What are these acorns I'm seeing around here?

Acorns are the currency of Garden.org. You can earn them by contributing various content to the site, and you can spend them by giving them to your friends or buying badges for your profile. We also periodically hold "acorn raffles" with really nice prizes. Also, from time to time, we offer merchandise like t-shirts in exchange for acorns. In short, acorns are worth getting!

To view your acorns, click on the Profile tab at the top of the page.

How can you get acorns?

Area of the site Action Acorns awarded
Plant database Post a new image to a gallery in a plant. (Read more about this below) 1 acorn when approved.
You get double acorns if your image is the first one posted to that plant.
Landscape Photos Post a new photo to the Landscape Photos area in the Plants Database. 1 acorn.
Plant database Post a new (useful) comment about a plant. 1 acorn
Plant database Propose data changes to a plant. 1 acorn per plant.
Plant database Propose a forum image be associated with a plant in our database. 0.5 acorns when approved
Plant database Propose moving an image from one plant to another. 0.5 acorns when approved
Gardening Calendar of Events Submit a local gardening event into our calendar. 5 acorns per event.
Refer a Member Share your signup referral link (found on your profile page) with a friend who hasn't joined NGA yet. 10 acorns after the new member logs in.

More info on the images in the database:

You get an acorn for each photo you post to each specific gallery of each plant.

So if you post 3 photos of a "Bloom" of a particular plant, you get one acorn.

But if you post 1 photo of a bloom, one photo of the leaves, one photo of the trunk, one photo of the seeds, you would get one acorn for each of them.

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