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Rain, Rain, go away, Pippi21 wants to come out and play!
Posted on Jul 21, 2012 6:33 AM

We needed the rain so bad but since Friday, we've had a total of 5 plus inches of rain. I had plans to do a few garden tasks today but it doesn't look like I'll get anything done. I can always do laundry and maybe the rain will stop later on today. At least I don't have to do any watering chores today!

Yvonne was here yesterday for a visit but couldn't stay for lunch but she gave me not only some helpful tips but some garden advice when I asked. We decided that I definately should cut back the woody like stalks on the daylilies so they would look neater. The raspberry wine monarda should be cut back; she said it looked like mildew and heat stress and hers has done that before too. What a delightful person she is; I really enjoy being around her. I did these two things after dinner yesterday, and pulled some weeds out of the bed, cut back the purple columbine and gathered its dried seed pods, hoping there are seeds left in there that may have not opened and dumped out already. When I cut back the bee balm, I noticed lot of little seedlings started already. We had 2 1/2 in. of rain on Thursday night and another shower yesterday afternoon, so things were still good and wet when I was working in the flowerbeds. I need to cut back the gladiola foliage. Also spray the double sun-gold rudbeckia and Malva Zebrina. Something is eating it and I can't see any insect on it but I have to wait till rain is gone to do that. We had more rain last night and it's still raining now. Lloyd said the rain gauge shows 2 in. rec'd since yesterday afternoon.       

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Pow Wow Wild Berry echinacea
Posted on Jul 11, 2012 6:31 PM

Last evening I stopped in at our local Home Depot and the garden center had already closed the gates to the inside garden area but people could still look around and take their selections inside to be checked out.. I look over and see this bright color coneflower and thought to myself."that looks like Pow Wow Wild Berry Euchinacea."got closer and sure enough it was, so I bought 3 plants. It was almost dark so it was hard to see..wanted more but hard to examine the plants with low light. Hopefully there will be more when I go back.. Finished mulching the rose garden flower bed this morning and the temps headed toward lower 90 so I came inside for the afternoon. After dinner, I planted two of the new plants..one in front of another coneflower and shasta daisy in living room flowerbed, put another one on the side flowerbed, near Christiane's pink peony. Thought that would be a nice comination if they bloom about same time. Hope the peony doesn't crowd PowWow out..Will have to wait and see it can always be moved elsewhere. Have to decide where I will plant the other one..I accidently dug up two tulip bulbs when I dug for the first plant, but one was rotten and the other soft so I may throw that one out too. 

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Unbearable tempatures outside
Posted on Jul 4, 2012 11:00 AM

I got the electric hedge trimmer to use to cut back the Zagreb coreopsis and not only is it heavy and awkward to use that low, the manuel clippers are easier and faster. Live and learn! Cut back both bunches in garage bed.. the coneflowers in that bed have become so tall and with the weight of the blooms, they are starting to lay almost on the ground so I tried to bunch the tallest stems in the metal plant support stakes.  Also cut back the foliage on the peony Christiane gave me that has not recovered from transplant shock to see if it will rebound.

There is weeds/grass growing in between sidewalk and I didn't have any Weed-b-gone so I put white vinegar(all I had)in spray bottle and sprayed those weeds. White vinegar is supposed to be a good weed killer. We will see if it works! May not have had enough to saturate it.





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Things I need to remember to do this Fall and Winter
Posted on Jun 20, 2012 7:02 AM

I lack drawing skills but I really do need to draw myself up a plan of what's planted in and location of those flowers, even if I don't know how to draw on graph paper or understand the concept of graph paper..never did while in school.

Another things I really need to implement is record where I bought specific seeds or if rec'd from a swap or trade in case I have questions I will know where to begin my search. Example: Ordered dwarf fairy candytuft(mixed colors)from Crosman seeds in Rochester, NY.. If I want to order more, I won't have to waste time researching on the internet..I can go directly to that website. Another idea is to keep a copy of order form if done by mail or keep the purchase order/shipping form that arrives with the seeds. If I receive the seeds in a trade, I can always go back to that person to see if they have more they would be willing to trade or find out where they purchased the seeds, etc. A serious gardener will collect and save seeds from their own plants usually, especially if they like them or plan to sow more come wintersowing season or direct sowing in early spring.





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New annuals for front flower bed
Posted on Jun 18, 2012 2:03 AM

Purchased at Home Depot yesterday 4 pots of PW Vista Bubblegum pink petunias, and 3 purple verbenas, all came in 2.90 qt. pots. Will need to go find something else to blend in with them before I plant them. I'm thinking that I need something medium height, that is a perennial..in maybe a spike, plume or umbel shape. I'm thinking of maybe Salvia"Cardonna" or "Roman Candles" or "May night" or Lupine would be nice but need to get something that can take afternoon sun.

Order short versions of larkspur seeds and make sure they get sown in far back of flowerbed..Saw shorter version of larkspurs in Seeds for change website. Check other seed sources and order so they can be planted in the Fall. Foxgloves, penstemon would also be another suggestion.

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