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Well, I used to be much more interesting than I am now........after being "retired" for almost 14 years. : -)) Until fairly recently at least I was part of a wonderful chorus that sang mainly opera. Including once in Carnegie Hall - with Renee Fleming (whom I got to meet). Thrilling. Also sung with/met Samuel Ramey. But since Dad got so sick a few years ago, my heart really hasn't been in it. Takes Too Much Energy.

Life with a dog (maltese), a fish (betta) and 2 cats (torties) means always having something to do - clean, groom, feed, shop for,provide vet maintenace. The 2nd cat was courtesy of Alan who brought her in as a stray a year and a half ago. None of the mammals living here are too thrilled with her. I am very happy to report things have gotten much better. Much higher tolerance level all the way around. The other cat, Antalya, is about 15 - Pasha the Stray (whom we've nicknamed Slinky), is only around 3. Wish it was possible to reverse the ages! Plus Alan is allergic to the cats -
1/14/13: VERY happy that all beasties - including boyfriend - are all liking Pasha much better. Alan hasn't really even been bothered by the cats recently!

Since I've mentioned Alan here, might as well make an additional note. LOL. Yes, he has been "in the picture" since 2001. Neither one of us wants to break what ain't broke - so he stays a boyfriend. Now a "roomie"! : -)) TBD

And the animals are all at Alan's full time now as my condo has SOLD and CLOSED as of last week. Praise the Lord and pass the potatoes!!! What a nightmare moving was - especially in the 93 degree heat and 90-100% humidity. It went on for DAYS. Especially over Memorial Day Weekend and trying to rush as the buyer wanted to close 15 days early. Then we didn't close until only 2 days early. I was furious. Someone should have known - his realtor perhaps? - that he was having a problem with his mortgage because of my %&*&% condo assn. screwing things up.

I wish I'd at least tried for a month or two to sell my condo myself- the commission kills me. Plus it sold in less than 2 weeks. These condos really never stay on the market for a long time as they are so desirable. Hindsight....

Now trying to live smashed into Alan's place - with most of my stuff in storage in 2 16' PODS. AAAK!! Still unpacking. Overwhelming. Exhausting. We shall see what is next...... I have way too much STUFF. Got rid of a bunch - but have looked thru everything and said either I love it, use it or have immediate plans to use it - so it stays. Too many things I'm interested in that take up too much space! Books. Travel. Crafts. Art. Cooking. Herbs/Health - Alternative Health. Animals, birds, nature and foraging. Hence the dilemma. I keep thinking I should buy a beautiful piece of land, not TOO far away, and put a big yurt or two on it!!! Ah, dreams.
1/14/13: This jammed in is getting more and more difficult! And I hope all my stuff isn't get ruined in the PODS.

No vacation plans - nothing interesting. A friend invited me to go to Columbia-yes, South America - with her next month - but I'm not comfortable leaving my folks for several weeks. Almost. She said maybe next year.

Martha's Vineyard is still under consideration somehow for Sept Or at least a visit to the Cape. We love it there.

That idea is long gone as it is mid Oct but we ARE going to the Audubon Bird Festival down in Cape May at the end of the month for 4 days. Excited about that!
1/14/13: Exiting time was had by all as we had to evacuate for Sandy. Fortunately zoomed home zippity quick since the was no traffic - or tolls - at 5:30am. We were lucky and only without power for exactly a week - less one hour.

We're busy with the community garden here too. Let's hope this summer is better than last - which was an exercise in expense and futility! (It wasn't) It wasn't.

My parents are doing ok - Dad's cancer is in remission for the third time - after going on chemo three times. Mom had a terrible fall playing tennis a few months ago - she said first time in 70 years. But she looked like she'd been in a MAJOR bar brawl with the monster swollen black bruise on her cheekbone/eyebrow and her gimping. If she hadn't been doing all her weigh lifting for several years I'm sure SURE she would have broken something(s). But after much ice, a great brace and lots of PT she is almost back to 100% I don't know how she cares for my dad the way she does - I man, she IS almost 83!!! Homemade everything - waits on him hand and foot. He basically doesn't even make a cup of tea for himself. Can occasionally reheat coffee or a lunch/dinner she has left for him. WHEW! And of course she won't let me help - except when she was completely incapacitated.

That's about all folks, for any of you that managed to get thru this reading of my dull life.

Hugs to all-----

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