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I've been very happily married since I flew to South America & married the most amazingly happy & beautiful woman from Colombia, on 11/22/2001 my beloved wife, Martha Cecilia. She's truly my better half!

I'm disabled due to a nasty fall I took as a UPS driver in the mid 80's. These days just walking is becoming extremely painful for me. Therefore my physical activities are extremely limited. Still I attempt to do what I can without causing myself any further damage or pain.

I throughly enjoy flower gardening and as much as I'm able to I plant nector flowers specifically to attract butterflies & hummingbirds to my yard.

I attract the hummingbirds strictly to look at because they're so beautiful in flight. However with the butterflies in addition to planting the nector flowers for food I also plant host flowers for them to lay their eggs on and feed the caterpillars. Last year I had 10 different species of butterlies visit my garden and of those 4 reproduced!

I hope to have my garden certified by NABA (North Americanl Butterfly Association) as a garden that's providing the resources to increase the local butterfly population. I'm also attempting to have it declared, albeit a small one, a wildlife sanctuary.

If you cannot tell from my quotes I absolutely love smooth jazz, jazzy new age & progressive rock music. I'm also a fanatic about audio. I'd just could not imagine my life not being able to listen to music. Music touches me emotionally and it's not unusal for me to cry when I hear a beautiful musical performance. I have a fairly nice audio system and I seriously listen to music about 6-10 hours a day when the weather allows or my disability is preventing me from being out attending to my flower garden.

I'm especially happy on those days when both my disability & the weather allow me to be out in my garden. That's when I can do my two favorite things at the same time! There's nothing like flower gardening and listening to the music as it adds to the pleasure of being in the sun and watching the hummingbirds & butterflies as I'm gardening. On those days I am blessed indeed...

And of course it goes without saying I'm a washed in the blood, born-again, blessed Christian. Who had some of the happiest times of my life when I was a missionay in Guatemala City, Guatemala as an armour-bearer for Pastor Jose Alvarez. My greatest hope after salvation is to be in Guatemala again.

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