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By DeweyRooter on Feb 15, 2024 3:46 AM, concerning Simonton Bridge Daylily Farm:

Simonton Bridge has a huge inventory. I have found several cultivars I couldn't find anywhere else. The owner, Joann Stewart, is a very knowledgeable daylily person and is extremely helpful and friendly. She answers email promptly and has gone out of her way to mail plants at a time convenient for me.

I have ordered from her twice, and the plants have done really well here. Simonton Bridge is now one of my favorite "go-to" vendors. Strongly recommended.

By adknative on Dec 29, 2023 7:16 AM, concerning Bootstrap Farmer:

I discovered Bootstrap Farmer a few years ago, almost by accident. I was looking for better seed starter trays, instead of buying more of the cheap trays that crack so easily or break and dump loads of pots when you try to pick them up. A google search brought up their site.

Growers themselves, faced with the same problems I had... poor trays that did not do the job... they started making their own, then started selling them to other growers. Yes, you will pay a bit more in the beginning... but they have expanded to a large collection of seed-starter trays and accessories, including heavy-duty tray domes, which you can use and reuse over and over again, more than paying for themselves in short order.

They have also branched into other grow areas ... including LED lighting, hydroponics and irrigation, plant supports, pots, grow bags ... and even clothing.

I highly recommend their grow trays, I am a repeat customer and use their sturdy, heavy-duty trays not only in my indoor grow room but also in my greenhouse. (They have both shallow and high wall trays.) You can pick them up with a full load of pots without the trays bending or cracking. Best products ever! And they come in colours...

Thumb of 2023-12-29/adknative/f352f3

Thumb of 2023-12-29/adknative/527c25

Thumb of 2023-12-29/adknative/437fa9

I absolutely love their products, best quality I have found anywhere. Highly recommend!

By adknative on Dec 29, 2023 6:54 AM, concerning Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses, Inc.:

I have purchased from Lyndon Lyon's Greenhouses multiple times and will attest to their healthy and beautiful African violets!

I have had orders shipped to me, which are packed incredibly well and all products clearly labeled... And I have picked up plants at their greenhouses in person. They sell leaf sets from African violets as well as mature plants, and have a rich, vast and abundant collection of varieties, including vintage and both leaf and bloom chimeras. Everything I have purchased from them has done well.

Highly recommend them! Attaching a few of my African violet pics...
Thumb of 2023-12-29/adknative/52945f

Thumb of 2023-12-29/adknative/dad8e7

Thumb of 2023-12-29/adknative/a2e29a

By rgardendesign on Dec 12, 2023 7:19 PM, concerning Arid Lands Greenhouses:

While living in AZ for the longest time this place has and was and will always be my go to place. One of the best selection and collections I have ever seen for sale in my life. This place will blow your mind!

By rgardendesign on Dec 12, 2023 7:11 PM, concerning Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.:

This is a must, I repeat...… this is a must! awesome selection and great harvest and reasonably priced too.

By rgardendesign on Dec 12, 2023 7:06 PM, concerning Everwilde Farms, Inc.:

I love this company's seed selection and the amount of seed you get based on species is amazing. I also have had really good germination rates from these guys and very friendly too.

By rgardendesign on Dec 12, 2023 7:03 PM, concerning Borderlands Nursery & Seed:

If you have looking for native seeds, I do recommend this company I have had very good luck with germinations rates and healthy plants. This would be 2nd out of 4 seed companies I regularly buy from.

By rgardendesign on Dec 12, 2023 7:01 PM, concerning Botanical Interests:

This seed company is one of 4 seed companies I purchase seed from and have had very good luck for many years

By Mjwruck on Nov 24, 2023 6:42 PM, concerning The Gardeners A - Z Guide to Growing Flowers from Seed to Bloom:

I definitely recommend the book Lots of info and knowledge that you can learn.

By Lillietta on Oct 15, 2023 7:46 AM, concerning Dreamland Daylilies :

I was very pleased with my order from Dreamland Daylilies. The plants were healthy and large and he offered a wide selection of cultivars. If I car find the room in my yard, I would definitely order again.
Thumb of 2023-10-15/Lillietta/7c2907

By plantladylin on Sep 29, 2023 11:43 AM, concerning Orchids Limited:

I've placed a couple of orders with Orchids Limited (Orchid Web) and I have been extremely pleased with the health and size of the plants received each time. Their packing is exemplary and shipping was quick. I'm sure to be a returning customer.

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