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Aug 20, 2017 3:49 PM CST

I am out of room and have several more Western American hybrid seedlings and OT's and others (yes, I am addicted to breeding) in seed flats growing. I am thinking of listing these on if there is any interest. I will not list on this site since the last time I tried to sell lilies here they ended up rotting while waiting for payment, which never arrived....
Unfortunately even in this hellhole my bulbs still tend to be gargantuan no matter how I try to ignore them (or else they just die like all the orientals have done) so shipping will probably be a flat rate box $11.00 to start) for all but the Western American hybrids, which may be lighter but still on the large and bulky side. But the flat rate boxes hold several bulbs.

I am very crippled now and can barely walk, I won't dig these on speculation since it is much easier and economical to kill in place anything I need to eliminate now that I have no website.

I am hoping to get both hips replaced this winter but it is very expensive to have to board the cats & get a house sitter. If I cannot get the doc to do both at once it will be double expensive. I had hoped to do the worst one last winter but got a very bad roommate and I am still paying for that. The never-ending saga of the roommate from hell........
Meanwhile my good hip went bad so I no longer have a leg to stand on (or get up with) so I have to do this or won 't be able to walk at all soon.
I will try to watch this thread but I am unable to sit for long anymore, if you really need to contact me feel free to send a message via this site, I will get back to you - eventually....

Lilies I have too many of:
Claude Shride

Angela North


Champagne (asiapet)

4n yellow seedling trumpets = yellow

Awesome seedlings: yellow/orange-peach/white

Lavender Frost X Lavender Frost seedlings = white,cream,pale yellow pink to purple frosted

Pink Cherub seedlings, Height = 4ft, white, some pink reverse or frosted

L. henryi var. citrinum

PITPARS (L. pardalinum var. pitkin X L parvuum var. hallidayi F2 generation)
Choice of pink or orange or mixed

L. pardalinum var. pitkin X L. columbianum
these seedlings look like columbianum but have the vigor of pardalinum so perform very well and grow much faster than columbianum

I have pics of all but have not yet gone thru all of my current pics since I cannot sit at this computer for very long at a time. I will post some of the PITPARS so you can see what they look like, they bloom at the same time as the Martagons for me which is why they do well, they bloom before the killer sun fries them. They are also not as sensitive to the evil rays of the sun as the Martagons are later in the season.


Thumb of 2017-08-20/BUGGYCRAZY/1a52ad

Thumb of 2017-08-20/BUGGYCRAZY/7d01ef


Thumb of 2017-08-20/BUGGYCRAZY/3a8cf6

Thumb of 2017-08-20/BUGGYCRAZY/1fd38a

Thumb of 2017-08-20/BUGGYCRAZY/f8c2c8

Thumb of 2017-08-20/BUGGYCRAZY/bf9a92


Thumb of 2017-08-20/BUGGYCRAZY/d6a6da

Thumb of 2017-08-20/BUGGYCRAZY/92af56


Thumb of 2017-08-20/BUGGYCRAZY/e9f14b
Sep 25, 2017 10:40 AM CST

Because the orange/peach and white colors of Awesome seedlings have been wildly popular I have ended those listings, if you really want those colors treemail me and I will put you on a list to save some for you if I have leftovers. You may also get lucky with the orange in the unlabeled mix selection as those are the ones that haven't bloomed yet (but are large now) and orange is the most frequent color.
White I try to avoid since it seems so many of my trumpet crosses churned out so many white in the past, so I just didn't have that many to start with.
Sep 29, 2017 8:16 AM CST

I have now taken off all the Awesome seedlings and the L. henryi Var. citrinum from the blooming auction. If you want those treemail me and I will put you on a list if I have enough left after filling orders.
The blooming auction will not figure shipping accurately esp. if you order other things with the lilies, it will over charge. So do wait to hear from me or ask and I will let you know. Orders are usually 11 or 17 to ship.
Oct 12, 2017 7:02 PM CST

I have filled all of my orders and am out of Awesome seedlings, I do have L. henryi V. citrinum and some of the other trumpets and cultivars, the listings on the blooming auction are current at the moment.
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