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Texas transplant, 80 years old. Starting all over again. Eight screws, 4 rods in my neck but that will not keep me from gardening. My first garden was when I was 8 years old. Haven't stopped since. What plants do I love most? Ones that bloom. However, I transplanted 200 named day lilies, 25 roses, 70 named irises, columbine,penstemon, salvia, Hens and Chickens, various succulents from Texas to here a year and a half ago. My possible flower beds when I bought the house? River rock and shade cloth. The removal has been awful but it's basically done now. Had 16 yards of good compost hauled in, tilled twice and started putting things from pots into the ground. I now have blooms! I'm still constructing the outlines of beds and digging up rocks that are covered in dirt in one more path. Have completed two paths and I love how they look. I still have to get my permanent fence up but that will come after I have someone rent a sod remover and take up about 9 feet by 50 feet of grass, get more compost, till it in which will expand my existing main bed by that much. My daughter, also a raving gardener, my son-in-law, grandson, and his wife have been wonderful to help me with the heavy stuff. They bring retaining blocks from the driveway and line them up where I need them then I take out grass or dig dirt to level or curve them into place. When your garden is on a slight slope it is amazing how much water runs off your plants and down to the bottom. Had to do something and cantelope size river rock were way to expensive so thanks Home Depot for having just what I could use in their place. So, no more time to write. I gotta get out in the yard and work. Bye Ya'll.

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