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Name: Melanie
Lutz, Florida (Zone 9b)
Butterflies Enjoys or suffers hot summers Hummingbirder Birds Bee Lover Bookworm
Region: Florida Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Bromeliad Native Plants and Wildflowers Plant Identifier Salvias
Jan 22, 2017 4:40 PM CST
Today is Mom's birthday so my brother planned an outing for her. She has enough stuff at her age so he thought an experience would be nicer. We hadn't been fishing in forever, so we went fishing yesterday. Except I went birding and butterflying. FYI, I'm numbering the pictures in case you want to refer to them when you reply.

There's an Anclote River Park and an Anclote Gulf Park. They're about 1.5 miles away from each other. We mistakenly stopped at Anclote River Park first, but that was okay because I was already birding!

This Brown Pelican had a Laughing Gull friend next to him. I miss Pelicans. Used to see them all the time when we would go fishing. We sold the boat years ago because Dad has osteoperosis and it was too painful to run the boat over the waves.

1. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/3a9289

Here's the Laughing Gull by itself. Everyone is in their winter plumage now so they look all different from when I went to Bradenton Beach this summer with Mom.

2. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/98d0c2

I was wondering why these two pelicans looked different. My book indicates that the Brown Pelican doesn't get its white head until it grows up so the one with the brown head and white breast is a juvenile. Inverse coloring...weird.

3. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/0efe40
4. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/34d223

Pelican in flight.

5. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/d8a7fb

Little Blue Heron

6. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/fecc00

So then we realized we were at the wrong park, got in the truck, and drove up the road. We passed a man on the side of the road who had a camera that was about two feet long set up on a tripod. That's always promising!

This was the only picture I could get of this silly Woodpecker. Believe it's a Red-Bellied.

7. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/d118d9

I heard what I thought was a "who, who" but Dad said it was a Dove and I was actually hearing more of a "coo, coo". And I heard it all day long so now I know who I've been hearing in the morning around my house. This is a Eurasian Collared Dove.

8. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/fbd0c4

Believe this is a Palm Warbler. We're going to be seeing more of these. Hilarious! I also now call them Yellow Tail Flickers. Rolling on the floor laughing

9. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/bd1c96

I thought this was some kind of Sandpiper, but like my trip to Bradenton Beach, I think this is a Willet. Apparently, they also change color in the winter and become very gray and bland. Probably better for blending in. Feel free to correct me at any time if you think I'm wrong on an ID. You guys know I'm still pretty new!

10. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/dc5c12.
11. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/c35b31
12. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/3ce1fe

There were both Anhingas and Double Crested Cormorants but I believe this one is the latter because of the hook on the end of its beak. This bird was really far away so sorry it's blurry.

13. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/3eb6b8
14. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/35cf86

This Great Egret was hanging around, and literally on, the pier all freaking day. We'll see it again.

15. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/2c3be6
16. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/873a43

These Laughing Gulls were being so loud I had to take a picture. Dad said he understood why they got that name. He said they were noisy. We also talked about how lots of people like gulls, but they're basically the pigeons of the coastline.

17. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/fcaabf

There were several of what I believe to be Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers in the trees. The one pictured in my book is way more blue, but it says the female is more gray, lacks the black on its head, and also that they have a long black tail with white undertail. That's why I try to show pictures from several angles, even if it doesn't seem like a "good" picture in the traditional sense.

18. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/f40f5e
19. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/f01569
20. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/e53d34

There was a man standing in the water fishing and this Anhinga was right behind him in the mangroves. I think he was hoping for a handout. Also, notice how Anhingas have a velvety look to their feathers. I've heard that helps them dry faster.

21. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/840dae
22. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/1f785d
23. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/8a7bab

This Palm Warbler was near the trashcan and I was like, "Don't eat whatever's in the McDonald's box!" It's not good for humans so it can't be good for birds. Not that it stops me from eating there. Rolling on the floor laughing But not as often anymore. Thumbs up

24. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/f8ad76
25. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/31e9ff

Here's Great Egret again. You know, I was thinking when I was looking through these pictures how it's good we have synthetic materials. I know lots of people like to go all natural, but imagine if we didn't learn to make synthetic feathers and fur. These birds almost went extinct because they were hunted for that beautiful plumage to decorate ladies' hats. I prefer feathers on birds, personally. I'm not much of a hat person, though I did have my Columbia hat with UPF 50 on. And I had that chin strap tight because it was really windy!

26. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/f6d5a3
27. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/53204f

This is my PSA about picking up your trash, especially monofilament line. Dad pulled a bunch up and used his pocket knife to cut it. I picked even more up as I was just walking around. Dad also got a free sinker that was still attached to this line. We don't want wildlife getting tangled in this stuff!

28. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/0aeef3

I hesitate to tip my hand here, but I think my one photo of a Palm Warbler might be photo contest worthy. Crossing Fingers!

29. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/f302f3

Here it is from some other angles.

30. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/942d95
31. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/7e7ff7

Here's one where you're going to have to help me. I consulted my field guide, I looked at All About Birds, and that yellow under the wing is just confusing me. I think these are the same bird, but I wouldn't swear to it. Debate away!

32. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/a83ab9
33. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/fe1370

Is this a Boat-Tailed Grackle? All I know is that it was yelling at me so I figured it wanted it's picture taken.

34. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/114abf
35. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/72ecb8

I had seen Ospreys flying around so I tried taking in flight pics. This one clearly has something in its talons.

36. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/6e7374
37. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/879b6f

And then I found the Osprey nest!

38. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/d8868f
39. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/e0b8e0

One was in the nest, which is built on a light pole as you can see.

40. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/0e86d2

There was another bird on top of a utility pole. I thought it was a vulture because I couldn't see the color due to the sun being in my eyes. Then, I realized it was the other Osprey!

41. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/f795a1

The human got too close so it flew back to the nest. Here's lots of gratuitous Osprey nest shots!

42. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/7ec228
43. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/76400f
44. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/e85d25
45. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/bc64ad
46. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/671d28

Look at the talons in that last shot! So other Osprey flew off into a nearby tree.

47. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/5aa0c0

Meanwhile, on the power line, this is definitely a Boat-Tailed Grackle. A male one, at that!

48. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/932b15

By this time, it had finally warmed up enough that the butterflies started showing up. FYI, I submitted them all to BAMONA, but it usually takes them a bit to get back. I'm pretty sure I saw a new (to me) butterfly.

First, I saw this cool spiderweb on an Acacia. You can see a moth caught in it. And I don't know if that ladybug on the underside was caught or just hanging out there.

49. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/bfe349
50. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/7be128

There were many ladybugs and larva on this Acacia.

51. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/6d097b
52. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/62d1f1

There were many Ceraunus Blues in the area.

53. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/72bcba
54. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/1bbe58

Gulf Fritillary. There was passion vine growing in the area. I believe it was Corkystem Passion Vine (P. suberosa).

55. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/e1e18b
56. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/11453b

Lots of White Peacocks around, too. Not a bird peacock, a butterfly peacock. Hilarious!

57. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/42808f
58. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/14d3fd

This is one of those Skippers I need BAMONA to confirm. Can't ever recall seeing that green sheen on top of one.

59. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/7045b9
60. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/9e13da

I called Dad to find out if the drinks were on the pier or in the truck. It went to voicemail, and I turned around to find him next to me. With a drink. He got me one, then we walked back to the pier. I stopped to take pictures of this Great Blue Heron and realized Dad talks to birds like I do! Basically, I pretend I'm shooting a supermodel and say funny things like, "Turn to the right! Beautiful! Now a little to the left!" Dad was doing the same thing. Rolling on the floor laughing

61. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/9f1ae7
62. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/6c4108

No one on the pier was catching any fish, but neither were the Cormorants.

63. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/275d04
64. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/45012e
65. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/48ba79

Okay, time for a dinner break. More pictures after fajitas! Lovey dubby
Name: Melanie
Lutz, Florida (Zone 9b)
Butterflies Enjoys or suffers hot summers Hummingbirder Birds Bee Lover Bookworm
Region: Florida Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Bromeliad Native Plants and Wildflowers Plant Identifier Salvias
Jan 22, 2017 5:57 PM CST
Mmm...fajitas. Okay, where were we? Let's see, there were lots of white butterflies flying around but it took me a while to get one on camera. They were Great Southern Whites. They are identifiable by their turquoise antenna clubs.

66. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/fe4e14
67. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/58d35a

Okay, so I'm walking around and I see the smallest butterfly I've ever seen. I think it must be the Least Skipper, but I saw one of those in WV and it was all orange, while this thing clearly had white on it. I tried to remember what the other tiny butterfly in my area was called, but I had to wait until I got home. I'm pretty sure this is North America's smallest butterfly - the Southern Skipperling!

68. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/2cf7f0
69. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/0ccb78

Meanwhile, Osprey was back on the utility pole. Look at that beak!

70. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/d3ad13

Now, I get a lot of questions on the butterfly thread, so let me share a little wisdom. A good way to find butterflies is to find a patch of wildflowers, and just walk around in them and see who you scare up. In my neck of the woods, this means walking through Spanish Needles. Change that to whatever grows in your neck of the woods. At Grandma's, I was always very successful when she wouldn't have the guy mow and the clover would come up. Here's the patch I walked through yesterday.

71. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/1218ae
72. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/31fd9d

Now, let's look at all the butterflies I found! First up is the Common Buckeye. Since I was near mangroves, I was hoping to see Mangrove Buckeyes, but I can't cross that one off the list just yet.

73. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/a4e6d1
74. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/f27d62

I also found this Duskywing trying to chase everyone else off. Hilarious! I generally see either Horace's or Juvenal's Duskywings. Even BAMONA has trouble telling them apart.

75. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/77f959
76. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/492ce7

Believe this is a Fiery Skipper.

77. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/0f8d5a

Leaving this Skipper to BAMONA.

78. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/f6affd
79. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/ede93e

Here's another Common Buckeye but you can see it's a different one because it's missing part of the wing. See how when the wings are closed it blends in and looks almost like a leaf? Then, it opens those wings and scares predators with those scary eyespots!

80. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/402486
81. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/dcc478

Black Vulture

82. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/08ac83

I submitted this to BAMONA as a Dainty Sulphur, but I've never seen this much black on one. Either it's something I've never seen before or it's some kind of mutant.

83. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/6edf85

I took a final walk back to the pier to ask if I was going to be fed lunch (I was, we got BBQ for Mom's birthday). While on the pier I noticed two new birds.

The first one is a new (to me) bird, and one I had been hoping to see. It's a Reddish Egret! It's not in my book, but I went to All About Birds and it has all the right markings. Pink bill with black tip, shaggy look, medium to large heron. Yup!

84. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/74db45
85. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/275599
86. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/c6e1dc

Next to him was what I believe is a Little Blue Heron in between juvenile and adult stage. They start out white and turn blue so in between, they range from acid-wash to stone-wash denim color. Rolling on the floor laughing

87. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/4ada86
88. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/90b8d2

We were almost to the end of the pier when I saw a bird sitting in the mangroves. I had seen them flying earlier and couldn't get a picture so I was really excited! Mom, Dad, and I all stopped while I took pictures of the Belted Kingfisher!

89. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/2c9178
90. Thumb of 2017-01-22/mellielong/943bca

Hope you all enjoyed the show!
Name: Becky
Sebastian, Florida (Zone 10a)
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Jan 22, 2017 8:10 PM CST
Melanie - Looks like you and your family had an amazing day! Happy Birthday to your Mom! So many wonderful photos!!! Loved the nest shots. What a great day! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.
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Name: Dirt
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Jan 22, 2017 11:24 PM CST
just wondering...did you do any... um, well, you Rolling on the floor laughing

looks like a fabulous outing Smiling hope you all had a great mom's B-day!!! Happy Birthday Melanie's Mom!
Name: Melanie
Lutz, Florida (Zone 9b)
Butterflies Enjoys or suffers hot summers Hummingbirder Birds Bee Lover Bookworm
Region: Florida Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Bromeliad Native Plants and Wildflowers Plant Identifier Salvias
Jan 23, 2017 7:16 AM CST
No, I don't have a fishing license.
Name: Margaret
Near Kamloops, BC, Canada (Zone 3a)
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Jan 23, 2017 5:31 PM CST
Thanks for the trip Melanie, wonderful photos! Thumbs up

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