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I ordered a large box of caladium bulbs back on 07-20-18.... 08-15-18
Posted on Aug 15, 2018 4:08 PM

Not that long ago I ordered a large box of caladium bulbs. I planted them out under an oak in the front where my wife wanted a little color. I had no way of knowing what the leaves would end up being other than Bill told me he would put the 'Red Flash' in one corner. Well naturally during shipment they were moved about so I had to just do the best I could to plant them and interspace them with the other bulbs. I planted some of the bulbs in the back also, and I gave my daughter a whole box full of smaller bulbs out of the large box. The bed sill needs a lot of work, removing rock and adding mulch, etc.
Anyhow I am so pleased with how the caladiums themselves have done, here are some photos of the ones in the front bed under the oak.
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/813565
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/bc3791
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/8f1d32
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/11f051
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/1003d3
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/ae4ecf

I'll throw in a few daylily photos from today also:
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/2acbad
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/adebcb
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/983148
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/ee345c
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/e8d335
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/9b9da8
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/9e44f0
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/3407e7

The goldenrod in the field back of me is just now starting to bloom:
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/8ca94c
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/9f1e73
I am still getting Amaryllis blooms and they started way back in the early spring.
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/4e7e18
I have added so much organic material to my beds I am greeted by these a lot of mornings.

Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/a47ad8
Here is the latest shot of my little seedling cup beds. I have two of them full and hope to finish filling the last one by the end of the month.

Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/d9282e
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/7555a3
Thumb of 2018-08-15/Seedfork/7fabe6

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Seeds planted in cups not stratified....07-23-2018
Posted on Jul 30, 2018 12:21 PM

Because I am impatient I decided to go ahead and plant some seeds that have not been stratified. I now have 72 cups planted with three seeds each. These were gradually planted as they were harvested over a period of weeks. I have also been putting seeds in the fridge, some of them have been in there over a month now. I plan to hopefully start planting them in later, and have it work out that by the time they are all planted they will have been in the fridge for at least a month.
Thumb of 2018-07-23/Seedfork/11cf9c
Thumb of 2018-07-23/Seedfork/7f6a51
These are not the crosses I was hoping to be doing this year, but these ending up being a fill in until I can grow out more of the plants I want to use and acquire a few more to go with them.
I am realizing just how much work is involved in growing a few hundred seedlings, and the record keeping is beyond me. I am still setting pods and trying to do a better job of keeping up with what is crossed with what. I have a large number of crosses with unknown as the pollen parent.
I planted my cups much closer this year than last year and am able to get many more cups per bed, not sure just where I plan to put all these but if the germination rate doesn't pick up I may not have to worry about space too much.
My goal was to try and at least create a few crosses that exhibited sculpted relief, even with the few plants I have that have the potential to do that, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will have at least a few seedlings to show sculpted relief when they finally bloom.

The first new caladiums that I planted a few days back are now showing. So happy.

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New caladiums...07-20-2018
Posted on Jul 20, 2018 7:39 AM

I ordered a large box of mixed caladiums to plant out front under the big oak. The bed unfortunately was filled with lava rock by the previous owners, so I had to dig through about a four inch layer of rock in order to reach actual soil. I added potting soil to the hole because I had no soil to put in the hole. I covered the bulbs with potting soil and what tiny bit of soil I managed to sift from the pile of lava rocks. I had to use the pick do dig the holes, so after just making one big circle around the tree I stopped for the day. Now I have lots of smaller bulbs to be placed inside the circle, but they won't require as much digging per hole, just a lot more holes.

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First daylily seeds of the season....06-26-2018
Posted on Jun 26, 2018 4:01 PM

Over the past month or so I have been accumulating the things I thought I might need to plant my new daylily seeds for this season. Two bags of little ziplock baggies, two large bags of potting soil, two bags of sand, a bag of milorganite, a bag of 100 clear cups etc. I had vinyl blinds saved up I collected by the side of the road, so I cut up over a hundred plant markers during the past weeks. I drilled holes in the cups yesterday, found my markers and hope they will last on the plant tags I made. Today I mixed up a batch of potting soil along with sand in a three to one mix. I think that will be about right.
I was able to fill 18 cups with the first batch of mix and that is just the amount of cups that will fit into a flat. For now I am just putting the cups in plastic ice cream containers, they will hold water for the cups to sit in and allow the cups to be bottom watered for a few weeks if necessary. From the sound of the thunder outside , that won't be necessary today at least.
I had my best day of pod collecting so far, and it made me decide to go ahead and plant some seeds, could not resist the urge to plant any longer. There is just something about putting seed into the dirt. I only planted three seeds per cup and I had enough by selecting from the baggies with the most seed to plant 17 of the 18 cups I filled. I only selected from the baggies that had enough seed for me to plant some today and have some left to plant after they are stratified. I placed a small strip of paper in each baggie and added just a spritz of water and back into the refrigerator they went.
Last year the seeds I did not stratify did not fair to well when it came time to germinate. I am trying to provide them with a little more shade until they sprout this year.
I tired to leave a little extra space this year in the cup so it could hold more water when needed. Last year I pretty much filled the cup to the surface and the water tended to just run off instead of soaking down into the cup.
Thumb of 2018-06-26/Seedfork/f489bc
So I ended up with 4 of the ice cream cartons with 4 cups each and one cup with seed and one cup without any seed. I hope to collect some more pods tomorrow.
I had so many crosses to not form a pod, I just quit tagging them. So I'll only know the pod parent on most of my crosses. Now I am having a lot of pods abort and a lot with just one or two seeds. I have some very nice looking pods left to collect, but by the time they are ready they might also swivel up and have only one or two seeds, you never know what they are going to do.
I have a pair of hawks that have taken up residency in the neighborhood, they are here every year. I never know if it is the same or different ones.
Thumb of 2018-06-26/Seedfork/ca70de

My crinums are just starting to bloom and my agapanthus bloomed again this year.
Thumb of 2018-06-26/Seedfork/f3fdda
Thumb of 2018-06-26/Seedfork/3d0be5 Thumb of 2018-06-26/Seedfork/f16869
Thumb of 2018-06-26/Seedfork/d47a0d
'Bonnie Corley' is always photogenic, so I loaded it up with pods and hope to have a lot of beautiful seedlings.
Thumb of 2018-06-26/Seedfork/20d9d2
'Laura Harwood' had sixteen opened blooms on it the other day, I think that it the most she has ever had. Many of them are down in the foliage, so I'm hoping to get better scape height with some of my crosses.

Thumb of 2018-06-26/Seedfork/e85448

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List of Daylily Abbreciations: .......05-26-2018
Posted on May 26, 2018 9:54 AM

Abbreviations for Daylilies:

Accent On Style: A.O.S.*
Alabama Jubilee: A.J.*
All Fired Up: A.F.U.*
All American Chief: A.A.C.*
America's Most Wanted: A.M.W.*
American Freedom: A.F.*
Anchors Aweigh: A.A.*
Apple Tart: A.T.*
As Time Goes By: A.T.G.B.*
Awesome Blossom: A.B.*
Azure Wings: A.W.*
Baja: B.*
Bali Watercolor: B.W.*
Bas Relief: Ba.R.*
Beautiful Edgings: B.E.
Bela Lugosi: B.L.*
Bernadette Crossen: Be.C.*
Bertie Ferris: B.F.
Big Bertha's Sister: B.B.S.*
Black Fathom Depths: B.F.D.*
Black Plush: B.P.
Blonde Is Beautiful: B.I.B.*
Blue Moon Rising: B.M.R.
Blushing Octopus: B.O.*
Bonnie Corley: B.C.
Bonnie Fee Fi Fo Fum: B.F.F.F.F.*
Bonnie Holley: B.H.
Brer Rabbits Baby: B.R.B.
Brocaded Gown: B.G.
Buddy's Gloria: Bu.G.*
Buttered Popcorn: Bu.P.*
Carlotta: Ca.
Carnival In Mexico: C.I.M.*
Celtic Veins: C.V.*
Champagne Elegance: C.E.
Chang Dynasty: Ch.D.*
Cherry Ice Cream Smile: C.I.C.S.*
Chesapeake Bay: C.B.*
Chicago Apache: C.A.*
Chicks Dig It: C.D.I.*
Chief Four Fingers: C.F.F.
Christmas Celebration: C.C.*
Cindy's Eye: Ci.E.*
Circle of Beauty: C.O.B.*
Collard Dream: C.D.*
Color Flash: C.F.*
Corryton Pink: Co.P*
Crimson Pirate: C.P.
Darla Anita: D.A.*
Debbie Durio: D.D.
Divine Comedy: D.C.*
Dixie Land Band: D.L.B.
Don't Touch Me There: D.T.M.T.*
Done With Pride: D.W.P.*
Ed Brown: E.B.*
El Desperado: E.D.*
Elizabeth Salter: E.S.*
Empire Returns: E.R.*
Enchanting Esmerelda: E.E.*
Endowed With Beauty: E.W.B.
Erin Lee: E.L.*
Feather Woman: F.W.
Feliz Navadad: F.N.*
Femme Fatale: F.F.
Filled With Joy: F.W.J.*
Finally Letting Go: F.L.G.*
Fire On The Mountain: F.O.T.M.*
Flore Pleno: F.P.**
Fooled Me: F.M.*
Freaky Good: F.G.*
Geneva Firetruck: G.F.*
Gentle Shepherd: G.S.
God Save The Queen: G.S.T.Q.*
Gossip Girl: G.G.*
Grace From Above: G.F.A.*
Grand Palais: G.P.*
Great White: G.W.*
Gypsy Rose Lee: G.R.L.*
Half Moon Key: H.M.K.*
Handsome Ross Carter: H.R.C.
Happy And Blessed: H.A.B.
Heart's Treasure: H.T.*
Heat Lightning: He.L.
Heaven's Portals: H.P.*
Heavenly Island Magic: H.I.M*.
Heavenly Velociraptor: H.V.*
Helen Elsie: H.E.*
Helix: H.*
Hello Screamer: H.S.*
Highland Lord: H.L.*
Hot Wheels: H.W.
Hush Little Baby: H.L.B.
Inner Destiny: I.D.*
Irish Envy: I.E.*
Janice Brown: Ja.B.
Japanese Brocade: J.B.*
Jason Mark: J.M.
Jay Turman: J.T.*
Jedi Brenda Spann: J.B.S.
Jolyene Nichole: J.N.
Julianna Lynn: J.L.*
Julie Newmar: Ju.N.*
Kachina Firecracker: K.F.
Kindly Light: K.L.
Kissed Off: K.O.*
Lady Neva: L.N.
Laughing Feather: La.F.
Laura Harwood: L.H.
Lavender Stardust: La.S.
Lifting Me Higher: L.M.H.*
Lime Frost: L.F.*
Little Wart: L.W.
Lois Burns: Lo.B
Long Stocking: L.S.*
Look Here Mary: L.H.M.
Lullaby Baby: L.B.
Magic Lake: Ma.L.*
Magnificient Rainbow: M.R.*
Malaysian Monarch: Ma.M.*
Mandalay Bay Music: M.B.M.*
Mary's Gold: M.G.*
Masked Phantom: M.P.*
Mephisto Waltz: M.W.*
Mexican Sunrise: M.S.*
Ming Porcelain: Mi.P.*
Mini Pearl: Mi.Pe.
Missouri Memories: M.M.
Mister Lucky: M.L.*
My Path: My.P.
Nagasaki: N.
Night Wings: N.W.*
Nosferatu: No.*
Omomuki: O*
Open Hearth: O.H.
Optical Delight: O.D.
Orange Electric: O.E.*
Orange Velvet: O.V.*
Orchid Corsage: O.C.
Out Of Darkness: O.O.D.*
Outrageous: Ou.
Palace Garden Beauty: P.G.B.*
Palladian Pink: P.P.*
Panic In Detroit: P.I.D.*
Paper Butterfly: P.B.*
Parisian Adventure: P.A.*
Passion For Red: P.F.R.*
Pathway NOID: P.NOID
Peacock Maiden: Pe.M.
Persian Market: Pe.Ma.*
Persian Ruby: P.R.*
Peru-B-Baby: P.B.B.*
Petticoat Frills: P.F.*
Pharaoh's Treasure: P.T.*
Planet Claire: P.C. Sterile
Planet Max: P.M.
Pleated Perfection: Pl.P.
Power Surge: P.S.*
Prairie Blue Eyes: P.B.E.
Primal Scream: Pr.S.*
Purple Rain Dance: P.R.D.
Radiation Biohazard: Ra.B.
Rainbow Candy: R.C.*
Ransom Note: R.N.*
Red Apparition: R.A.*
Red Ribbons: R.R.
Red Squirrel: R.S.
Red Volunteer: R.V.*
Reforma Boulevard: R.B.*
Remembering Joan: R.J.*
Reminds Me Of Fireworks: R.M.O.F.*
Rose Emily: R.E.
Roses In Snow: R.I.S.*
Royal Eventide: Ro.E.
Ruby Spider:*

Sailing At Dawn: S.A.D.*
Scarecrow: S.C.*
Scarlet Gown: S.G.
Scatterbrain: Sc.B.
School Bus: S.B.*
Scottish Fantasy: S.F.*
Sherry Lane Carr: S.L.C.*
Siloam Double Classic: S.D.C.
Sings The Blues: S.T.B.
Smoky Mountain Autumn: S.M.A.
So Many Stars: S.M.S.*
Soothsayer: So.S.
South Sea Enchantment: S.S.E.
South Seas: S.S.*
Spacecoast Seashells: S.C.S.S.*
Spacecoast Tiny Perfection: S.T.P.*
Spanish Glow: Sp.G.*
Spanish Sketch: Sp.S.*
Sparks One Hot Mama: S.O.H.M.*
Special Ovation: S.O.*
Spider Man: S.M.
Suburban Nancy Gayle: S.N.G.
Sue Rothbauer: S.R.
Sunday Gloves: Su.G.
Super Purple: S.P.
Taj Mahal: T.M.
Take Me Along: T.M.A.*
Tar and Feather: T.A.F.
Tennyson: Te.*
The Jury's Out: T.J.O.
Tiger Kitten: T.K.*
Topguns Pinwheel: T.P.*
Trahlyta: T.
Tree Of Gascone: T.O.C.*
Tuscawilla Tigress: T.T.*
Victorian Princess: V.P.
Volusian Spider: V.S.*
Web Of Intrigue: W.O.I.*
Westward Wind: W.W.*
Whooperee: WOP*
Winged Migration: W.M.*
Wings On High: W.O.H.*
Wiregrass Greenstar: W.G.
Wish Fulfillment:

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