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When You Garden You Grow

Gardening has taken me to new places and given me new experiences that I never imagined. I began gardening to relieve stress and bring a bit of nature into a harshly artificial environment in the city. Little did I know that first bag of daffodils would be the beginning of a... >>more

Outdoor Container Garden Giveaway Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted stories about their gardening challenges and solutions. There were many inspiring ones, and I will revisit some of my favorites throughout the year. We would also like to... >>more

Spring-Flowering Trees for Urban Gardens

Old Man Winter is finally releasing his gray, icy grip, and hardy plants like snowdrops and daffodils are signaling the changing of the seasons. Over the next few weeks Mother Nature will put on a flirty display with ornamental trees of all colors and fashions. Dozens of trees will bring flowers in reds, purples, yellows... >>more

Improving Soggy Soil

Spring is a time of abundant natural moisture. The thawing ground is soaked from winter rains and snow, and rivers flood into bottomlands. Frequent showers add even more water to the mix. Gardeners are familiar with spring wetness. Low areas of the garden can be mushy or even flooded. This creates saturated soils that may be unworkable until... >>more


April 2008

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William Moss
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April Q&A

Question: I'm looking for some dimension on my deck and want to plant an arching trellis that will be anchored in two containers. What would be a... more

April Gardening Tips

  1. Plant hardy annuals like snapdragons and larkspur in front of and between your spring bulbs. The colorful annual flowers will help hide the fading foliage of tulips and daffodils.

  2. The longer days and cool soil of spring are ideal for root growth. Plant perennials and shrubs early in the season to give them the best chance of settling in before the summer heat.

  3. Plan a day trip to see the wildflowers bursting from every forest and field. Throughout America spring is a time of profuse bloom: bluebells in Virginia, trilliums in New York, trout lilies in Illinois, bluebonnets in Texas, and poppies in California, to name a few. Pack a lunch and spend the day at a state or national park reveling in natureÍs celebration of spring.

Today's site banner is by wildflowers and is called "Summer at the pond"