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Dec 3, 2017 6:14 PM CST
Name: Lisa
Boston, MA. (Zone 6a)
Birds Dog Lover Foliage Fan Seed Starter Winter Sowing Avid Green Pages Reviewer
Abutilon collected from Bellvue Mix 2014 ANGELBEE
Abutilon vitifolium, 2013 ESPERANZA
Abutilon, Harvest Moon, 2014-TAKEN BY ISHARE
Achillea ptarmica, Double Diamond, commercial 2013-LOVESBLOOMS
Actinidia arguta 2014 tuink- BSUBTILIS
Actinidia chinensis, 2014 tuink
Agapanthus Headbourne Hybrids, T&M 2013- TAKEN BY LALAMBCHOP
Agastache Apricot Sprite, 2012- GNGRBLUIZ
Agastache cana, 2012- ESPERANZA
Agastache foeniculum, 'Golden Jubilee' 2013
Agastache foeniculum, 2015- RICELG
Agastache neomexicana, Lavender Haze-RICELG
Agastache rugosa, Honey Bee Blue 2015- TAKEN BY COLCOL
Agastache rupestris, Apache Sunset 2012
Agastache, Arcado Pink 2012
Agastache, Astello Indigo, 2013- DUANE
Agastache, Frosted Flames, 2015- LUVSGRTDANES
Ageratum Leilani Blue, 2014- TAKEN BY TABBYCAT
Ageratum, Blue Mink 2015- TAKEN BY TABBYCAT
Alcea rosea, Summer Carnival Rosey Red 2013- TAKEN BY THOMASJONES
Alcea rosea, pale yellow hollyhock 2016- THOMASJONES
Alonsoa meridionalis, "Pink Shrimps" Tuink-TAKEN SWEET LOAM
Alonsoa warscewiczii, 2015 Tuink=TAKEN BY RATTLEBOX
Amaranth, red striped leaf, 2015
Amaranthus Autumn's Touch commercial- BELLALUNA
Amaranthus Hopi Red Dye 2016-TAKEN BY ESPERANZA
Amsonia hubrichtii, pale blue 2014- SAMLAV
Anagalis monellii, 2014- ROCKPILE
Anchusa capensis, Blue Angel 2016 This is a full growers pack. I would be happy to break it down up to 10 ways should that many people request it.- TAKEN WILDFLOWERS-PATROB-DMK-LADYRENEER-THOMASJONES-VAL-LUVSGRTDANES- SWEETLOAM
Anethum graveolens, Dill 'Campatto' Grower's pack, willing to divide into 5 if requested- !. DRADIANA- 2. BELLALUNA
Anigozanthos 'Cape Aurora' 2013
Anisacanthus quadrifidus, 2013-TAKEN BY PISTIL
Anthemis tinctoria sancti-johannis 2013 VAL
Anthriscus cerefolium, Winter Chervil, 2014
Antirrhinum Bronze Dragon, commercial- ANGELBEE
Antirrhinum majus maximum, Majestic Mix commercial 2016- LUCKY
Antirrhinum majus maximum, Orange Wonder, 2013 LOVESBLOOMS
Antirrhinum majus maximum, Ruby, Select Seeds 2014- TAKEN BY DANITA
Antirrhinum majus, Black Prince 2015- ANGELBEE
Antirrhinum majus, Sultan Rose 2014, tuink- GNGBLUIZ
Antirrhinum mix, 2014- LADYRENEER
Antirrhinum molle pale pink, white, yellow 2010 PINKIRIS
Antirrhinum, Twinny Blend 2012 MARIPOSIA
Antirrhinum, orange 2014- ROCKPILE
Antirrhinum, white dwarf, 2014
Aquilegia Blue Star commercial 2016- MARIPOSA
Aquilegia Leprachaun 2015- TAKEN BY PINKIRIS
Aquilegia clematiflora, Double White 2013 tuink- PINKIRIS
Aquilegia flabellata v pumila white ERICABRAUN
Aquilegia pyrenaica ssp cazortensis blue, 2009 BSUBTILIS
Aquilegia vulgaris v stellata, 'Green Apples' MARIPOSIA
Aquilegia vulgaris, William Guinness Double commercial 2013- MARIPOSA
Aquilegia, Swallowtail, 2013- TAKEN BY DANITA
Argyrenthemum frutescens, 2014
Armeria maritima rubrifolia, 2014- MRSBINWY
Asarina procumbens 2015=TAKEN BY BSUBTILIS
Asclepias incarnata, Ice ballet, 2015- TAKEN BY RICELG
Asclepias incarnata, pink, 2014- COLCOL
Asperula orientalis pale purple blue 2014
Aster, October Skies 2015- PISTIL
Aster, Wonder Of Staffa, 2016
Atriplex hortensis rubra, 2014- RATTLEBOX
Aubretia canescens, violet 2014
Aubretia, 'Doctor Mules' 2014- TAKEN BY JANINILULU
Aurinia saxatilis Citrina 2013
Aurinia saxatilis, yellow flwrs, silver leaves, 2013
Begonia grandis subsp. evansiana var. alba 2013 LALAMBCHOP
Calendula officinalis 'Neon' 2012 AUDREYDEE
Calendula, Dwarf Orange, 2013
Campanula 'Samantha' 2010- TAKEN BY AUDREY
Campanula alliariifolia, white-pale yellow 2014- TAKEN BY ISHARE
Campanula alpestris, 2011
Campanula aucheri, blue-violet 2011
Campanula barbata, pale blue 2015- AUDREY
Campanula betulifolia, 2014- ACACIUS
Campanula betulifolia, white 2012 MRSB
Campanula carpatica Bliss White, 2015 SWEETLOAM
Campanula cochlearifolia 2012- ERICABRAUN
Campanula glomerata alba 2011- TAKEN BY GREENTHUMB
Campanula glomerata, 2012- ERICA BRAUN
Campanula grossekii 2013- PATROB
Campanula incura, pale blue lilac 2015- MRSBINWY
Campanula incurva, Pale Blue- ACAcius
Campanula longistyla, lavender blue, 2011
Campanula macrantha, 2015-PATROB
Campanula makashvilii, Tuink, 2013
Campanula medium 2014
Campanula medium mix, 2014
Campanula medium, lavender and purple, 2012
Campanula patula ssp abietina, violet, pale blue 2014
Campanula persicifolia alba Nargs 2011
Campanula persicifolia, commercial 2015 SWEETLOAM
Campanula persicifolia, white, 2012
Campanula pyramidalis, White GeoSeed- TAKEN BY ACACIUS
Campanula rigidipila blue 2010
Campanula rumeliana, lilac, 2014- JANINILULU
Campanula sarmatica blue 2010
Campanula sarmatica, pale blue 2010
Campanula saxifrage 2011-AUDREYD
Campanula takesimana 2016
Campanula wanneri, violet 2011-TAKEN BY ROCKPILE
Campanula, Blue Clips, 2015 LADYRENEER
Catananchecaerulea, 'Armor White' 2012 LAKESIDE
Cehpalaria gigantea, 2014, tuink
Centratherum intermedium, 2016 PATROB
Cerastium alpinum var lanatum 2014
Ceratotheca triloba alba 2013- DANITA
Chaenomeles speciosa 'Toyo-Nishiki' 2014-LALAMBCHOP
Chaenomeles x superba 'Cameo' 2015- TAKEN BY HEAVENLYFARM
China Aster, Blue 2014 COLCOL
Chrysanthemum 'Innocence' HPS 2013- TAKEN BY KELLI
Chrysanthemum, Sunset 2012- KELLI
Chrysopsis mariana 2011- JANINILULU
Clematis davidiana, 2013- LAKESIDE
Clematis heraclefolia v urticifolia, 2015-TAKEN BY ISHARE
Clematis integrifolia 'Caerulea'- LAKESIDE
Clematis rooguchi, plum 2014- OKIEHEART
Clematis serratifolia, 2014-OKIEHEART
Clematis texensis, 2011- WILDFLOWERS
Clematis viorna, lavender, purple, cream 2014- LOVESBLOOMS
Cleome, White Sparkler 2014-TAKEN BY TABBYCAT
Coleus Chocolate Covered Cherry, 2015-TAKEN BY LOVESBLOOMS
Coleus, Black Dragon, commercial 2015- TAKEN BY LUVSGRTDANES
Coleus, Rainbow Mix, commercial 2014-TAKEN BY TESS
Coleus, Superfine Festive Dance 2013-TAKEN BY SHALYN
Coleus, mixed 2013- SHALYN
Common Milkweed, 2015
Coreopsis 'Showstopper' 2014- GNGRBLUIZ
Coreopsis lanceolata 2014
Coreopsis tinctoria, Red Plains Coreopsis 2015- TAKEN BY RHARBISON
Coreopsis, Route 66, 2014- TAKEN BY RHARBISON
Cosmos bipinnauts, Tall Mixed Sensation 2015 c- TAKEN BY DRADIANA
Cosmos sulphurus, Orange 2014
Cosmos, Double Click, Select Seeds 2011-TAKEN BY LPARK
Cosmos, Sensation, 2015
Cosmos, SnowPuff, Select Seeds 2012-RHARBISON
Cosmos, orange 2015
Cotoneaster salicifolius "Henry" 2014
Crocosmia aurea, Golden-ora HPS 2014-15- TFEEHA
Crocosmia hybrid from tuink 2014
Crocosmia, Red, 2014- DRADIANA
Cyclamen coum mixed forms, pink blooms HPS 2011-12- TAKEN BY LAKESIDE
Cyclamen hederifolium 2011-2012- PISTIL
Cyclamen hederifolium, Silver leaved group, white 2011-2012- TAKEN BY OKIEHEART
Cynoglossum amabile 2014
Dahlia, Bishop's Children 2013 KELLI
Delosperma floribunda, 'Stardust' RICELG
Dianthus Dulce White to Pink commercial 2014 TABBYCAT
Dianthus monspessulanus, pink/white 2011
Dianthus nitidus, deep pink 2011JANINILULU
Dianthus, Velvet and Lace 2014
Dictamnus albus 2012- ROCKPILE
Digitalis obscura, commercial 2015 DANITA
Dodecatheon dentatum THOMASJONES
Dodecatheon meadia, white 2012 WILDFLOWERS
Echinacea purpurea, White Swan 2015
Echinacea tennesseensis, 2014
Eryngium Miss Willmott's Ghost 2015- PINNKIRS
Eryngium venustum, Sea Holly 2012-RATTLEBOX
Erysimum cheiri, Aurora, 2013 tuink
Foeniculum vulgare, Bronze Fennel 2016- DRADIANA
Francoa appendiculata, 2015- ISHARE
Gaillardia 'Tokajer' 2016- TAKEN BY GNGRBLUIZ
Gaillardia pulchella, Razzle Dazzle Mix T&M 2013- TAKEN BY RHARBISON
Gaillardia pulchella, Razzledazzle 2016- SHALYN
Gaillardia, Goblin 2014- SHALYN
Gaillardia, peachy yellow
Gelsemium sempervirens 'Margarita', 2014- TAKEN BY DUANE
Gentiana septemfida 2012- RATTLEBOX
Geranium 'Espresso' 2016- TAKEN BY SAMLAV
Geranium pyrenaicum, 'Bill Wallis' 2015- TAKEN BY VMA
Geranium sanguineum, 'New Hampshire Purple' 2014- SAMLAV
Geum megellanicum 2015 JLHudson- TAKEN BY BELLALUNA
Geum, Mrs. Bradshaw 2015- LADYRENEER
Gilia capitata bluish/violet/white 2013-LUVSGRTDANES
Gladiolus 'Mon Amour' Tuink
Gladiolus communis 2015- LALAMBCHOP
Gladiolus dalenii, Green Form 2013- KELLI
Gladiolus, Superstition 2015- LUCKY
Glaucium flavum v. aurantiacum, JLHudson 2015- TAKEN BY MRSB
Globularia repens blue-lilac, 2013 ACACIUS
Gomphrena haageana, QIS Orange, commercial 2015
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