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2022 Hybridizer codes
Posted on Jan 9, 2022 9:54 AM

Accent On Style: A.O.S.*
After The Riot: A.T.R.*
Alabama Jubilee: A.J.*
Aliens In The Garden: A.I.T.G.*
All American Chief: A.A.C.*
All Fired Up: A.F.U.*
All In Favor: A.I.F.*
Allison Hayley: Al.H.*
Almira Buffalo Bone Jackson: A.B.B.J.
America's Most Wanted: A.M.W.*
American Freedom: A.F.*
American Graffiti: A.G.*
Anchors Aweigh: A.A.*
Apple Tart: A.T.*
Applique Prism: A.P.*
Apron Strings: A.S.
Arrogant Bastard: ArB*
As Time Goes By: A.T.G.B.*
Asland: A*
Audrey Shortcake: Au.S.
Aunt Ootz: A.O.*
Awesome Blossom: A.B.*
Aztec Headdress: A.H.*
Azure Wings: A.W.*
Baja: B.*
Bali Watercolor: B.W.*
Bas Relief: Ba.R.*
Beautiful Edgings: B.E.
Bela Lugosi: B.L.*
Bernadette Crossen: Be.C.*
Bertie Ferris: B.F.
Beside Still Waters: B.S.W.*
Big Bertha's Sister: B.B.S.*
Big Red Wagon: B.R.W.*
Big Show Off: B.S.O.
Bill Bob and Earl: B.B.A.E.?
Black Fathom Depths: B.F.D.*
Black Plush: B.P.
Blazing Cannons: Bl.C.*
Blonde Is Beautiful: B.I.B.*
Blow A kiss: B.A.K.*
Blue Jay Holiday: B.J.H.*
Blue Moon Rising: B.M.R.
Blushing Octopus: B.O.*
Bone Shadows: BoS*
Bonnie Corley: B.C.
Bonnie Fee Fi Fo Fum: B.F.F.F.F.*
Bonnie Holley: B.H.*
Boomerang Effect: B.E.*
Bowtie Affair: B.A.*
Bragging Rights: B.R.*
Brer Rabbits Baby: B.R.B.
Bright In The Night: B.I.T.N.*
Brocaded Gown: B.G.
Brookey's Beauty: BrB*
Buddy's Abilene: B.A.*
Buddy's Betty: B.B.*
Buddy's Black Jack: B.B.J.*
Buddy's Gloria: Bu.G.*
Buddy's Spook: B.S.*
Bumble Bee Flasher: B.B.F.
Buttered Popcorn: Bu.P.*
Butterflies And Rainbows: B.A.R.*
Cannoochee Church Key: C.C.K.*
Carlotta: Ca.
Carnival In Mexico: C.I.M.*
Carved Coral: Ca.C.*
Casting Pearls: Ca.P.*
Cast The First Stone: C.T.F.S.*
Celtic Butterfly: Ce.Bu.*
Celtic Veins: C.V.*
Champagne Elegance: C.E.
Chan Don Vongthirath: C.D.V.*
Chang Dynasty: Ch.D.*
Chasing Shadows: C.S.*
Cheddar Explosion: Ch.E.*
Cherry Ice Cream Smile: C.I.C.S.*
Chesapeake Bay: C.B.*
Chicago Apache: C.A.*
Chicks Dig It: C.D.I.*
Chief Four Fingers: C.F.F.
Children's Festival: C.F.
Christmas Celebration: C.C.*
Christmas Cove: Ch.C*
Cindy's Eye: Ci.E.*
Circle of Beauty: C.O.B.*
Clark Gable: C.G.*
Coit Tower: C.T.*
Collard Dream: C.D.*
Color Flash: Co.F.*
Colossus: Co.*
Complementary Colors: Co.Co.*
Cool Composure: Coo.Co.*
Coral Majority: C.M.*
Corryton Pink: Co.P*
Count Your Assets: C.Y.A.*
Cow Bird: Co.B.*
Crayola Explosion: Cr.E.*
Crazy Ivan: C.I.*
Crazy Miss Daisy: C.M.D.*
Creative Design: Cr.D.
Crimson Beacon: Cr.B.*
Crimson Pirate: C.P.
Curvaceous Flair: Cu.F.*
Dark Burgundy Noid: D.B.N.*
Darla Anita: D.A.*
Debbie Durio: D.D.
Debra Scott: De.S.*
Depends on the Whether: D.O.T.W.
Desiderata: De*
Destined To See: D.T.S.*
Diamond's Gold Nugget: D.G.N.*
Dietmar's Wisdom: D.W.
Different By Design: D.B.D.*
Divine Comedy: D.C.*
Dixie Land Band: D.L.B.
Dixie Sweetheart: Di.S*
Don't Touch Me There: D.T.M.T.*
Done With Pride: D.W.P.*
Dueling Colors: DuC*
Ed Brown: E.B.*
Edge of Imagination: E.O.I.*
El Desperado: E.D.*
Elizabeth Salter: E.S.*
Emerging Patterns: E.P.*
Empire Returns: E.R.*
Enchanting Esmerelda: E.E.*
Endowed With Beauty: E.W.B.
Erin Lea: E.L.*
Exotic Treasure: E.T.*
Fabulous Black Pearl: F.B.P.*
Facing The Giants: F.T.G.*
Fairhope Artist Colony: F.A.C.
Favored Offering: F.O.*
Feather Woman: F.W.
Feliz Navidad: F.N.*
Femme Fatale: F.F.
Filled With Joy: F.W.J.*
Finally Letting Go: F.L.G.*
Fire Marshall Bill: F.M.B.*
Fire On The Mountain: F.O.T.M.*
Firewall: F*
Flore Pleno: F.P.**
Fooled Me: F.M.*
Frans Hals: F.H.
Freaky Good: F.G.*
French Cavalier: F.C.*
Gaudeamus: G*
Geneva Firetruck: G.F.*
Gentle Shepherd: G.S.
Giganotosaurus: Gi*
Ginormous: Gin*
Glacier Bay: G.B*
Glory To His Name: G.T.H.N.*
God Save The Queen: G.S.T.Q.*
Going Big Time: G.B.T.*
Good Juju: G.J.*
Gossip Girl: G.G.*
Grace From Above: G.F.A.*
Grand Palais: G.P.*
Grandma's Smile: Gr.S.*
Grandpa's Little Sweetheart: G.L.S.
Great Balls of Fire: G.B.O.F*
Great White: G.W.*
Great White Dove: G.W.D.*
Green Arrow: G.A.
Groove-billed Ani: G.B.A.*
Groovy Love: G.L.*
Guarding Gnomes: Gu.G.*
Gudrid x Lola Branham #2:G X LB#2
Guy's Outrageous: G.O.*
Gypsy Rose Lee: G.R.L.*
Half Moon Key: H.M.K.*
Handsome Ross Carter: H.R.C.
Happy And Blessed: H.A.B.
Happy Mother's Day: HMD*
Heart's Treasure: H.T.*
Heat Lightning: He.L.
Heaven's Portals: H.P.*
Heavenly Island Magic: H.I.M*.
Heavenly Tiger Tails: H.T.T*
Heavenly Velociraptor: H.V.*
Helen Elsie: H.E.*
Heline Pressley: He.P.*
Helix: H.*
Hello Screamer: H.S.*
Heman: He*
Her Best Bloomers: H.B.B.
Highland Lord: H.L.*
Holy Water: Ho.W.*
Hot Wheels: H.W.
Hotlanta: Ho*
Hush Little Baby: H.L.B.
Ice Carving: I.C.*
Idoo Voodoo: I.D.V.
If Looks Could Kill:.I.LC.K.*
Inca Puzzle: I.P.*
Inner Destiny: I.D.*
Inside The Fence NOID: ITFNOID ?
Insider Trading: I.T.*
Irish Envy: I.E.
Jag: J*
Janice Brown: Ja. B.
Japanese Brocade: J.B.*
Jared Timothy Bell: J.T.B.*
Jason Mark: J.M.
Jay Turman: J.T.*
Jedi Brenda Spann: J.B.S.
Jedi Dot Pierce: J.D.P.
Jerry Hyatt: J.H.*
Jolyene Nichole: J.N.
Judy Farquhar: J.F.*
Julianna Lynn: J.L.*
Julie Newmar: Ju.N.*
Jungle Beauty: Ju.B.
Kabuki Drama: K.D.*
Kachina Firecracker: K.F.
Keep On Keeping On: K.O.K.O.*
Kelly Lynn: Ke.L.*
Key Lime Hi: K.L.H.*
Kindly Light: K.L.
Kiss Of Paradise: K.O.P*
Kissed Off: K.O.*
Lady Dragon: L.D.*
Lady Neva: L.N.
Lana Lindsay: L.L.*
Larry Grace: L.G.*
Larry's Obsession: L.O.*
Laughing Feather: La.F.
Laura Harwood: L.H.
Lava Flow: La.F.*
Legendary: L*
Lavender Stardust: La.S.
Ledgewood's Firecracker: L.F.*
Lickety Split: LiS*
Life Is A Highway: L.I.A.H.*
Lifting Me Higher: L.M.H.*
Like A Dream: L.A.D*
Lili Blume: Li.B.
Lillian's David Phillips: L.D.P.*
Lillian's Terah George: L.T.G.*
Lime Frost: L.F.*
Linda Bell: Li.B.*
Little Castaway: L.C.
Little Romance: L.R.
Little Wart: L.W.
Little Wild Thing: L.W.T.
Liz Mullins: L.M.*
Lois Burns: Lo.B
Long Stocking: L.S.*
Look Here Mary: L.H.M.
Louder Than Thunder: L.T.T.*
Love God's Way: L.G.W.*
Love Token: Lo.T.
Luanne Tarro: L.T.*
Lullaby Baby: L.B.
Mae Sackett: Ma.S.
Magic Lake: Ma.L.*
Magnificient Rainbow: M.R.*
Malaysian Monarch: Ma.M.*
Mandalay Bay Music: M.B.M.*
Mary's Gold: M.G.*
Masked Phantom: M.P.*
Me So Happy: M.S.H.*
Mephisto Waltz: M.W.*
Mexican Sunrise: M.S.*
Micro Dots: M.D.
Mighty Hercules: M.H.*
Ming Porcelain: Mi.P.*
Mini Pearl: Mi. Pe.
Missouri Memories: M.M.
Mister Lucky: M.L.*
Moon Over Mimi: M.O.M.
Morning Comes Electric: M.C.E.*
Mrs. William Kemble du Pont: M.W.K.D.*
Ms Mary's Pick: M.M.P.
Mucho Ruffles: Mu.R.*
My Friend Phil: M.F.P.*
My Kind Of Blue: M.K.O.B.
My Path: My.P.
Nagasaki: N.
Naturecoast Lottie: N.L.*
Nazca Hummingbird: N.H.*
Night Wings: N.W.*
NOID Purple: NOIDP ?
Northern Bright Eyes: N.B.E.*
Nosferatu: No.*
Ocean's Eleven: Oc.E.*
Oh Thank Heaven: O.T.H.*
Omomuki: O.*
Open Hearth: O.H.
Optical Delight: O.D.
Orange Electric: O.E.*
Orange Velvet: O.V.*
Orchid Corsage: O.C.
Out Of Darkness: O.O.D.*
Outrageous: Ou.
Owen Charles: Ow.C.*
Palace Garden Beauty: P.G.B.*
Palladian Pink: P.P.*
Panic In Detroit: P.I.D.*
PaPa Slow-Poke: P.S.P.*
Paper Butterfly: P.B.*
Parisian Adventure: P.A.*
Passion and Pride: P.A.P.*
Passion District: P.D.*
Passion For Red: P.F.R.*
Pathway NOID: P.NOID
Patterns Aplenty: Pa.A.*
Peacock Maiden: Pe.M.
Persian Market: Pe.Ma.*
Persian Ruby: P.R.*
Peru-B-Ruby: P.B.R.*
Petticoat Frills: P.F.*
Pharaoh's Treasure: P.T.*
Phosphenes: P.*
Pixie Daydream: P.D.
Planet Claire: P.C.* Pod Sterile
Planet Max: P.M.
Pleated Perfection: Pl.P.*
Plumtopia: Pl.*
Poinsettia: Po.
Powder Puff Truffle: P.P.T.
Power Surge: P.S.*
Prairie Blue Eyes: P.B.E.
Prandsome Hince: P.H.
Premier Pleasure: Pr.P.*
Primal Scream: Pr.S.*
Privileged In Purple: P.I.P.*
Purple Rain Dance: P.R.D.
Rachel's Eyelashes:Ra.E.*
Radiant Red Eyes: R.R.E.*
Radiation Biohazard: Ra.B.
Rainbow Candy: R.C.*
Ransom Note: R.N.*
Red Apparition: R.A.*
Red Edition: Re.E.*
Red Ribbons: R.R.
Red Squirrel: R.S.
Red Velvet Velvet Elvis: R.V.E.*
Red Volunteer: R.V.*
Reforma Boulevard: R.B.*
Reindeer Antlers: ReA*
Relentless Love: R.L.*
Remembering Joan: R.J.*
Reminds Me Of Fireworks: R.M.O.F.*
Reverend Barth: ReB*
Rhapsody In Blue: R.I.B.
Rings of Triton: ROT*
Riot Act: Ri.A.*
River City Tooth Fairy: R.C.T.F.*
Rock Solid: Ro.S.*
Roller Coaster Rush: R.C.R.*
Rose Colored Glasses: R.C.G.*
Rose Emily: R.E.
Roses In Snow: R.I.S.*
Royal Celebration: Ro.C.*
Royal Eventide: Ro.E.
Ruby Spider: RuS*
Sailing At Dawn: S.A.D.*
Santa Claus: Sa.C.*
Scarecrow: S.C.*
Scarface: Sc.F.*
Scarlet Gown: S.G.
Scarlet Pimpernel: Sc.P.*
Scatterbrain: Sc.B.
School Bus: S.B.*
School Bus Dreams: S.B.D.*
Scottish Fantasy: S.F.*
Seashells and Lace: S.A.L.*
Sexy Sara: Se.S.*
Shake It Up: S.I.U.*
Shamrock Dew: S.D.*
Sherry Lane Carr: S.L.C.*
Shining Mission: S.M.
Sierra Mountains: Si.M.*
Siloam Double Classic: S.D.C.
Sings The Blues: S.T.B.
Sir Francis Drake: S.F.D.*
Small World Green Eyed Monster: S.W.G.E.M.
Smoky Mountain Autumn: S.M.A.
Snow Crystal: Sn.C.*
So Glamorous: So.G.
So Many Stars: S.M.S.*
Solomon's Riches: So.R.*
Soothsayer: So.S.
South Sea Enchantment: S.S.E.
South Seas: S.S.*
Spacecoast Behavior Pattern: S.B.P.*
Spacecoast Dark Obsession: S.D.O.*
Spacecoast Grand Desire: S.G.D.*
Spacecoast Grape Biter: S.G.B.*
Spacecoast Pattern Plus: S.P.P.*
Spacecoast Red Eyed Monster: S.R.E.M.*
Spacecoast Red Mammoth: S.R.M.*
Spacecoast Royalty: Sa.R.*
Spacecoast Seashells: Sp.Se.*
Spacecoast The Great Divide: STGD*
Spacecoast Tigertail Tango: STT*
Spacecoast Tiny Perfection: S.T.P.*
Spacecoast White Christmas: S.W.C.*
Spanish Glow: Sp.G.*
Spanish Sketch: Sp.S.*
Sparks One Hot Mama: S.O.H.M.*
Special Ovation: S.O.*
Spider Man: S.M.*
Spiny Sea Urchin: S.S.U.*
Spooktastic: Spo*
Stargate Angel Wings: S.A.W.
Star Over Oz: S.O.O.
Star Poly: St.P.
Stop The Car: S.T.C.*
Suburban Nancy Gayle: S.N.G.*
suburban Louise Talley: S.L.T.
Sue Rothbauer: S.R.
Sunday Gloves: Su.G.
Sunset Key: SK*
Super Purple: S.P.
Surfing The Web: S.T.W.*
Sweet Almond Mint: S.A.M.*
Sweet Miss Rose: S.M.R.
Taj Mahal: T.M.
Take Me Along: T.M.A.*
Tall Dark Stranger: T.D.S.*
Tar and Feather: T.A.F.*
Technical Knockout: Te.K.
Tennyson: Te.*
Texas Big Daddy: T.B.D.*
The Gift of Pizazz: T.G.O.P.*
The Jury's Out: T.J.O.
The Lord Reigns: T.L.R.*
Thunder Glow: T.G.*
Tiger Kitten: T.K.*
Tim's Poetry: TiP
Time In A Bottle: T.I.A.B.*
Topguns Pinwheel: T.P.*
Traffic Light: TL*
Trahlyta: T.
Tree Of Gascone: T.O.C.*
Turn Up The Volume: TUTV*
Tuscawilla Tigress: T.T.*
Twisted Whiskers: T.W.*
Victorian Princess: V.P.
Violet Etchings: V.E.*
Violet Horizons: V.H.*
Violet Light: V.L.*
Violet Stained Glass: V.S.G.
Vitamin C: V.C.*
Viva Las Vegas: V.L.V.*
Volusian Spider: V.S.*
War Horse: Wa.H.*
Warrior's Quest: W.Q.
Web Of Intrigue: W.O.I.*
Westbourne Wesley's Choice: W.W.C.*
Westward Wind: W.W.*
Whale Tails: W.T.*
When Stars Align: W.S.A.*
Whooperee: W*
Wild Horses: W.H.*
Willa Mae Thorton: W.M.T.*
William My Angel: W.M.A.*
Winged Migration: W.M.*
Wings On High: W.O.H.*
Wiregrass Greenstar: W.G.
Wise Wiskers: WiW*
Wish Fulfillment: W.F.*
Wonder Of It All: WOIA*
Woodlea Wonder: Wo.W.*
Wrapped In Lavender:W.I.L.*
Wren's Song: W.S*
Wrennetta Powell: W.P.*
Wyatt Earp: W.E.*
Zoe Allegra: Z.A.*

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Bead colors or letters for plants used for hybridizing 2022
Posted on Jan 25, 2021 6:29 PM

1 American Freedom: AF* A
2 America's Most Wanted: AMW* B
3. Applique Prism: AP* E
4 Bas Relief: BaR* Blue
5 Bone Shadows: BoS* R
6 Bonnie Holley: BH* Green
7 Bragging Rights: BR* V
8 Brookey's Beauty: BrB* S
9 Carved Coral: CaC* Magenta
10 Chan Don Vongthirath: CDV* C
11 Curvaceous Flare: CuF* Gray
12 Debra Scott: DeS* F
13 Desiderata: De* G
14 Dixie Sweetheart: DS* J
15 Dueling Colors: DuC* T
16 Empire Returns: ER* Yellow
17 Fire Marshall Bill: FMB* H
18 Going Big Time: GBT* U
19 Great White Dove: GWD* Purple
20 Groove-billed Ani: GBA* Cranberry
21 Groovy Love: GL* I
22 Happy Mother's Day; HMD* Q
23 Ice Carving: IC* Black
24 Judy Farquhar: JF* D
25 Lickety Split: LiS* Baby Blue
26 Lillian's David Phillips: LDP* Orange
27 Luanne Tarro: LT* Pink
28 My Friend Phil: MFP * Olive Green
29 Mucho Ruffles: MuR* O
30 Muddy Creek Marlarkey:MCM* V
31 Naturecoast Lottie: NL* Tan
32 Nazca Hummingbird: NH* Blue Gray
33 Pleated Perfection: PlP* Red
34 Pleated Pumpkin: PlPu* N
35 Scarface: ScF* Brown
36 Solomon's Riches: SoR* M
37 Spacecoast Grand Desire: SGD* K
38 Spacecoast Pattern Plus: SPP* Lt. Brown
39 Spacecoast The Great Divide: STGD* L
40 Sunset Key: SK* P
41 Wonder Of It All: WOIA* White

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Dormant Daylilies
Posted on Dec 20, 2018 10:12 AM

Dormant Daylilies: 56
Alabama Jubilee
All American Chief
Apple Tart
Carnival In Mexico
Chicago Apache
Coral Majority
Corryton Pink
Crimson Pirate
El Desperado
Endowed With Beauty
Erin Lea
Feather Woman
Fire On The Mountain
Flore Pleno/Kwanso
Fooled Me
Grace From Above
Heat Lightning
Heavenly Island Magic
Heavenly Tiger Tales
Heavenly Velociraptor
Hot Wheels
Hush Little Baby
Jason Mark
Kindly Light
Lavender Stardust
Lime Frost
Little Wart
Lois Burns
Magnificent Rainbow
Mary's Gold
Mephisto Waltz
Mexican Sunrise
Mini Pearl
Open Hearth
Orchid Corsage
Panic In Detroit
Persian Ruby
Primal Scream
Radiation Biohazard
Rainbow Candy
Red Volunteer
Reforma Boulevard
Ruby Spider
Scarlet Gown
Siloam Double Classic
Smoky Mountain Autumn
South Seas
Spider Man
Sunday Gloves
The Jury's Out
Tiger Kitten
Victorian Princess
I went down to check some of my dormants and see if any were totally not showing. The only one I had noticed being completely not visible was 'Magnificent Rainbow' . I had a list in my computer but when I upgraded to windows 10 I lost it and many other documents. I did have a printed copy but it needed to be updated, I had some deletions and quite a few additions that were not on the list. So, after updating the list I went down to the garden to see if I could actually tell the dormants from the evergreens and semi evergreens. A few dormants were distinguishable as dormants, most of them I would need the list to actually see what they were registered as and several of the evergreens in my garden actually could have passed for dormants. I did make a discovery that the plants were absolutely totally infested with aphids. So I started pulling all the dead foliage and a lot of the green foliage trying to thin it down so I could actually spray and have the spray reach the aphids, there seemed to be more aphids on the plants with the most foliage, especially on the ones with a lot of dead foliage. It seemed to act as insulation for the insects to allow the cold not to kill them all. It looked like most of them were dead, but many were not and they multiply so fast I do intend to spray them. It started raining before I got through pulling all the foliage but I did get over half way done and about two thirds of the way through the plants in the bog. I figure the bog plants will be the most infested but I did not get a chance to check any of the other plants yet.
Still, of all the plants I checked this morning none of the dormants had completely disappeared from sight so still only 'Magnificent Rainbow' is the only one, and I am afraid it might be dead instead of dormant. I guess I will continue checking and I will see some spring if it is alive or not.
Here is an example of what the plants looked like after having the foliage pulled. Yes, those little white specks are APHIDS!!!
Thumb of 2018-12-20/Seedfork/8e5453

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I ordered a large box of caladium bulbs back on 07-20-18.... 08-15-18
Posted on Aug 15, 2018 4:08 PM

Not that long ago I ordered a large box of caladium bulbs. I planted them out under an oak in the front where my wife wanted a little color. I had no way of knowing what the leaves would end up being other than Bill told me he would put the 'Red Flash' in one corner. Well naturally during shipment they were moved about so I had to just do the best I could to plant them and interspace them with the other bulbs. I planted some of the bulbs in the back also, and I gave my daughter a whole box full of smaller bulbs out of the large box. The bed sill needs a lot of work, removing rock and adding mulch, etc.
Anyhow I am so pleased with how the caladiums themselves have done, here are some photos of the ones in the front bed under the oak.
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/813565
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/bc3791
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/8f1d32
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/11f051
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/1003d3
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/ae4ecf

I'll throw in a few daylily photos from today also:
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/2acbad
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/adebcb
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/983148
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/ee345c
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/e8d335
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/9b9da8
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/9e44f0
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/3407e7

The goldenrod in the field back of me is just now starting to bloom:
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/8ca94c
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/9f1e73
I am still getting Amaryllis blooms and they started way back in the early spring.
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/4e7e18
I have added so much organic material to my beds I am greeted by these a lot of mornings.

Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/a47ad8
Here is the latest shot of my little seedling cup beds. I have two of them full and hope to finish filling the last one by the end of the month.

Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/d9282e
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/7555a3
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/7fabe6

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Seeds planted in cups not stratified....07-23-2018
Posted on Jul 30, 2018 12:21 PM

Because I am impatient I decided to go ahead and plant some seeds that have not been stratified. I now have 72 cups planted with three seeds each. These were gradually planted as they were harvested over a period of weeks. I have also been putting seeds in the fridge, some of them have been in there over a month now. I plan to hopefully start planting them in later, and have it work out that by the time they are all planted they will have been in the fridge for at least a month.
Thumb of 2018-07-23/Seedfork/11cf9c
Thumb of 2018-07-23/Seedfork/7f6a51
These are not the crosses I was hoping to be doing this year, but these ending up being a fill in until I can grow out more of the plants I want to use and acquire a few more to go with them.
I am realizing just how much work is involved in growing a few hundred seedlings, and the record keeping is beyond me. I am still setting pods and trying to do a better job of keeping up with what is crossed with what. I have a large number of crosses with unknown as the pollen parent.
I planted my cups much closer this year than last year and am able to get many more cups per bed, not sure just where I plan to put all these but if the germination rate doesn't pick up I may not have to worry about space too much.
My goal was to try and at least create a few crosses that exhibited sculpted relief, even with the few plants I have that have the potential to do that, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will have at least a few seedlings to show sculpted relief when they finally bloom.

The first new caladiums that I planted a few days back are now showing. So happy.

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