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I am a text-messaging abuser. I make my best art when i hate the world. The only thing guaranteed to be in my bed everynight is a 5 lb. chihuahua named Picasso. I can't stand indecisive people. Sweettea made in a pitcher on a chair in the yard is by far the best drink ever. Chocolate milk takes second place. Music is a great way to alter mood or enhance it and i am guilty of using it for both often. Singing loudly in the car is something i do regardless of who is in my car. I believe i am becoming addicted to tattoos but will try my hardest to be done getting them. Long hair takes way too long to deal with daily but i think the look is worth the effort (most days). If you see me out of the house without my makeup on chances are the house burnt down and it wasn't within reach or i've finally lost my last marble. I own around 50 tank tops. I have become amused with layering various colored shirts that probably don't match in most peoples' eyes. I have jars of vitamins that I never remember to take. I prefer black and white photos to color 95% of the time. Tennessee and California are my two favorite states but my family is mostly all in MI. Chicago is my favorite city. I enjoy meeting new people yet am rarely the one to initiate conversation. I have 2 overly full bookshelves including books on sign language (I still need to learn that some day). I hate most modern art. I don't ride roller-coasters because they make my organs feel funny after. In grade school i spent years working on my speech and sometimes still swear i'm speaking a foreign language. Other females and I tend to not get along. I prefer men for friends because they're easy going. There are very few people in the world that I know have my back. Trust is not something I lack. I'd do anything for almost anyone because that's how I am. I enjoy material things but wouldn't hesitate to give away 90% of what i have. Mint Chocolate chip ice cream wins. Change is something I look forward to. I shudder to think of who i'd be today had I not gone away to college. Green is the most appealing color to my eyes. I will never date another guy that's shorter then me because I fear they'll have the Napolean complex. I don't care what kind of car you drive so long as you are kind. I am a gamer (MMO's). First person shooter games make me dizzy and have me running into walls. I've learned to love my glasses. I own over 1000$ worth of beads that aren't strung. The worst bad habit I ever kicked was biting my nails. Most days I don't want children because the future of society seems dim. Biosilk Silk Therapy is my savior. I own the clumsiest cat i've ever known and he's growing fatter by the day. Age isn't something that bothers me in myself or others but i wouldn't date someone old enough to be my grandpa or young enough to be my child.

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