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Name: Cory
Elkhart Co., IN
Charter ATP Member
Jan 6, 2018 10:13 PM CST
Hi everybody!
I'm still here, alive and kicking still! Well Brad did his year in review, I guess I will do the same here. Where to start? Shrug!
Spring I guess, We had a good spring. Had pretty good bloom season here. Got some crosses to take, so I guess it was a good year. We had early warm up late winter. Great I get a early start on cleaning things up in the beds. Talking 70's in march. This is great!! Start to clean out the beds, think to myself is there a better way? Maybe? Let's burn off the old leaves on the irises!! Hurray! Works great cleaned them right up. The next week we drop down in temps into the teen's! D'Oh! Well shoot! No cover for the irises, let's just say some did care for that. So when they start to wake up again, ROT! Never fails around here. Lost some seedlings, but it's a way to weed them out. Then had a bunch of seedling that didn't bloom or got nailed by frost. Can't move forward with those plants for another year I guess.

Move on into the year, got a bunch of the beds moved around and opened up for the next round new ones ordered. Moved a bunch of seedlings around. Made room for the next wave of seedlings to planted out. Took forever to plant them out. Never get them in the ground when I want to! That's life I guess. Shrug! Sort though the keepers and cull the rest. Plant the keepers other places, watch to see if they make it. Most do. Then its just water seedlings and see what ones live or die. Plant in the new orders the show up in July. Then iris season is pretty much done for the most part. On to other things for the most part. Think do I need to make the beds bigger? Say something to the wife, her reply " we have to much the way it is!". She's got a point. Back to other things!

I guess I'll put some pictures now!

Tiger Honey X Fashionably Late
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/e70d07
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/247ea8

Safari Sunset X Guns Flash
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/021e21
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/b0b557

Raspberry Silk X Attrazione
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/fe784a

Say Red X (Tiger Honey x NOID)
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/91142a
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/4044c9
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/462f3e
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/a06e8b

Clash X Decadence
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/cacd28

My Fantasy X Decadence
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/bd0f11
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/ebb85c
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/9d70f7
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/88a942
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/b4d527
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/874b2e

My Fantasy X Tiger Honey
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/c3f2cd
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/289a79
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/89b208
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/7648b1
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/645f86
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/7bcdef

Say Red X Viking Dancer
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/14749b
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/248e34
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/cfa6a1
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/bd26c6

That's pretty much it. There are a few more keepers that don't have pictures. Had many more blooms they didn't make the cut.
If you ever wondered if you can grow Irises using hydroponics., I can answer YES you can!

Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/575f61
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/926490
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/c997c8
It tried to Bloom! I think the lights just aren't strong enough for bloom.
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/b595a6

Misc. Pictures
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/439132
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/316f96
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/e4e4d0
Last years seedlings under the lights
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/852cd3

We lost our 4 legged Baby of 10.5 years in sept.
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/fbd36c

Not a replacement, but this is our new 4 legged baby. The day we got him 11-11-1
Thumb of 2018-01-07/irisfirefighter/6913f8

Well that's pretty much it for the year. I've got this years seedlings planted and are under the lights. With some starting to show green! My plan is to grow all my seedlings in hydroponics till I'm ready to plant out this year. Why? Just want to see if I can have better seedlings in the ground, and get a faster turn around time on blooms.
Cory, Firefighter/EMT
Name: Jan Wax
Mendocino County, N. CA (Zone 9a)
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Jan 6, 2018 10:53 PM CST
Some beauties here, Cory! Hurray!
Name: Joshua
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Zone 10b)
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Jan 6, 2018 11:40 PM CST

Plants Admin

I agree

29-12-2 instantly caught my eye.
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Name: Barbara
Northern CA (Zone 9a)
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Jan 7, 2018 12:34 AM CST
And 12-15-1 is pretty sweet too! So sorry about the loss of your 4-legged baby, but your new one is a cutie! Lovey dubby
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Name: Robin
Melbourne, Australia (Zone 10b)
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Jan 7, 2018 12:43 AM CST
I am sorry to hear that you lost you 4 legged friend Sad

Your 26-15-2 seedling is my favourite. Thumbs up
Name: Marilyn, aka "Poly"
South San Francisco Bay Area (Zone 9b)
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Jan 7, 2018 2:01 AM CST
It's always sad to lose our pups, and I am sorry for your loss. Crying

I agree that your new pup is a cutie, though. Lovey dubby

I love the color on 11-15-3.
It's daylily season!
Name: Lilli
Copenhagen, Denmark, EU
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Jan 7, 2018 4:44 AM CST
Sorry for your loss. The new puppy is adorable though! Lovey dubby

You don't know if it will grow until you try!
Name: Tom
Southern Wisconsin (Zone 5b)
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Jan 7, 2018 6:58 AM CST
11-15-1 has a unique and interesting color. Keep us posted on your hydroponics experiment.

It's sure hard to loose those 4 legged kids. Group hug You can never replace them, you just have a new friend.
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Name: Scott
Elburn, IL (Zone 5b)
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Region: Illinois Dog Lover
Jan 7, 2018 7:21 AM CST
Cory, thanks for sharing the results of your hard work! 26-15-2 was my favorite.

It is hard to say goodbye to our 4-legged friends, but the joy they bring us over the years is wonderful. Group hug
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Name: Jane H.
Kentucky (Zone 6b)
Irises Birds Region: United States of America Region: Kentucky Clematis
Jan 7, 2018 12:15 PM CST
I like 12-15-1 from those. Hope it is a keeper.
Name: Evelyn
Northern CA Sierra foothills - (Zone 8a)
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Jan 7, 2018 1:14 PM CST
Cory ~ I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure that you have many cherished memories. It is nice that you have a new baby to care for.

Your seedlings are very pretty. My favorites are:
23-15-1 (nice stripe)
23-15-2 (lines are pretty there)
23-15-4 (nice color blending)
26-15-2 " "
I like 26-15-4 too.

Good work!

Which ones are your favorites?
Name: Brad
iowa (Zone 5a)
I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Celebrating Gardening: 2015
Jan 7, 2018 2:17 PM CST

Awesome Stuff and your right we had a early spring great weather and then cold again crazy midwest weather late freezes got the apples and peaches this year Grumbling Hopefully a normal year this spring.. Just Witchery looks really happy there add it to the mix and you will like the results Smiling it is fertile both ways. I like your Decadence crosses also it always throughs different seedlings with good form really a good parent.
Name: Leslie
Durham, NC (Zone 8a)
Region: North Carolina Irises Cat Lover Garden Photography Enjoys or suffers hot summers Celebrating Gardening: 2015
Jan 7, 2018 8:13 PM CST
Hi Cory!

Love 26-15-3

Your new puppy is a cutie. Sorry you lost your old friend. So sad when they pass.

Looks like you are getting good root growth with your hydroponics. Thumbs up
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Name: Leon
Indiana (Zone 5a)
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Jan 15, 2018 2:44 PM CST
Hi Cory,
You are practically a neighbor up there in Elkhart County. Like you, our weather here was less than ideal in 2017. And your hydroponics project is interesting. You have some nice seedlings. My choices are:
11-15-3 Nice self coloring in cerise.
12-15-1 Great colors.
17-15-1 Crisp & Clean.
26-15-2 Unique Colors.

Three Misc. Pictures are all very nice.
So sorry about the loss of the 4-legged baby. That is so difficult to endure. We've had some losses too. It's never easy.
Thanks for sharing your seedlings.
Lux Umbra Dei
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Name: Cory
Elkhart Co., IN
Charter ATP Member
Jan 19, 2018 1:39 PM CST
Thanks everyone!

Brad Just Witchery bloomed for the first time last year! Only took 3 years! I did get some crosses from it. Find out in 2 years if they where good crosses or not.

Evelyn not sure which ones are my favorites. I would say most of the MTB plants. I think I'm about a generation of 2 from getting plants on size. Hopefully after that happens it won't take long to get color and form of TB's to show up.
Cory, Firefighter/EMT
Name: Cory
Elkhart Co., IN
Charter ATP Member
Jan 19, 2018 1:40 PM CST
Leon what part of the state are you at?
Cory, Firefighter/EMT
Name: Leon
Indiana (Zone 5a)
Light is the shadow of God!
Charter ATP Member I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Region: United States of America Region: Indiana Vegetable Grower
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Jan 19, 2018 1:50 PM CST
Cory we are in Miami County which is just south of Rochester in Fulton County.
If you follow U. S. 31 out of South Bend southward you would eventually pass by my place.
I have some connections to Lagrange and Shipshewana up north also.
Lux Umbra Dei
Even a fool, when he shuts his mouth, is counted (as being) wise.Proverbs 17:28

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