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Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Oct 31, 2018 11:58 AM CST
Now I could have put this in Musings, or All things Gardening but I will put it here because I can.

I will go out today and clean out the North rose garden, cut down the plants , vacuum out debris and put the the fence up on one side (trying to put fabric down when the entire fence is up would be an extremely annoying asininity.

It is wet, every morning, more than dew and the irrigation system is long shut off.
I do not want to saturate the soil and plants with Oxidate till just before covering though, I guess that would make little difference as there is not new air borne diseases this time of year.
The ground is not even close to freezing nor have there been any frost hard enough to even temp . freeze the ground which is when the pros say roses should be covered.
The veggie garden is empty so I can plop bags of leaves in there but as is now, that will be a muddy hole as I will step into areas where I put debris and potato greens which by now are decomposed and when I step in them I sink up to my ankle.

Down South I really, really should weed the rose garden before it is time to cover as the last month too many weeds have made a come back and it is not good to let them over winter.
I also have to go out and get ten or so bags of Cocoa Bean hulls for the roses that not being buried.
Once I start doing this full throttle, it does not take all that long , in reality, a day or two at most, at each place, but thinking about it gives me hemorrhoids.
Now bagging leaves, that is a bit of a different story.
Name: Carol
Alberta, Canada (Zone 3b)
Oct 31, 2018 12:03 PM CST
You sure have a lot to do!!! I'm glad that all of my work is done....about a month ago. Good luck with all of your work. You're zone 3 in Minnesota? Here in Calgary, the other side of the city is zone 4a...whereas where I am, it's zone 3b. I'm surprised you're that cold there.
Carol Smiling
Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Oct 31, 2018 12:13 PM CST
Canadian_Rose said:You sure have a lot to do!!! I'm glad that all of my work is done....about a month ago. Good luck with all of your work. You're zone 3 in Minnesota? Here in Calgary, the other side of the city is zone 4a...whereas where I am, it's zone 3b. I'm surprised you're that cold there.
Carol Smiling

South garden is Zone 4 but the north garden has seen -40F multilple times in the past.
My water pipes are deep at both sites but not that long ago, one winters it was repeatedly cold enough that local news radio said it might not be a bad idea to leave a water faucet trickling at night.
The center of Minn. is located in a spike, comes down off of Hudson Bay, that one hundred miles north of me is Zone 2.
Name: Carol
Alberta, Canada (Zone 3b)
Oct 31, 2018 12:20 PM CST
Really! zone 2 in Minnesota?? Holey Moley!!! Yeah, I guess you're lucky that Hudson Bay isn't sending down polar bears as well. Hilarious! And your garden has seen -40F/-40C? Wow!! We don't get that ever. My goodness! When I lived in Fort McMurray we got down to -50C/-46F for about 3 weeks every year. I remember that my daughter (who was 3 at the time (really smart kid...could read at 1 year old and 2 months)) said (when we were visiting relatives in Edmonton)..."Mom, there's something strange here. It's winter time and I can see the sky!" Winters were difficult on one's mood there....overcast all winter long.

Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Nov 4, 2018 1:07 AM CST
As of now I have 26 fifty to 65 gallon bags of leaves, mostly Oak.
This year the city instead of dumping them back in the woods, right now has them sitting along the road in the park.
That was nice of them; I was surprised the pile I grabbed some leaves off of the past five plus years was not used but when I walked back there---- (this spring I took some extra for the potatoes, )----the pile which then was still well over 2 feet high was so low , if you did not know what it was you would not have seen it.
Warm wet summer really zapped it.
I did get six or so bags off of lawns because they were lighter than the piles that the vacuum sucked up.

I have to haul some down South so I may get another eight to sixteen, which if it is more than I need, I can save for use on veggie garden next summer.

Roses are trimmed and the bed has been vacuumed clean. Two of the roses, one old, one new are sending up sucker canes from the base root.
Both bloomed, well, but I really, really, really have lost the patience to deal with this sort of stuff and was tempted to just pull them out.
I need some more bags of Cocoa Bean hulls but with true cold coming next week, SO, by this time next week they should all be covered, Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing , yeah right, by saying that I know I have just vexed the process. Blinking Blinking I tip my hat to you.
Name: Carol
Alberta, Canada (Zone 3b)
Nov 4, 2018 10:49 AM CST
Wow...sounds like you're all set!!! Oh no!! I probably jinxed you again!!! Blinking
Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Nov 4, 2018 4:40 PM CST
North roses garden is done, only took me four hours. Hurray!
Drenched all the roses with Oxidate before I covered them.
Used 14 of the bags of leaves.
Due to new roses, a bird house post that is in the way, it will be a lot harder to clean up in spring.
I did not bury any of the roses but put three of them under cones five are partially buried in Cocoa bean hulls also.
The DA-- bird house post now takes up the space where I could tip multiple roses and they are too close together to go another direction. Thumbs down
I did put the fabric over most of them but rather than being semi-neatly laid out so I can , after taking top layers of leaves off in spring, kind of drag off the rest with the fabric, the fabric was more or less simply tossed in , stretched out willy-nilly to cover as much as need be and then covered with leaves.
For the first time ever I put up the fence before laying the fabric; weather was not bad but I just wanted to get it done and I would have had to move 18 bags of leaves a lot farther out , plus as the rose bed was not buried, which makes putting fabric down a simple matter, I just put up the fence and then did as I wrote above.
Right now they are three feet deep, plus or minus but that will sink with time. I tip my hat to you.

I may put up the fence again this year down South have not done that except to plug up open sides for a fair number of years, but I would like a deeper layers this year and that is one way of ensuring that.
Time and weather will tell.
It will be a lot colder when I do that than it is now. Blinking
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Minnesota (Zone 3b)
Nov 13, 2018 11:03 PM CST
South garden is done.
Highs were in the twenties and I was not sure how I would deal with the frozen ground.
My brother came home one day so I did nothing that but Sunday I finally decided what I was going to do and got at it.
I waited till the afternoon for good and lousy reasons but putting of till the last hours forced me to simply do what had to be done with no what if I, no, what if I ....
The big six footer was my real concern but my neighbor Steve had deposited his leaves in my rose so most of the ground was not frozen. I had told him to put it by the grape vine and I would move it but had he done that the ground in the rose bed would have been frozen.
Some roses were totally covered and I was not going to uncover them but four plus the big guy were out in the open.
I dug a hole and buried the big guy except I had not made it quite long enough so some cane ends are most just covered with Cocoa Beans and leaves.
It took near four bags of bean hulls to cover it and then I put landscape fabric over that and about sixteen inches of leaves that were near it.
I put cones over three of the others and doused them with Oxidate, as I had done the big guy and mostly buried the fourth with bean hulls.
I then leveled out the leaves Steve had dumped in the area with roses to around 12 inches, put another fabric over the area I thought the hidden ones were in and covered the whole bed with the ten bags of leaves I brought down.
It was dark when I finished.
All the yard work left down there now is raking leaves, there was spotty snow so I did not do that, and mow the lawn.
There should be enough leaves to put a deep layer over the whole bed and it is already from approx . sixteen to twenty inches deep.
Ground is very wet and that is good.

I partly dread uncovering next spring as there is leaves, fabric and more leaves and I did not mark rose locations with rods like I usually do.
I am curious though as to how well the six footer will look after being buried in bean hulls though it will be a lot easier to find.

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