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Name: Sib
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I have 3 hoyas now and I'm not sure how much sun they should get. I live in Fl so it is very sunny.

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Oct 5, 2019 11:09 PM CST
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sibbyp48 said:I have 3 hoyas now and I'm not sure how much sun they should get. I live in Fl so it is very sunny.


Sibby, although this is an older post, it came up on a search and no one has replied yet, so I'll address your question.

Although I am not an "expert" by far, I've had a Hoya carnosa 'Compacta' for a couple of years and can comment from my experience with it. From the appearance of the plant, with its hard vine and tough, waxy-looking leaves, I assumed it would fare well with lots of sun, so for the first summer, I had it outside on my garden patio in full sun for the first half of the day and I watered it every couple of days, since it was in full, hot sun. Although it "managed" those conditions, some of the leaves became "sun scorched" and it didn't bloom. This summer, I placed it in a spot that only received full sun in the early morning and remained shaded but in bright light for the rest of the day. I also didn't water nearly as often, and it must like these conditions much better, for it has remained in constant bloom, usually with as many as five bloom clusters at once. From this experience, I would say that they prefer bright light but little direct sun in order to thrive. Also, oddly enough since they root very readily just stuck in a glass of water, I should reiterate that it was watered much less frequently this year (to the point of neglect, even!), yet it seemed to appreciate the "drought" conditions and kept right on blooming and showing very well.

Of course, I defer to others with more knowledge and experience with these plants, should they hold other opinions, but this has been my experience with Hoyas, and my sister in California has a climbing variety that she says is thriving inside, in front of a brightly lit sliding glass door, so the key seems to be very bright light, but with little direct sunlight. Hope this helps someone! Thumbs up

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