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ATM Im interested in propagating, cloning ect. something I have alot to learn about. I love happy flowers, plants ect. I love beautiful blooms and gorgeous foliage! I guess since Im fairly new at this Gardening I still get very excited about it.. Im like a child playing in the dirt.. lol

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  • Joined on September 20, 2016
  • Name: Pamela Gregory
  • Location: Maryland
  • USDA Zone: 6b
  • Interests: Please Read. Ty ;) I mean no disrespect or to be rude to anyone , I just like everything upfrnt and honest. So please understand... When I am posting a question if ANYONE is interested in helping out a new Gardner Id be super grateful. Please keep in mind if you decide want to help me ,please consider this ; I believe someone with patience should respond, I often have more questions than others I feel and I am obviously a emotional person to say the least, or I wear my heart on my sleeve some say? I dont really get that.. anyways... lol if you dont have alot of patients thats great too , I appreciate you all reading and any and all the help I received here. My only point is I love the help and need it alot but if I'm struggling its out of needed learning not laziness or lack of desire to get it right .. sometimes its just takes me a few more minutes to take everything in meaning process and understand what I've been told and again I ask alot of questions. . Ill try to limit post and keep to topic as requested. I dont realize Im straying sometimes , sometimes Im over excited and I dont take in what Iv been told at all which normally leads to me not remembering at all! I takes notes when I feel I cant remember or just because taking notes also helps me underatand what I have just written and read or learning. Im not quite sure why that is but I have guessed its about slowing down my thought process so I can understand what I have read ect. Anywho. Thanks again. I mean no disrespect I just like to put things out there . Im not much for troublesome gossiping or two faced relationships thats a big no no for me. If we dont like one another its normal HAPPENS EVERY DAY. so I normally admit to the person if needed that I dont particularly care for them and for what reason if I fell its needs to be discussed to end any issue right then and there. Then I am done with that relationship I may talk crap every now and again about my enemies. Im a woman. . And men do it too but I do Not say things I wouldnt say or havnt said to thier face . I BELIEVE THIS is how real friendships should be but honestly this is and endless conversation for me because I dont feel many people know what friendship is or a relationship of any kind pretty much.. people suck now a days. Im an old head . Oh well I dont believe in friends fairytales anymore because I havnt had any that hasnt stabbed me in my back in one way or another. Ok Im rambling but this is very important to me and I dont feel I can have much of a friendship with anyone anymore without just saying this is who i am if you dont like me then please lets just move onto the next thing in life. I just dont see any point. Other than bad feelings and I refuse to add that to my life in anyway . Now back to our beautiful gardens!!! End of rant. Thanks for listening. ;)
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