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Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Feb 27, 2018 4:11 PM CST
I was watching the Last of Summer Wine on TPT, if you have never seen it, is more like Mature British Three Stooges who are not raucous but gentlemanlly although they are really absolutely no wiser.

I switched to a channel with first Smooth Jazz but now an on Easy Listening (elevator music) I put this here as the music, including the theme song for LoSW, take me back to periods of my life that were either pleasant or very self-centered.
I miss the Smooth Jazz station, I had never heard of smooth jazz till a gent I worked with at the Mn Zoo was a music student and he informed of it; at the same time I loved working there and that was probably the last true high point in my life when things seemed to be going well.although had I continued to work at the zoo Sharon and I probably would have separated.
What had been a warning in '94 my health concerns totally went to hell the next year so that from '94-'98 I was in the hospital every other year.
All from carelessness but the middle stay cemented my relationship with Sharon.

Still music makes some people feel better, for me, except Christmas Music and a little Easter Music, religious , although Easter Parade in an odd way counts also, most music just makes me melancholy . My memory of my past is really very vague, more like an abstract with half the pages missing.
I now remember things I cannot remember but know I once could at least go back to those few incidents.
Most of my memories are of screw ups, which is good in a way as my dad used to say, I am a hard learner, so once I really screw up it sticks.
Sadly my cousin who used to have a fantastic memory, he could tell a story from forty years ago exactly the same each time, now seems to have a badly failing memory with him putting me places I never was or doing things I never did. My other cousin with a similar memory, he was my dictionary, is dead.
I listen to this music because although it makes me melancholy it still takes me back to the good, pleasant time.

Sharon hates this music or most I like except for some hard rock but then some of the rock songs she likes I think suck the bag, badly.
During the first ten-fifteen years we were together I often ran into the Twin Cities by myself to do things I used to do before I ever met here and before I went back to college. I got my degree because I wanted one, as my brother had one. Neither of us ever used it , but I did make a little effort.

Sharon and I used to run into the cities for the same reason I did together because then I could afford to do it but I hated the fact that she was never the OK let's go type it too her an hour to get ready, whereas for me it was, OK , good idea, I stopped what I was doing and just went.
My late cousin and I for years would do once a month as we belong to an Aero Historian Club and my mom and dad did it because mom's , mom, liked to go into the cities.
When mom was young you could catch a train from my home town, right into the middle of Minneapolis.
In my helliest years, I went into some nasty places but never spent money in a strip club as that just was not my style. I went into three in my life and after the second that would have been it but Sharon and I were in Fond Du Lac Wisconsin once and she decided we should go to one we were walking by.
This was a DIVE club strip bar.
It ended up when the stripper took her break she came over to our table and she and Sharon had long conversation.
Not bad looking but she looked worn hard by her life.

Well that little speech and the elevator music playing an instrumental version of Can't Take My Eyes off of You has for now filled a slough hole I felt like I was sitting in especially as the d--n cats pretty much just go up stair and sleep all day long until they know they can annoy you , then they want your attention.
I still miss the Big Guy though. It took him to get my mind off of Rocky, my first best buddy cat although I still miss all of them that passed on.
I better quit now that, that has me thinking of when Rocky, Humphrey and Opus and I were together for the first sloughs hit after Sharon made me her life.
Oh well, que sera, sera.
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Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Mar 3, 2018 11:48 AM CST
I went home and shoveled the snow off the side-walk to the garage the neighbor and my cousin had blown off the main side walk.

PIcked-up another tube of steroid for the eczema for 35 buck and the worst new spot seems to be in full retreat but dry swollen finger tips ate putting up a bit of a fight; no split skin though. Hurray!

I got the mail that the new license tab was due on my car and probably for the first time in my life went and picked it up and put it on the same day.
The boys are sitting by the screen door watching th bird feeder, as the snow around the house is pretty much gone I am surprised they did not go out side when I opened the back door for them. It is 37 degrees although it is windy.
Sharon filed her taxes and came home happy, happy, happy so I would bet money we will be going to a casino soon.
I go to court in ten days to see what going on with the former conservator; hate to say it but I hope she is in real trouble but I will find out.
I forgot to change the bulbs in the porch Christmas string to green for ST. Paddy's so I will have to go home later this week and do that.
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Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Mar 5, 2018 8:02 PM CST
I put this stuff here because ain't happy, ain't sad, ain't grumpy.

I took the garbage out a bit ago and burned some boxes, now this surprises even me.
I did it barefoot, and we have now had, it is snowing sleet, three to four inches of snow since last night.
I was standing on the , I call it frost, snow ice mix from the rain turned to snow last night.
What surprises me, was, it was cold underfoot but not the with in three minutes becoming painful cold it was just a few weeks ago.
It is 29 degrees outside and I went out three times standing out side trying to get the propane gas lighter to start for well over one minute.
Now years ago, when we had feet of snow every year, a weather man said that the bottom snow on top of the ground could be over ten degrees warmer than the surface snow.
He said go and stand on the side walk barefoot and then stand in the snow and you will feel the difference.
He caused my addiction to walking outside barefoot in winter plus sometimes my brother would get on my nerves and he would go running out the door with shoes and let's see, how does that old mailman pledge about weather go, well that was my pledge as I went charging out of the door after him. Blinking Whistling
Still I wonder, the eczema is now out of my feet, I wonder if that made them more tender a few weeks ago. I tip my hat to you.
Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Mar 8, 2018 12:45 PM CST
I just turned over to talk radio but had been listening to classic music on NPR.
I did it all day yesterday and it dawned on me that I used to do that often. In a week often more days would be classic music verses talk radio and back then there was far more variety on talk radio, although I/we used to listen to talk radio at night till ten P.M. some days every week.
It is odd how you get out of the norm, and I mean something done for over a decade, not just few years and do not know it till you redo what used to be the norm and start thinking, why did I stop doing this.

The fact that care for my Aunt became a task that changed my weeks/month/year schedule probably was the main factor but even when I was at home I used to listen to one or two local, within 100 miles A.M. radio stations for local country and farm news, and as I think of it even that stopped. -- (the one Latino music station I used to blast in the garage while gardening is gone, so that would be one reason.)

Everything is different now, and the health of my best friends is not getting better, one now has serious heart problems. Just found out last week, so I cannot even go home to the old gang like it was as they cannot do what we used to do.
Outside of having to lose some weight and eczema, my health is now better than it has been for over a decade.
Go figure.
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Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Mar 17, 2018 11:29 AM CST
Spent most of a week at home, home and put green bulbs in the porch Christmas light string, which I will leave on till I change it for Easter next week.
After several years of a dripping kitchen drinking faucet, put a new valve in, still dripped but where as it was four gallons a week, now if it does not dry up four gallon every few months.
Was cleaning the kitchen and saw something moving on the white floor, looked down and saw a bat crawling towards the rug that seals the gap under the door in winter.
To cold to toss him outside so I grabbed him with a cleaning rag and set him in the attic.

Started to clean-arrange-toss stuff that was piled here and their, in tote boxes, from when the County took Tanta away and totally changed my life for well over one year; went to court again as the County has some issues with the Conservator, or at least the people she worked for, but when the judge asked if I knew why I was there and I told her all I knew was what the letter sent me said, she seemed as confused as me as to what was really going on.
She legally dismissed the conservator from my Aunt but told me that when I establish an estate for Tanta, I should show my attorney the legal papers to see what he wants to do.
She was surprised, or stymied when I told the the County person I called told me I did not have to be there. When she asked who told me that , I told here whom ever I called in this building.
She just shook her head; as the amount was less than 200 dollars , she said she could legally start an audit but said for that amount it did not really make much sense.
When I asked about the bills Tanta had from before she died , she said I am not liable for them.
I am trying to find a cheaper lawyer as the one I have does well by me but the amount he though to establish and estate is thousands higher than other people, who have had dealing with this, think it should be, so now that, that should be the last time I have to go to that court building for court, I had best get my butt in gear and get this done.

Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Mar 25, 2018 12:53 PM CST
Well I continue to dicker with Publishers Clearing House, I have now gained 20 million credits for Sharon but won zero dollars.
It still amazes me, I have gained over 300 thousand credits in one day, according to their official total.
The shebang restarts at midnight every day but some time , and they do give you general info if you look for it, I will see people with over 100 thousand credits one hour after the new start. (I spend four to five hours to get 300 thousand and there are no more big hits left by then. I.e --. All the five , ten , twenty thousand hits are gone you are down to one , two , five hundred at a shot, so how they do it does not make sense to
Some day I will spend an hour reading the fine print and see how this really works.

Eczema as far as serious cracks is gone , I know when it is returning partly from fairy cracks that show when I wash my hands.
My taste is not back and as expected kinda-sorta when I use the steriod salve, at night I get the strong smell of vinyl, only way to describe it, at night and some times faint traces during the day.
Time to go back to doctor and watch him shrug his shoulders not knowing what it is.

As I sit here now I can sense a slight smell of vinyl,.
I am getting a bit more concerned that as this is allergy related, it will take a long, long time before things get back to normal if they do.
I was a years before the allergy reaction I got from Sweet Clover years back really went away.
If this allergy reaction is from gardening as I think it may be, this will suck big time.
Had Porterhouse Steak for dinner, I tasted the first three bites.

I have dozens more left over potatoes than I can use (Sharon gets annoying asking why I am cooking potatoes ) so most of my potato garden will be hold overs I will not toss them and spending fifty buck for new varieties is an excise in futility.
I keep saying it but after Easter I have to go home for quite some time and get my Aunts estate bs rolling.
With my fortune we will get a very late season snow blitz and Sharon will rip me a new one for not being where she is.
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Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Mar 31, 2018 11:56 AM CST
Went home yesterday to pick up mail and thought about staying and shoveling snow.
I watched all my TV shows till ten P.M. and after hearing news on the storm thought I better go back in case this does not break in the morning.
Bad move.
The first fifteen miles out of town was the first time I have hit what amount to a white out while driving. There were no car tracks to follow and I could only see twenty or so feet anyway.
After find my self in the left lane several times I was going to turn around and creep back but Semi was closing on me at a great rate of speed so I crawled to the shoulder and when he passed stayed about ninety yards behind him.
Even he hit the brakes at time but we still moved around fifty miles an hour.
Twenty five miles out my new drivers side windshield wiper blew off so I sat in the middle of car to see out of the other side of the windshield.
When we hit Kimball I turned the wipers off as I was not going to scratch the windshield if I did not have to but as the heater in the car was working VERY well and I have bug deflector by that point I really did not need them .
I am going to to put new headlights in the car as it is a seventy eight with less than forty thousand miles on it so it still has 1978 type basic headlights, although, when I looked at them this morning they were covered with over an inch of ice .

It is twenty degrees now with about three to four inches of fluffy snow, at least till the sun hits it and I just spent almost two hours blowing and shoveling snow.
Had I stayed home I am sure I would have had two to three hours of shoveling there as I never got the snow blower out and it is pinned in till I move stuff to get it out.
The car also would have been on the inside of a snow windrow as I park it sideways in the drive way.
I do not know what we got down there but my cousin can bring his blower over and do it.
Stayed up till three as I thought about blowing it in the middle of the night but at three it was coming down hard so it would have been a waste of time.

With the sun high in the sky the snow melts even at lower temps but we are supposed to have lows in the single digits and teens for the next week or so.

Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Apr 4, 2018 1:15 PM CST
Last night after I blew snow, I swept the snow off of Sharon's car and ran it a long time till all the ice was gone.
I had parked my car warm while it was sleeting then snowing so it was covered with ice and crusty snow . I left it as it was and figured if I needed it today I would scrape the windshield and let it run till I could see, well I just looked out side and it is ninety percent plus snow and ice free.
Spring sun is different from winter sun.

It is twenty five degrees so the yard is still covered in snow and where the sun did not hit, the crust left even after shoveling the sidewalk is still there.
I was listening to Christmas Music but switched now to the U of M college station which is now playing a combination of what I call Sunday music and head-shop music.
Way back when I was a teen on Sunday some of the area alternative, anything then not top 40 was alternative, music stations would play a far more mellow and melodic type of music on Sunday.
Oh Lordy for the days of the Wax Museum, Yeti Records, Hot Licks
Often some Twin Cities record/head shops always played a different style from the hard rock that was taking off back then.
I remember I was in the radio section of a dept. store , back when they demonstrated radios by having some on, and heard a band playing that I thought WOW, gotta have that and then discovered it was playing on a new alternative station KQRS, which was so new they were not near filling dead space with advertisers so it sounded like public radio station that took one too many downers not just by the DJs but the odd ball space filling bit.
Mother Earth News was waaay different back then.

Lake St. in the Twin Cities has changed so much, it actually changes to a weird amount every few years, do not find a restaurant you like as it will probably be gone, when you go back, I have taken to listing places I used to visit regularly as the store fronts have changed or are simply totally gone, even though I spent many hundreds of hours there, I cannot place where it was too often any more.
I can sense the area but as the East side, think sparse ghetto, is now full of buildings, often yuppie inspired.

When I get some time at home, I am going to spend several day just cruising in the Cities so I can adjust and re-acclimate even though now those closet to me now are either dead, old or just boring.
I never had a large number of close friends or family. I spent more hours cruising by myself than with other people.
I could enter into brief periods of , for lack of a better word, whoring around pals but they came and went.
Getting old sucks so badly.
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Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Apr 5, 2018 11:49 AM CST
Ha, ha, haaaa ---- Sharon bought a plastic fake wine barrel water tub last summer because she said she was tired of buying new wood ones every few years, even though the old ones were turned into flower barrels as the old ones rotted out.
Now she harped till I emptied it and turned it up side down,weeks before it froze this fall. Blinking

I just looked out the window at it and , badabooom, a large ice sickle had broke off a smashed the bottom out. Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing
This spring I will get her a new wood one. Whistling
Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Apr 18, 2018 6:12 PM CST
Spring is here, wet sloppy lawn and snow is going fast.
Couple hundred miles south of here , winter is gong full blast.

Eczema seems to be in retreat but I have been there before. Do not know what causes it to flare up.
Ate a chilli pot pie yesterday and could totally taste it; made nachos tonight and could taste nothing, I could not have told you what I was eating if blind folded.
Bought a bunch of canned chilli as I made a lot of home made this winter and missed the canned types.
Nothing popping out of the ground, yet.
Name: Anna Z.
Monroe, WI
Charter ATP Member Greenhouse Cat Lover Raises cows Region: Wisconsin
Apr 18, 2018 6:45 PM CST
It is SNOWING again here; was sleeting this afternoon. I am sick to death of this crap.

I should have asked............are comments allowed here or is this a solo thread??? Whistling
Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Apr 18, 2018 8:58 PM CST
AnnaZ said:It is SNOWING again here; was sleeting this afternoon. I am sick to death of this crap.

I should have asked............are comments allowed here or is this a solo thread??? Whistling

There are no solo threads. Blinking Rolling on the floor laughing Blinking

Name: Anna Z.
Monroe, WI
Charter ATP Member Greenhouse Cat Lover Raises cows Region: Wisconsin
Apr 18, 2018 9:28 PM CST
Oh, good. LOL

I found out today that the TSA has decided that I am no threat to Homeland Security and as soon as I pass the pre-trip inspection, skills, and driving part of my CDL, I will get my "H" endorsement on my license. "H" being for HAZMAT, so I can deliver display fireworks. Not many working for the guy that DS#1 works for have that, and they could really use another person to help out, especially over the 4th of July. I jokingly said something last winter "well, maybe I should take the tests and I could do deliveries for you". They called my bluff. Rolling on the floor laughing I took and passedthe CDL general knowledge and HAZMAT written tests last Tuesday, and went and got fingerprinted last Thursday. It will be a Class C CDL, so I'm restricted to a pickup truck, but I can pull a trailer. Thank God I don't have to take the driving test in the trailer; I'd never pass it because I cannot back a trailer using mirrors. I have to crank my neck around and physically look. But, yeah, I CAN back a trailer. Green Grin!
Minnesota (Zone 3b)
May 1, 2018 12:53 PM CST
Well went to the casinos, I lost, Sharon won, the first time.
The Casino at Walker, Mn has ALL NEW machines that are as tight as a drum. Used to be a good place where I usually won ten to forty dollars, no more.
That one may join the list of casinos Sharon finds pointless.
I lost because of greed and it seems now if a machine pays quickly, take your money and find a new one or walk away.
The first time Sharon won over one thousand dollars but that cost her eight hundred to get there.

Eczema is still playing it game. Taste had come back to a fair degree but small annoying spots on my hands finally convinced me to smear the steroid salve all over them and wear gloves again at night, taste is now nearly absent again. Some spots, while not cracking badly, are not going away.
Odd and extremely annoying is her sister served us a steak dinner and I could taste the steak, green salad and mushrooms in wild rice but when she served lemon pie, I could faintly taste the lemon, which was OK, I do not like lemon pie, but the whipped cream and crust simply tasted like liquid and crunchy sugar.

She went out and bought a wood half-barrel before I even knew they were in stock. There were cheaper this year than clearance price from last year.

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Minnesota (Zone 3b)
May 2, 2018 1:45 PM CST
Whilst discussing hard rock bands of the sixties and early seventies on another forum, I ended up going to you boob and listening to a group called Bloodrock who had a hit on alternative and hard rock stations called DOA, whose title describes the song.

I never heard the short top 40 version before and it is not anywhere near as good as the long version we listened to during champagne cruises while waiting for Beaker Theater to come on KAAY out of Little Rock, Ark.
Minnesota (Zone 3b)
May 7, 2018 7:26 PM CST
I found out today, the coil collector hobby, or business, is pretty much toast.
I took 61 silver dollars I had from late 1800s to 1923 in and the dealer said he was not going to offer me any thing. He then pulled out his large plastic tray of tubes each with 100 silver dollars and said I have no place or need for them, the hobby is as dead as collecting baseball cards.

He THEN brought out his junk coins, plastic bowls full of dimes, quarters and half-dollars, condition did not matter, they are worth little to nothing over scrap value.
He showed me a list of odd, rare dollars that even now bring more money but I had none of those.
Scrap value of my coins was 773 dollars and he finally said, after we spoke for awhile and took a liking to me, if I just want to exchange for money, he would give me 800 dollars for them.
I took it. Thumbs up Hurray!
I said I also had dimes and quarters but as he had no need, or really space for them that there was a traveling coin exchange coming and I would take them there.
He then said no they will screw you but then also said, take them there and see what they offer, then come back here, do not tell me and see what I offer. I tip my hat to you.
I spent near an hour just BSing with him.
He also gives out Eisenhower dollars as change. Rolling on the floor laughing
Name: Karen
NM (Zone 7b)
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May 7, 2018 9:48 PM CST
Well that's a bummer for people who've collected coins all their lives. Sighing! Have you checked Ebay? In the past I've sold coins there and did fairly well. Most of them were nothing special, just old.
Handcrafted Coastal Inspired Art SeaMosaics!
Minnesota (Zone 3b)
May 7, 2018 10:08 PM CST
plantmanager said:Well that's a bummer for people who've collected coins all their lives. Sighing! Have you checked Ebay? In the past I've sold coins there and did fairly well. Most of them were nothing special, just old.

I needed the money and if he had not bought them I would have had to gamble on the traveling coin show or drive into the twin Cities which would have reduced my profit by twenty bucks for gasoline.
Such is life. Blinking

The sad part is I would like to have just kept them, just to look at them, but they really are worthless that way.
I still have a few so life goes on. I tip my hat to you.

Minnesota (Zone 3b)
May 12, 2018 1:29 PM CST
The tulip, Iris and day lily garden by Sharon's house looks pretty sad.
While the siders are stepping to a degree in the iris, tulip, daylilly garden they have not really stepped on many plants so they cannot be blamed for the pathetic results.
Now I know tulips slowly decimate but from a dozen to five, especially the ones that were totally in there own area, is rather pathetic BUT the fact the Iris are so sad means I am going to have change something, just not sure what.
It appeared, before the siding began, that the old foo-foo Iris I put in , plus the new ones from last year went belly up.
I am not putting any more bucks-up iris in that area. It makes as much sense as throwing dollar bills in the toilet and peeing on them.

The fact water puddles there mid winter during a thaw is probably the main problem but it has been like that for over a decade. I am thinking of ripping all the plants out and raising part of the bed.
There is a dry well there that works once the frost is out of the ground but is worthless in winter.
I would like to change the level of the soil so water would drain better but it is a lot of work and if I do it Sharon will spit fire for months
As it is there is a man-made ditch, the width of a sand shovel my self and the former owner of the house made to stop water from running into the basement as it used to and I will refresh that ditch and let Sharon hiss and spit.
Minnesota (Zone 3b)
May 12, 2018 8:53 PM CST
Will not be going home, I was planting as much up at Sharon's house as I could and found I had nine not six tomatoes, and lost two of them. Tiny little ones in a four pack but I set them aside after using two to put in some other extras and God only knows where I set them, then I saw I also had a six pack of Broccoli that was supposed to go in so one half hour before sunset I said to heck with it I am getting out of here, was loading the car and Sharon says Bob come here.
I said WHAT -- as I was already annoyed but she said come here in a calm tone of voice again so I knew some thing was probably very wrong.
I went in and found out she had fallen and broke her wrist, although at that point no sure what was really wrong.

Went the clinic Urgency room, they X-rayed and she broke it badly, shoving the hand back into the wrist bone.
I have to take her into see the orthopedist Monday at 7:30 A.M.
She does not know why she fell but I am quite sure it was clear plastic on top of clear plastic sheet that when stepped on is far slipperier than ice.
I have done that and you go down so incredibly quickly and really do not know you are falling till you are picking yourself off of the ground.
Probably surgery needed and she is very, very, very unhappy with herself.
She said, I should not have put my hand out and I said then you would have fractured your elbow; in bit of humor, she then said I should have hit the ground with my head then.

The Golden Years are the biggest farce ever foisted on humanity.

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