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New row of daylily seedlings planted..............03-15-2018
Posted on Mar 15, 2018 10:31 AM

I am hoping last night was the last frost for the year. We had beautiful weather for a long time then a few cold snaps with frosts that did some damage, but nothing that won't be corrected when the weather finally warms the soil up again.
I have been collecting leaves, grass clippings and pine straw and using in for paths, beds, and new rows. I had a large pile of pine straw I was planning on spreading out over some of the paths but this morning I noticed it had already settled down and was only a little higher now than the bed around it, so I decided to just leave it in place.
I got out and watered the seedlings again and this morning I added one more new row to bed # 3, that will be row # 5.

The far row on the left is the new row of daylily seedlings in Bed #3 Row#5:
Thumb of 2018-03-15/Seedfork/26fa5a

A view of the daylily seedling beds from the lower end:
Thumb of 2018-03-15/Seedfork/2caf5a

A closer view of what some of the seedlings are looking like now. There are all different sizes in the beds, from very tiny still to looking pretty good with several leaves and standing quite tall.
Thumb of 2018-03-15/Seedfork/a38060

Here is a view of the seedlings grown from seed I received from Hemlady last spring.
Thumb of 2018-03-15/Seedfork/b685f1
Here are some seedlings that were planted back in 08/2017, they were lagging behind so I replanted them in this tub after they had been removed form their cups , they are looking pretty good now.
Thumb of 2018-03-15/Seedfork/b4d8c5
Here are some seedlings that sprouted in the fridge, and were not planted until 02/2018, this is this year.
Thumb of 2018-03-15/Seedfork/d544a5
There is not a lot of difference in the sizes of the two different plantings, I think already being sprouted gave much better results for the time they have been planted.
I need to get out and get some photos of the Azaleas, the Hippeastrums (Amaryllis) are also ready to burst into bloom, hoping the frost did not damage them too badly. The Lilies are starting to grow now so hopefully they will be blooming in a month or so, then the daylilies should start to bloom also. I can barely wait!

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New daylilies arrived...03--8-2018
Posted on Mar 8, 2018 6:01 PM

I have only ordered three new daylilies this year, and they arrived today. They were small plants but hopefully even if they won't bloom this year they will be off to a good start for next year.
I received a bonus plant:
'Heart's Treasure': Not the type of plant I would normally be interested in, but I will save judgment on it until I see how it performs in the garden.

These are the ones I ordered:
'Bas Relief':

'Empire Returns':

'Feather Woman':

Here are photos of the plants as they arrived:

Thumb of 2018-03-09/Seedfork/d60c95
Thumb of 2018-03-09/Seedfork/7f8f01

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Amaryllis or Hippeastrum....02/27/2018
Posted on Feb 27, 2018 8:27 PM

For years I have grown Amaryllis, now I find they have been reclassified as Hippeastrum....whatever you call them they are starting to send up bloom stalks.
Thumb of 2018-02-28/Seedfork/b5cae7
Thumb of 2018-02-28/Seedfork/98da9e
Thumb of 2018-02-28/Seedfork/91e49d
Thumb of 2018-02-28/Seedfork/ba414e
Thumb of 2018-02-28/Seedfork/987e23
A white Cemetery Iris:
Thumb of 2018-02-28/Seedfork/a2ac2d
I thought this was a white Cemetery Iris, but I noticed it had a yellowish hue, so I got a little closer and I realized that I did not recall having an Iris like this.
Thumb of 2018-02-28/Seedfork/03b9d7

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Just a note on Hemlady crosses grown from seed....02-26-2018
Posted on Feb 26, 2018 9:31 AM

I reported earlier that all the crosses from Hemlady seemed to have returned except for cross 201718T and none of those had returned out of the five seedlings planted last year. I need to update that because I noticed that there are now four of those seedling emerging from dormancy. I am assuming that the cross 'Star Man's Quest' x 'Scrambled Legs' was just the most dormant of all the crosses being they were so late emerging. Nice to see them finally making a show after winter.
Both show to be dormants:
Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Starman's Quest') x Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Scrambled Legs')

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Posted on Feb 21, 2018 7:08 AM

Back on Feb. 12th I planted some sprouted seeds from the refrigerator. I am happy to report that this morning I now have seedlings in all 12 cups.
Here is a photo of a hawk I took this morning, he was hopefully looking for snakes, gophers, moles, etc. More than likely he is looking at my neighbors chickens.
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/7c0e78
I should have posted these photos this morning, but I had to take my grandson to the hospital then I had to get busy in the garden, so I am just getting around to taking photos and posting them.
Here are the 12 cups of sprouted seedings I planted on Feb. 12th, they are still emerging.
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/eafcbc
Some are just now breaking through.
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/13084f
This cups has nine seedlings so far.
Edited: Looking at my photo I see several more seedlings emerging than I noticed when I took the photo.
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/9f4558
I just finished up my last two seedling beds, 3 and 4. I am pleased with how they are looking. I had more seedlings that I had actually planned for so even though bed 3 and 4 were to be put to use later in the year, bed three already has four rows of seedlings in it.
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/60f5de
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/351aab
Having finally finished the seedling beds, I moved back down to the bog and started to work down there again. I am in the process of widening a row to allow me to have more room to work that row, and to help keep the critters from digging.
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/99ad60
I am also in the process of adding one more row to the bog bed.
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/922a7f
A few daffodils are blooming around the garden.
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/133b98
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/baf77b
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/dbf0f6
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/fb138c
The Spanish Blue bells Kabby gave me are showing now.
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/030d56
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/c11bed
I even have a few white cemetery Iris starting to bloom.
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/a12702
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/a8fbd9
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/055284
The most exciting thing is that my Amaryllis are really starting to spring up now.
A few of my Amaryllis seedlings I have grown over the past few years.
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/91c4dc
Some of the ones I saved from my parents home.
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/9f3efa
Here are some of the excess seedlings I will be giving away this year to my daughters and friends, I had way to many seeds, but this is my first year, and I was a little to ambitious.
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/37d0f6
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/217643
These are some seedlings I might still plant, but there were a lot of small ones in the mix and I decided to let them grow on some more.
Thumb of 2018-02-21/Seedfork/1d3644

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