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Name: Al
Jul 4, 2017 6:39 AM CST
This is Kare and my 1985 Buick LaSaber we bought from her mom FINALLY in August 2016.
It was ordered new on 12-18-84 by Kare's dad I am sure for mom's birthday 12-20 and Christmas.
I have a original sales book listing the options you could buy in lea of the standard equipment, Dad chose the 307 V 8 engine option over the 6 cylinder standard engine. He also chose the velour seat coverings over the leather (no listing for heated seats in the original sales booklet.)

I was not married to Kare when I met the car in February 1985 shortly after mom took delivery of it and fell in love with the car.
These pictures were taken August 2016 after a quick rain squall.

Thumb of 2017-07-04/trailtwister/64d899

Thumb of 2017-07-04/trailtwister/50177c

Thumb of 2017-07-04/trailtwister/b91d78

Thumb of 2017-07-04/trailtwister/bb746d

Thumb of 2017-07-04/trailtwister/a6f959

Thumb of 2017-07-04/trailtwister/f50a6c

Mom worked second shift at AC spark plug in Flint Michigan. Dad also worked at AC so they always drove his older 1979 Buick back and forth to work and only took summer vacation trips with the 85. Dad retired in 1988 so mom started driving her Buick to work till winters weather came along and then dad would drive her in, go in and have lunch with her often and return to bring her home. They did that till 1994 when Mom retired. Dad bought a 1992 Park Avenue because mom said the LaSaber with 77,000 miles was to old and she feared it would break down on them. The Buick became dads baby, drove it every time he was going some place with out mom, garage kept and dad would even wax the insides of the door skins, The under carriage was so clean some restaurants could learn some lessons on keeping things clean
In 2003 Dad had colon cancer and went thru the normal chemo and operations. In 2006 it returned even worse, did the chemo and had a operation again. Finally in Nov 2009 he left us, Mom did OK for a bit on her own but didn't even drive dads newest Buick a 2004 Park Avenue. Kare and I took her every place she wanted or needed to go.
I started asking about buying the LaSaber in 2010, I gave up hope of ever owning it in 2014 when Mom told me to remove it from the garage along with dads park, Her oldest daughter was moving her stuff in and was going to live with mom.
Mom broke her hip in 2016 and was in a nursing home when she relented and sold it to Kare and I.

We have had the AC changed over from R 12 to R 134, Replaced the two front tires dad bought in 1989 for it costing $170.00 we paid $190 25 years later for new tires.
We took it despite needing a paint job to it's first car cruise last evening. It over heated coming home with the air on high and doing 70mph down the freeway. Today I will replace the thermostat. Then we will go to another car cruise Friday evening.

This car is so much easier to show than our antique Massey Harris tractor collection.

Green Grin! Al

You not dressed with out a smile.
Name: Al
Jul 10, 2017 6:57 AM CST
We attended our first cruise night with the Buick a week ago today.

While the car needs a decent paint Job to match others there it is still a good looking car.
some pictures of others I liked and took pictures of before I got tired of the hot sun and sat down in the shade.

A 56 Ford, a cousin had one of these back in 1959 but his was two tone green. Some country bumpkin who thought STOP signs were only suggestions hit him in the center just behind the left door and made it half as wide.

Thumb of 2017-07-10/trailtwister/404b12

As a 17 year old I sure wanted one of these 63 1/2 ford fast backs as I was a NACAR fan when they were the hottest thing on the track.

Thumb of 2017-07-10/trailtwister/6cb72e

Beautiful 64 Ford, of course I really like black and chrome. My brother had a Mercury version of this car in 1968. His was a beauty also.

Thumb of 2017-07-10/trailtwister/26afd1

A 64 Ford rug rat and grocery getter. My folks owned a 53 Ford wagon, then a 57 ford and finally a 62 ford. But they went back to a sedan in 1965 since Us boys were grown and rarely when any place with them on a vacation.

Thumb of 2017-07-10/trailtwister/dd8f0c

I really liked this Fairlane Ford but by the time they hit the market my taste had switched to Mopars and ordered a new 1966 Dodge Cornet 440. But never took delivery due to the draft board demanding my time in SE Asia.

Thumb of 2017-07-10/trailtwister/e50e68

By the time I returned from SE Asia I just wanted a car to drive and settled for a 65 Ford Galaxy but always drooled when I saw a 55 thru 57 T Bird. I had a chance to buy a affordable 57 in 1986 but declined as I felt it was to far gone.
Thumb of 2017-07-10/trailtwister/e50489

Early compact. I have seen one like this before with half the engine thru the hood and tires all the way across the rear, some one made a street rod out of it.

Thumb of 2017-07-10/trailtwister/070e3e

A beautiful Buick Riv, told ya I am fond of black and chrome. I also had a job when I was 17 as a car pick up and delivery guy.
One of the first cars I drove was a new 63 Buick Riv from the dealers to the shop to get a vinyl top installed. What cushy ride compared to what I was used to.

Thumb of 2017-07-10/trailtwister/d789dd

Thought the paint job on this 51 Buick was really great. Talked to the fellow who owned it and was told he bought it like that 25 years ago. Still it was real nice as was the rest of the car.

Thumb of 2017-07-10/trailtwister/26f68f

Going on another evening cruise tonight if it doesn't rain and get called off like last Friday evenings did.

Green Grin! Al
You not dressed with out a smile.
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Name: Al
Mar 26, 2018 6:27 AM CST
Went and visited our Buick at the paint shop first part of Febuary. I also needed to get the power antena so I could repair it.

Thumb of 2018-03-26/trailtwister/55f133 Thumb of 2018-03-26/trailtwister/81d368

I got the antena brought it home and took it apart and installed a new cable. Returned it the next day so the fender could be replaced.

Thumb of 2018-03-26/trailtwister/0c9ab6

Called last Monday(19th)and was told is finished except for the BSM was on back order. It is that thin molding the is supposed to protect the car from people who slam their doors into your car.

Thumb of 2018-03-26/trailtwister/0f3d94

getting excited to get it back and attend our first show April 29th, Shepard MI maple syrup fest, or Kalkaska Mi for the Trout fest.

Green Grin! Al
You not dressed with out a smile.
Name: Al
Mar 29, 2018 7:07 AM CST
Got the call yesterday our Buick is finished. Going to get it Friday the next day it is not supposed to rain.

All gitty to see it way better than Christmas.

Green Grin! Al
You not dressed with out a smile.
Name: Rj
Just S of the twin cities of M (Zone 4b)
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Mar 29, 2018 10:07 PM CST
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Name: Al
Mar 31, 2018 7:30 AM CST
Here it is all shiny and BEAUTIFUL.
Thumb of 2018-03-31/trailtwister/3cb9b2

Thumb of 2018-03-31/trailtwister/7dba55

Thumb of 2018-03-31/trailtwister/8b84d0

Green Grin! Al
You not dressed with out a smile.
Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Mar 31, 2018 7:05 PM CST
Sweet, nice to see old school cars still on the road.
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Name: Al
Apr 16, 2018 7:01 AM CST
Chomping at the bit, First car show 2018 Midland Michigan 4-21 weather permitting. Held at the Northwood untervesty grounds.

Green Grin! Al
You not dressed with out a smile.
Name: Al
Jun 26, 2018 7:01 AM CST
It has been a couple months now we have been showing the Buick.
Top 25 our first show 2018 in Midland.

Thumb of 2018-06-26/trailtwister/91ec04

Thumb of 2018-06-26/trailtwister/772297

Farthest traveled plaque from the Cimax Mi show. No Double awards given there.

Thumb of 2018-06-26/trailtwister/d309e3

Peoples choice award at Clinton township K of C show.

Thumb of 2018-06-26/trailtwister/0a96ed

$50.00 cash award at Ithaca Mi show.

A top ten at the Waterford Mi Elk's club car show.

Thumb of 2018-06-26/trailtwister/7a4631

Green Grin! Al
You not dressed with out a smile.
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