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I'm a 48 year young, Casual Hero, Soldier of Fortune and World Traveller; U.S. Special Agent for Buying, Selling, Bartering of Airplanes, Construction Equipment, Trucks, Exotic Cars, Guns, Goldmines, Politicians, Contriband and Land with base conservative values and libertarian views. My areas of specialty include: Confounding accountants, Hiring of lawyers, Employee uprisings quelled, Political wars fought; And, I am a consultant to bodies without heads and heads without minds.

I BELIEVE IN GOD THE FATHER and think it's a shame he has been run out of my country by Liberal wack jobs.
I am PROUD to be an American and I am a Patriot.
I believe that the Constitution of the United States is not open for interpretation, revision or amending with one exception...
I would like to see, in my lifetime, an amendment of term limits in the house and senate and get rid of "career" politicians.
I believe in capital punishment for convicted crimes against women and children.
And, the torture of terrorists and enemy combatents for the security of our troops and citizens.
I believe in CAPITALISM and the free market.
I believe in and practice "Buying American" goods;
And, support local small business over the "big box" stores.
I believe in Immigration reform and BORDER SECURITY to include Posse Comitatus--no free passes.
I believe we can and should sustain fossil fuel independence.
I believe "Global Warming" is based on false science.
I believe, as did the founders of this nation, in LIMITED GOVERNMENT.
I believe that it should be required that our elected representatives read and understand a bill before they sign it.
I am all for a flat tax.
I am Pro Life.
I believe that the Health Care Law has overstepped the governments boundary and is the floodgate to more government intrusion into private lives.

The nation which I grew up in is gone. I thank god that I did get to enjoy it while I was young, but I worry about the nation my daughter and your children and our grandchildren will inherit.

If your a guy and my views offended you...GROW A PAIR

If your a gal and my views offend you...look into your childs eyes and tell THEM to laydown when confronted, tell them to follow not lead, tell them to be complaicant, tell them the government will take care of them and tell them that freedom isn't worth fighting for. Tell them that success and wealth is only for certain people. Tell them that world history is as fictional as Greek mythology and Then, tell them you love them.

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  • Interests: In this economy? I use to love gardening, golf, hunting, big game fishing, designing residential and commercial Metalwork and metal art,
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