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Marine biology major at UNC Wilmington and science teacher for 20 years in North Carolina.

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Moon Gardener Purslane Region: Puerto Rico Garden Procrastinator Keeper of Poultry Ponds Pollen collector Region: Pacific Northwest Plumerias Rabbit Keeper Lover of wildlife (Raccoon badge) Region: Alabama Region: West Virginia Region: South Dakota Region: Maryland Region: Massachusetts Region: Kansas Region: Hawaii Region: Delaware Plant Lover: Loves 'em all! Permaculture Region: New York Region: New Mexico Region: New Jersey Region: New Hampshire Region: Nebraska Native Plants and Wildflowers Mules Morning Glories Region: North Carolina Region: Northeast US Peppers Peonies Region: Pennsylvania Organic Gardener Region: Oregon Orchids Region: Oklahoma Region: Ohio Region: Gulf Coast Region: Idaho Seller of Garden Stuff Vegetable Grower Region: Utah Region: United States of America The WITWIT Badge Region: Ukraine Region: United Kingdom Tropicals Region: Vermont Region: Virginia Xeriscape Vermiculture Region: Wisconsin Enjoys or suffers cold winters Winter Sowing Deer Beavers Lover of wildlife (Black bear badge) Plant and/or Seed Trader Tomato Heads Sempervivums Seed Starter Sedums Plays in the sandbox Salvias Roses Region: Wales Multi-Region Gardener Keeps Sheep Snakes Region: Texas Region: Tennessee Tender Perennials Enjoys or suffers hot summers Spiders! Region: Southwest Gardening Region: South Carolina Solar Power Zinnias Region: Montana Japanese Maples Clematis Cat Lover Region: Kentucky Region: Canadian Garden Photography Region: California Cactus and Succulents Bulbs Region: Colorado Composter Dog Lover Daylilies Dahlias Cut Flowers Critters Allowed Raises cows Cottage Gardener Container Gardener Butterflies Gardens in Buckets Aroids Region: Arkansas Region: Arizona Aquaponics Apples Annuals Amaryllis Adeniums Region: Australia Azaleas Brugmansias Bromeliad Bookworm Bluebonnets Birds Region: Belgium Bee Lover Beekeeper Dragonflies Echinacea Region: Indiana Region: Illinois Canning and food preservation Hydroponics Hydrangeas Hybridizer Hummingbirder Houseplants Region: Iowa Irises Region: Mississippi Region: Minnesota Miniature Gardening Region: Mid-Atlantic Region: Michigan Region: Louisiana Lilies Keeper of Koi Hostas Keeps Horses Fruit Growers Frugal Gardener Frogs and Toads Foliage Fan Region: Florida Ferns Farmer Region: Europe Garden Art Region: Georgia Hibiscus Heucheras Herbs Hellebores Heirlooms Growing under artificial light Greenhouse Keeps Goats Region: Missouri

Some info about WebTucker:
  • Joined on September 7, 2021
  • Name: Web
  • Location: Aberdeen, North Carolina
  • USDA Zone: 8a
  • Interests: Botany💐🌸💮🌲🌳🌴🌺Photography. 📷📸📷Biking🚲🚲🚲Reading📘📙📕📔 and Now! Gardening🌺🌻🌼🌹🏵💮🌸💐
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    WebTucker's Plant List
    There are 362 plants in WebTucker's plant list.
    Natives: 267 plants
    Amaranthaceae: 1 plant
    Page's Lake Park: 34 plants
    Non native/cultivars: 84 plants
    Rare, threatened or endangered: 4 plants
    Boyd House garden: 33 plants
    Flower Gardening 2022: 13 plants
    Fruit garden: 1 plant
    House plants: 5 plants
    Vegetable gardening: 11 plants
    Vintage: 6 plants
    Seeds collected: 5 plants
    Acanthaceae: 1 plant
    Aceraceae: 2 plants
    Agavaceae: 2 plants
    Amaryllidaceae: 1 plant
    Anacardiaceae: 4 plants
    Apiaceae/Umbelliferae: 3 plants
    Apocynaceae: 2 plants
    Aquifoliaceae: 5 plants
    Araceae: 5 plants
    Araliaceae: 2 plants
    Asclepiadaceae: 2 plants
    Aspleniaceae: 2 plants
    Asteraceae: 46 plants
    Balsaminaceae: 1 plant
    Begoniaceae: 3 plants
    Berberidaceae: 2 plants
    Betulaceae: 2 plants
    Bignoniaceae: 2 plants
    Blechnaceae: 1 plant
    Boraginaceae: 2 plants
    Brassicaceae/Cruciferae: 3 plants
    Cactaceae: 1 plant
    Campanulaceae: 2 plants
    Cannaceae: 2 plants
    Caprifoliaceae: 2 plants
    Caryophallaceae: 3 plants
    Celestraceae: 2 plants
    Chenopodiaceae: 1 plant
    Clethraceae: 1 plant
    Commelinaceae: 2 plants
    Convolvulaceae: 4 plants
    Cornaceae: 3 plants
    Crassulaceae: 1 plant
    Cucurbitaceae: 1 plant
    Cupressaceae: 2 plants
    Cyperaceae: 3 plants
    Cyrillaceae: 1 plant
    Droseraceae: 1 plant
    Ebenaceae: 1 plant
    Eleagnaceae: 1 plant
    Ericaceae: 10 plants
    Eriocaulaceae: 1 plant
    Euphorbiaceae: 4 plants
    Fabaceae: 26 plants
    Fagaceae: 8 plants
    Geraniaceae: 1 plant
    Gingkoaceae: 1 plant
    Hamamelidaceae: 2 plants
    Hydrocharitaceae: 1 plant
    Hypericaceae: 5 plants
    Iridaceae: 4 plants
    Juglandaceae: 1 plant
    Lamiaceae/Labatiae: 13 plants
    Lauraceae: 1 plant
    Lentibulariaceae: 1 plant
    Liliaceae: 18 plants
    Loganiaceae: 2 plants
    Lythraceae: 1 plant
    Magnoliacae: 4 plants
    Malvaceae: 5 plants
    Melastomataceae: 3 plants
    Meliaceae: 1 plant
    Moraceae: 2 plants
    Nelumbonaceae: 1 plant
    Nyctaginaceae: 1 plant
    Nymphaeaceae: 4 plants
    Oleaceae: 3 plants
    Onagraceae: 6 plants
    Orchidaceae: 3 plants
    Oxalidaceae: 3 plants
    Palmaceae: 2 plants
    Papaveraceae: 1 plant
    Phytolaccaceae: 1 plant
    Pinaceae: 4 plants
    Piperaceae: 1 plant
    Plantaginaceae: 3 plants
    Platanaceae: 1 plant
    Plumbaginaceae: 1 plant
    Poaceae/Graminea: 6 plants
    Polygalaceae: 1 plant
    Polygonaceae: 3 plants
    Pontederiaceae: 2 plants
    Portulacaceae: 1 plant
    Primulaceae: 1 plant
    Ranunculaceae: 7 plants
    Rosaceae: 7 plants
    Rubiaceae: 8 plants
    Scrophulariaceae: 12 plants
    Simaroubaceae: 1 plant
    Taxaceae: 1 plant
    Taxodiaceae: 2 plants
    Theaceae: 1 plant
    Ulmaceae: 1 plant
    Urticaceae: 1 plant
    Santalaceae: 1 plant
    Sarraceniaceae: 1 plant
    Saxifragaceae: 4 plants
    Solanaceae: 7 plants
    Symplocaceae: 1 plant
    Thymelaceae: 1 plant
    Typhaceae: 2 plants
    Valerianaceae: 1 plant
    Verbenaceae: 5 plants
    Violaceae: 2 plants
    Vitaceae: 2 plants

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