Roses forum: Help! My boyfriend gave me miniature roses and they're dying!

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Name: Rose
California (Zone 9b)
Feb 5, 2018 5:21 PM CST
Please help me save these miniature roses!
This is my first time taking care of miniature roses--I repotted the roses a week ago.
They have yellow leaves with some brown, the flower buds are drooping and the petals are brown and shriveled.
Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank You!

Thumb of 2018-02-05/aloerose/c19fc2
Thumb of 2018-02-05/aloerose/d00450
Thumb of 2018-02-05/aloerose/51b624

Name: Porkpal
Richmond, TX
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Feb 5, 2018 5:56 PM CST
Does the pretty pot have drain holes in the bottom? If not the roses may be drowning. They would also prefer to be outside.
Name: Rose
California (Zone 9b)
Feb 5, 2018 6:05 PM CST
Yes, the pot has a drain hole at the bottom! Since the pot is a little big, I put about 2 inches of styrofoam at the bottom.
Name: James
Fabens,TX (Zone 8a)
Feb 5, 2018 8:16 PM CST
They need to be outside
Name: Rose
California (Zone 9b)
Feb 5, 2018 8:54 PM CST
Ok! I will put them outside :)
Name: Rj
Just S of the twin cities of M (Zone 4b)
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Feb 5, 2018 9:16 PM CST
What is your general location? There is a place on your profile where you can enter the info.
Welcome to the site! Welcome!
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Name: Lilli
Copenhagen, Denmark, EU
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Feb 6, 2018 4:52 AM CST
Welcome! Aloerose! Hope your roses recover! Crossing Fingers!
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Name: Steve
Prescott, AZ (Zone 7b)
Region: Southwest Gardening Roses Irises Lilies
Feb 6, 2018 10:22 AM CST
Aloerose, Good catch. I'd not panic yet. They look pretty good to me for roses in the middle of winter... Sometimes leaves age and die; but it is true that stress from being too dry, too wet, not getting enough light, or not getting adequate nutrients can contribute.

Since they are in rather shallow pots with some space taken by styrofoam, I'd bet that the soil dries out pretty quickly. You may need to water quite regularly: two or three times a week, maybe more. Definitely let the surface of the soil dry out completely between watering. You may find you have to water nearly twice as often if they are in brutal heat and sun, that one has in Texas in July. When you do water, (two or three times per week, anyway,) use a balanced liquid fertilizer per label instructions.

The idea about getting them six to eight hours of sunlight per day is a good one, too. If you live in a USDA zone 9 or higher, moving the rose outside might be an excellent idea. If you live in a zone 6 or lower, probably not so much right now.

Welcome to the Site & Good Luck.

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Name: Rose
California (Zone 9b)
Feb 6, 2018 1:58 PM CST
My roses are currently on my front doorstep, south facing. Smiling

Thank you for such detailed advice! My county is USDA 9b. I just watered them, thank you!
Do you recommend a specific liquid fertilizer?

Thanks for the good wishes @IrisLilli Smiling
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Name: Steve
Prescott, AZ (Zone 7b)
Region: Southwest Gardening Roses Irises Lilies
Feb 6, 2018 5:06 PM CST
I'm afraid that I may be hopeless with potted plants: I seem to be unable to follow my own advice. Rolling my eyes.

Something like Shultz 10-15-10 would be a great deal better than nothing. So would Miracle Grow. For the absent-minded like me, the Jobes or Miracle Grow plant spikes might be the way to go. I see they have a formulation for roses, now. Perfect, if one if nursing two or three potted roses; but they seem pricey if one has a lot of landscape roses.

Logees, a prestigious indoor plant company, recommends Dyna-Grow 7-9-5 for their flowering plants. It's what I give my plants on the rare occasions I do remember to water and apply fertilizer.

A slightly more gentle and organic approach might be Age Old Fish & Seaweed, though I bet it will have more odor.

Others here have advocated for Dr Earth. It may, indeed, be better; but I find there is a dizzying array of products here and I never seem to be able to find a single product that meets all the needs of my plants.

When you dance with nature, try not to step on her toes.
Name: Rose
California (Zone 9b)
Feb 6, 2018 5:24 PM CST
Wow, that's a lot of options! I'll try Dyna-Grow 7-9-5 :)
Name: Frank Mosher
Nova Scotia, Canada (Zone 6a)
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Feb 6, 2018 7:09 PM CST
I would concur with Steve812's first posting. I looked closely at your photos, which were very good photos, and other than the drooping bloom(s), the only other thing I noticed, was one medium height cane with marked discolored leaves-pale yellow. You did not mention if you were fertilizing? If so, over fertilizing? However, I would bet my last dollar, that the pot frequently dries out in your South sun setting, particularly with the Styrofoam base. Nothing wrong with the base, but it surely is closed cell Styrofoam, and as such, does not absorb water, so any water you add, will go right past the Styrofoam immediately, leaving your plants with only the small amount of dampened topsoil you added, which will dry out almost immediately in your hot Sun. You will be continually be faced with this problem (if "our" assumption is correct). I would replant them in the same pot, but take the Styrofoam out, and add a little more fine potting soil. I would like to know the results, should you follow "our" advice. Cheers!
Name: Lyn
Weaverville, California (Zone 8a)
Garden Ideas: Level 1 Garden Sages Celebrating Gardening: 2015
Feb 7, 2018 5:52 PM CST
Quick note ...

When you fertilize a miniature rose, especially if it is in a smaller container, use no more than half strength fertilizer.

My practice when I had to grow all of my roses in containers while living in San Diego was to water the plant thoroughly the day before I fed them. By that I mean that all of the soil was well saturated.

Then when I fed the roses, I fed them lightly and often.

With all container grown roses, you want to make sure that they have excellent drainage. That means that you do not use a saucer under the container to catch water run-off. If the pot is sitting directly on hard surface, you want to lift the pot so that water drains out easily. There is no need to purchase expensive "pot feet" for your containers. You can use anything that will create a space between the bottom of the pot and the surface it is sitting on.

If you want to protect the hard surface, you can use a saucer, but make sure that there is a space between the pot and the saucer so that water can drain into the saucer and not be wicked back up into the container.

Good luck with your roses ... Smiling
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Name: Suzanne/Sue
Sebastopol, CA (Zone 9a)
Sunset Zone 15
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Feb 10, 2018 7:26 PM CST


Personally I would have potted them without the Styrofoam, the roots will fill in and need all the room eventually. Also, repotting during bloom will disrupt the flowering cycle. The roots have been disturbed and need time to settle back in. Trim off anything droopy, I doubt the flowers will recover as the roots are trying to recover first. Now is not the time to fertilize. Once they get those roots growing and you start seeing new growth, you can fertilize as recommended above.
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Feb 19, 2018 8:53 AM CST
@aloerose: If I had your mini roses, I would buy a bag (if possible without any fertilizer) of good potting soil. I would also buy "SUPERthrive VI30148 Plant Vitamin Solution, 4 Ounce," available in gardening stores or online. It reduces transplant shock (according to label on Superthrive). Then I would also buy small Misco self-watering containers (I bought mine at Walmart), I think the smallest one is 8 inches measured at the top (it is flared). Put additional moist potting soil at the bottom, then take the whole plant with soil and transfer it to the new pot, making sure that the top of the original soil with the plant is not deeper than 1 inch, then add more soil where there are gaps around the pot, pat the soil gently. Then water the plant to make sure there are no air gaps in the soil. Let the water stream down to the bottom of the pot, wait about 1 hour, then tilt the pot and let the water stream out of the bottom of the container through a little opening near the bottom. This little opening which is sticking out is to add water when needed and let out the excessive water in the pot when it rains.Then water the plants again with the mix of Superthrive (1 tsp per gallon) to recuperate. Watch through the opening when watering, stop when it is about half full. Then put the pots outside, first in a dappled location, then in full sun. At the beginning I would water from the top to make sure the soil is moist evenly, stop watering when you see that the water container at the bottom is ALMOST full, so the Superthrive does not get thrown out. Later I would cover the top with wet newspapers so the water does not evaporate too quickly, and cover the newspaper with mulch. After the plants are healthy and established, then I would fertilize them as necessary and also prune them. Oh, I forgot, snip all the dead stems and yellow leaves off the plants. I wish you good luck!

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