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Apr 22, 2018 12:47 AM CST
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Name: LizBurnettOutback Burnett
Clermont, Queensland. Australi
Jasmine - Creeper - Star.

Is out of control, and twisting around itself crazily.
I need options for it...
Can I transplant/take cuttings as I prune and replant?
How is best to prune?
Apr 22, 2018 8:29 AM CST
Name: Will Creed
Prof. plant consultant & educator
Now is a good time to prune your Jasmine way back - by at least a third. New growth will emerge just below the pruning cuts on each stem.

Pruned off tip cuttings with 6 leaves or less will root most readily in plain water. When you have many cuttings with roots at least an inch long, they can be moved to a single small pot filled with damp potting mix.
Will Creed
Horticultural Help, NYC
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