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There is no try... There is only DO!!!

I'm assuming you are my friend if you are on my Facebook, so what more do you need to know about me? LOL

Ok, I came up with some more to add :0)
It`s been 3 weeks now that I started this vegan lifestyle. You have to call it that. It`s not a diet. Diets fade. This changes not only how you look at what you put in your body, but how you respect the environment around you. It`s rather amazing. All my real close friends are going "Oh damn...we thought she was a hippie before!!" I`ll be honest, giving up cheese was tough. But after the withdrawals I was fine! LOL I`ll tell you what, being raised Italian you really don`t realize how many dishes call for cheese! Thank God for cheese substitutes and tofu! I haven`t eaten any four legged animals in years, so it`s been very easy to give up poultry. I found a great deal on soy milk and don`t have to worry about the kids drinking it! LOL although I keep inviting them to Smiling Being vegetarian is good for them. Chris gets red meat at school. Ahhhh, my little carnivore! Yes, he`s still allowed in the house LOL :0)
Well it`s April 10. Things have changed A LOT in the last 2 months. The kids moved out. I miss the heck out of my grandbabies (oh yeah, Averie was born on Keagan`s bday 10 Mar) so we aren`t moving home to RI :(
AND I fell in love. I guess "never say never" applies here. Didn`t think this would ever happen to me. Elihu Richard Hobson Jr. Good strong name. Even better, stronger man. We`ll see what tomorrow brings. I`m not jinxing this and using the "forever" word :)
Time to use the forever word??? Oh heck, I'll do it!! Eli is the one I want to spend forever with. Of course we don't get along 100% of the time. That would be boring LOL But there's communication, respect, love and smiles... lots and lots of smiles. So yes, I gladly use the 'forever' word.
This is like the journal that gathers dust in my nightstand... LOL I just realized I should be dating this. Ok 16 Sept 11 Smiling (my sister Betty's bday... love you sis:) Vegan, of course. Told you it was a life change, not a diet phase. Three years and loving it Smiling Eli, yep he's still around too! LOL yep, life change there too. Love REALLY does exist. That whole communication thing... WORKS! I didn't realize how really important it was to be equally yoked to someone. God is most important in our lives and He has made all the difference. We are talking marriage, but I feel like a schmuck because honestly I'm bringing debt into this relationship. I want to get this paid down first. Looks like that eill happen by the end of the year. You heard it here first. LOL Now I guess I am obligated. That is our goal and working together we have accompished SO much!! I have no doubts about this. We are also looking to buy a 5 bedroom house so all the kids can have their own room. Eli and Trinity are here every other weekend. We are trying to get them here more often. AHHHH, the court system and vintictive ex wives. Prayer, prayer, prayer... that's all all I can say!
13 March 2012 another journal entry... LOL
MARRIED!!!! 23 December 2011 What a Christmas present Smiling Didn't get a chance to tell all on FB because on 15 Dec 11 during one of our frequent trips to court the evil ex had our house broken into. They stole Eli's truck, all his work tools and pretty much everything of monetary value (including the computer). THEN they attempted to burn the house down! God has His arms wrapped around the house because the stucco refused to light! That is unheard of... NO, that is a miracle!!!!
So here we are struggling with blended family issues as Amy refuses to let the kids come over... ughhhhh! Prayer is the only answer to this one.
Until next time... at this rate it will probably be next year some time! LOL

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