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May 28, 2018 9:53 AM CST
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Name: Michael
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Any recommendations for above & underground weed barriers for aegopodium?

We have two neighbors with lots of aegopodium growing into our yard (40 feet along one side of the yard, 20 feet along another side). The 20' neighbor already has a fence above ground that prevents aegepodium spreading above ground, but some spreads under the fence. The 40' neighbor has a thin wired fence (cyclone fence) with tons of aegopodium coming through. The weed primarily spreads under ground via roots, but appears to also spread above ground via seeds falling. We're looking for a solution that prevents both paths.

- Last year we spent a few hundred dollars on a weed barrier material that we spread flat covering the entire border of the yards, covering 3-6' feet into our yard. This prevented around 99% of aegopodium growth. A few aegopodium sprung through and we're planning to manually remove them, but are looking to grow vegetables where the ground cover barrier is now, so we want a barrier that prevents below/above ground spreading at the fences.
- The 40' border neighbor has a weed whacker which he uses to give the aegopodium a trim a few times per year, but he claims it has kept coming back for 20+ years he's lived there and he's mostly given up on it.
- We've tried ammonia as a natural plant killer, which made some aegopodium unhappy, but there's far too much to exterminate with ammonia.
- We hired a neighbor's son who spent around 80 hours carefully de-rooting the aegopodium, but there was far too much to pull.
- My mom's friend suggested farmers used to bury rolls of roofing material as under ground + above-ground barriers for this purpose, but we learned most roofing material still contains asbestos and are looking for a non-toxic solution.

- UNDER GROUND: We found 14" x 10 feet rolls of aluminum for around $10 at Lowes. Burying this along each border seemed like it could prevent roots from spreading for around $60. Since aluminum corrodes into aluminum oxide, we're thinking of upgrading to stainless steel which would cost around $250 for the under ground barrier.
- UNDER GROUND ALTERNATIVES: since even stainless steel can corrode under ground, we're considering cement or some sort of rubber barrier.
- ABOVE GROUND: We're thinking of trying the same weed barrier ground cover we used last year, but attaching it upright to the wired (cyclone) fence.

Has anyone tried something similar before? Any suggestions or lessons learned from the community would be much appreciated.
May 28, 2018 10:13 AM CST
Name: Philip Becker
Fresno California (Zone 8a)
A continuous cement barrier deep enough to keep roots from growing under, is the only choice you have.

Get rid of all weed barrier, forever.

I'm thinking on neighbor with chain link fence ?🤔???

I'll be back. 😀
Anything i say, could be misrepresented, or wrong.
May 28, 2018 11:50 AM CST
Name: Philip Becker
Fresno California (Zone 8a)
Howdy Michael I'm back. With a few thoughts on hurricane fence.
Cheepest way, would be, some kind of material on chain link fence, fabric or panels. Short of building a wood fence on your side, would be to screw fence boards to your side of chain link fence.
Or ? You could ask neighbor if you could spray his side with weed killer. Cheepest weed killer is regular household bleach.
I BELIEVE ? I read, it's not toxic to the soil.
So please ! Do a research, before you use it !!!

You'll need to spray the weed every time you see green. You deplete the roots from top energy long enough, the roots will die.

I say no weed barrier in your vege garden because,
#1 weed roots will find any hole or overlap in barrier.
#2 It will be a hinderance to you digging the root out.

Good thing is. 👍👍😀
You'll probably be able to get most of the roots out when you till-up the garden to plant.

Use your Diligence !
It will reward you, with wealth of food, and happiness ! 👍👍😀

Gardening is good for the Soul.
Happy gardening, my friend.😀😀😀
Philip 😎😎😎
Anything i say, could be misrepresented, or wrong.
May 28, 2018 12:19 PM CST
Name: greene
Savannah, GA (Sunset 28) (Zone 8b)
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If it's an area where you can use a lawn mower, just keep mowing it short...and again...and again.

Or...Sometimes you have to bring out the big guns...Round-Up and/or Poison Ivy killer. After that has destroyed the plants, lay down thick black plastic to keep out all light and rainwater.
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May 28, 2018 12:38 PM CST
Name: Deb
Planet Earth (Zone 8b)
Region: Pacific Northwest Million Pollinator Garden Challenge Garden Ideas: Master Level
I've never tried to eradicate it, but do have it growing at the foot of fruit trees and the lawn mower is effective at keeping it contained. I also cut it to the ground after flowering to keep it from getting too leggy. Since you are planning a vegetable garden, maybe think about raised beds to keep the goutweed from infiltrating your veggies.
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