprised no one has answered , so I'll make the attempt. There are quite a few members who will ask alot of needless questions......I won't, but I will ignorantly assume that your locale is not abundant with big box stores and sprawling hardware mega complexes.......and I'm sure hooking up the sled dogs for anything less than winter supplies is a near total waste of effort.
Should you choose to WANT to reuse your soil and you're SURE it was a bacterial blight, then, yes you can reuse it AFTER you sterilize it and the same holds true for your pot as well.For the pot, a simple solution of bleach water (1:10 mix ) will sterilize almost anything, and the soil if placed in an old baking tray or disposable aluminium one, dampened with clean water, sealed tight with foil and baked at 300+ for 15 or 20 minutes should do the trick.To regenerate your soil I was recently taught something profound, collect outside soil in a large-ish lidded container fill it with water and a bit ( 1 ounce ) of molasses and let set for a week or so, the water provides the space and habitat for the beneficial microbes and good bacteria and the molasses the food, this 'water' should be put in your steried soil.I hope you find this helpful and can forgive my probably incorrect assumptions about where you live.Stay warm! Smiling
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Aug 31, 2016 3:29 PM CST
Name: Jenny
Cantwell, Alaska (Zone 4a)
Thanks for the info! I'm going to try the molasses for sure. And the assumptions are pretty close 😄.
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