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Jun 12, 2018 5:10 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Pat
McLean, VA (Zone 7a)
These are some that bloomed for the first time ever and didn't make the cut but are too nice to compost. It's $5 per plant. Many are a single fan, but since they are blooming, they should be splitting into two soon.

Since most are 1-2 fans, shipping will be $10 for the first two fans and $1 additional for each additional 2 fans. In a few cases, some have made multiple small fans already which I will count as 2 fans even if there is more. I hope that makes sense. There's an extra charge of $4 for west of the Mississippi and an extra charge for PayPal ($.60 plus 3%). Checks are preferred.

Please note the difference in the numbering and use the exact number when ordering.

18-5 (Little Lemon Twist x Midsummer a Woman's Work) 16"x3.5" - SF+
Thumb of 2018-06-12/daylilly99/66a406
18-7 (Midsummer Tranquility x Pete's Dragon - 30"x7" - SF+
Thumb of 2018-06-18/daylilly99/cb0870
Thumb of 2018-06-12/daylilly99/ba66ae

18-9 (Midsummer Tranquility x Pete's Dragon) 26"x6" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-12/daylilly99/9be56b
18-10 (unknown) 20" x 5" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-12/daylilly99/89245c

18-13 (Small World Eye of the Cat x Midsummer Tranquility) 17"x7" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-12/daylilly99/8d4e2d
18-14 (Pete's Dragon x Strawberry Lemonade) 24"x7" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-12/daylilly99/9da56b
18-15 (unknown x Dragonfly Dawn) 26"x6", fragrant - DF
Thumb of 2018-06-12/daylilly99/247701
18-16 (Dragonfly Dawn x seedling) 22"x5" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-18/daylilly99/023ebc

18-20 (Midsummer Tranquility x Pete's Dragon) 20"x5" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-14/daylilly99/c89633
18-21 (Riot Act x seedling) 31"x6" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-14/daylilly99/39242e
18-22 (Cabbages and Kings x Just Plain Bill) 20"x5.5" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-14/daylilly99/8baf40

18-25 (Subtle Knife x seedling) 17"x5" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-14/daylilly99/b06e7f

18-27 Pete's Dragon x Strawberry Lemonade) 29"x5" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-14/daylilly99/13e28a
18-28 (Midsummer Tranquility x Pete's Dragon) 24"x7" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-14/daylilly99/1140d5

18-30 (Darkly Bright x Midsummer Tranquility) 17"x7" - DF
Thumb of 2018-06-18/daylilly99/50916d

18-34 (Midsummer Tranquility x Pete's Dragon) 28"x6" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-18/daylilly99/8c57d3

18-36 (seedling x seedling) 25"x7" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-18/daylilly99/f74319

18-38 (unknown x unknown) 25"x5" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-18/daylilly99/093583

18-41 (Seedling x Spiny Norman) 17"x5.5" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-18/daylilly99/49d594

18-42 (seedling x All Things to All Men) 17" x 5.5" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-18/daylilly99/9769b5

18-43 (Dragonfly Dawn x seedling) 21"x5.5", fragrant - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-18/daylilly99/218118

18-44 (Seedling x Lydia's Royal Robes) 33"x6.5" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-18/daylilly99/21fbc3

18-46 (Squirrelly x Starfish Prime) 26"x6" - DF
Thumb of 2018-06-20/daylilly99/ed8faa

18-47 (Little Lemon Twist x Midsummer a Woman's Work) 21"x3.5" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-20/daylilly99/dcf455

18-55 (Love and Marriage x War Horse) 29"x4.5" -SF
Thumb of 2018-06-20/daylilly99/720bb6

18-56 (Pete's Dragon x Galaxy Cream) 24" x 7" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-26/daylilly99/7a2a45

18-57 (unknown x unknown) 27"x5.5" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-26/daylilly99/047343

18-58 (Westbourne Mom's Cinnamon Rolls x Clown for a Day) 27"x6" - DF
Thumb of 2018-06-26/daylilly99/ed3fbf

18-62 (seedling x Lydia's Regal Robe) 25"x5.5" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-26/daylilly99/6d156d

18-63 (William Delorey x seedling) 28"x5.5" - DF
Thumb of 2018-06-26/daylilly99/a526cf

18-64 (Kissed in the Dark x Ruffles Have Ripples) 19"x6" - SF+
Thumb of 2018-06-26/daylilly99/89b387

18-65 (seedling x Small World Christie Dawn Robinson) - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-26/daylilly99/6dfbe7

18-66 (Squirrelly x Starfish Prime) 22"x5.5" - DF
Thumb of 2018-06-26/daylilly99/7ce1e5

18-003 (Small World Eye of the Cat x seedling) 15"x6" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-29/daylilly99/7fbdf5

18-017 (Dragonfly Dawn x seedling) 21"x5.5" - DF+
Thumb of 2018-06-29/daylilly99/666dde

18-020 (unknown x unknown tet) 15"x5" SF
Thumb of 2018-06-29/daylilly99/578ca2

18-034 (Pink Aloha x Small World Shelli Elizabeth) 28"x5.5" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-29/daylilly99/076001

18-039 (Pete's Dragon x Squirrelly) 30"x5" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-29/daylilly99/c0a626

18-041 (Midsummer Tranquility x Pete's Dragon) 29"x6" - SF
Thumb of 2018-06-29/daylilly99/99fa3d

18-043 (Boundless Beauty x All Things to All Men) 18"x6" - DF
Thumb of 2018-06-29/daylilly99/cde95b
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Jun 13, 2018 8:43 AM CST
Zone 5 Iowa
Jurassic mosquito.
Thank you
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Jun 18, 2018 2:49 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Pat
McLean, VA (Zone 7a)
I've just added a bunch more and will probably keep updating.
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Jun 29, 2018 2:45 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Pat
McLean, VA (Zone 7a)
More added just now.
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