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A Container Veggie Garden

Now is the time to plant crops for bountiful harvests this summer and fall. Even small-space gardeners can grow enough nutritious produce to prepare a few meals, supplement your diet, and save some bucks. With a little planning and attention, container gardens can produce like mini farms.... >>more

Hardscapes in the Garden

Gardens are magical places. The shape of the landscape (or cityscape) and the plants set the mood and provide interest. But it is often the hardscapes that separate great gardens from good ones. Benches, arbors, patios, and other features define the space, frame the best views, and provide places for reflection in the garden.... >>more

Containers of Colorful Flowers and Foliage

In spring, growing container gardens is easy. Vibrant bulbs and cold-hardy annuals grow easily in the mild, wet weather. Summer is a different story. With baking heat and unpredictable storms, container plants can be stressed by drought, sun, wind, insect pests, and other challenging conditions.... >>more

May Q & A

Question: I have been seeing online that companion planting helps control pests and improves the growth and flavor of vegetables. Can you provide more information?

Answer: Many plants are known to deter pests and/or attract beneficial wildlife. Some of them make great companion plants for the vegetable or ornamental garden.... >>more


May 2008

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May Gardening Tips

1. Plan now for the summer heat. Proper irrigation keeps the garden and the gardener from struggling. If you don’t want to drag hoses around, think about in-ground systems or drip irrigation. A simple sprinkler attached to a timer is often sufficient for smaller urban gardens.

2. Shop at local farmers’ markets. Few things are healthier or "greener" than fresh, local produce. You provide yourself with good nutrition and help keep a local farmer in business.

3. Take a trip to a forest, mountain, or arboretum to see the trees. The leaves are in their freshest and most vibrant shades of green. Many trees have already flowered and are beginning to fruit. But others like hawthorns, ashes, pines, and lindens will keep the canopy blooming until midsummer.

Today's site banner is by wildflowers and is called "Summer at the pond"