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First day that feels like fall.....10-17-2017
Posted on Oct 17, 2017 6:17 PM

I actually stepped out the door today, then went back inside and put on a long sleeved shirt over my short sleeved one. I already had jeans on so I was comfortable with the cool weather and the breeze. I got up and headed out to pick up a load of pine straw before the trash man could beat me to it. It was very trashy pine straw but there was a full truck load of it and for the purpose and spot I had it mind it would do fine. Yesterday I picked up three loads and the day before I got one nice load. I still need many more loads.
I have been able to do so much over the past few days as the weather has really cooled off. I went out a few days ago expecting it to be cool, but only after I realized how exhausted and tired I had suddenly become did I realize the temp was over 90 and the humidity was 94 percent. My doctor wants me to take a stress test, but if that did not kill me I don't think the stress test will either. I have always had a low heart rate and that is the main reason for the test, but a few other things did not check out so well in my last lab work, so as I seem to be aging faster and faster each year I guess I need to get checked out.
I managed to get the truck stuck the other day as I was unloading. I kept thinking if I went back a little further I would be able to get some traction. I kept thinking that and each time went a little further down the hill, finally ended up in the middle of my rose bed and realized I was going nowhere. I have tow straps and a cable pulley, but never can seem to figure out how those darn ratchets work. So right off the bat I made myself relax and slow down and take the time to actually figure them out instead of struggling until I accidently got them to work (my normal method). Lucky for me, I had a large oak within reaching distance of the straps and with the help of my grandson managed to winch the truck slowly out of the flower bed, with almost no damage to the flowers.
I have mulched several beds with pine straw, weeded several beds (several times), and got so much other stuff done lately. Still, everytime I turn around there is more to do. Today I was going to try and find a place to store all my tomato cages,(I had way more than I needed). I realized that one end of the fence had three rows of smaller squares than the rest of the fencing. So being I needed more daylily cages I cut them all off and used the fourth row of squares as the legs or spikes to hold the cages in place. That left me with 5 full size squares of fencing which I cut down the middle and used all the cages to make daylily cages to keep the critters away from the plants. So no storage needed. I might regret that in the spring, but I don't plan to plant the huge plants I normally plant, just smaller ones if any.
I had wanted to redo a section of the bog bed since early this year. I had even started planning on it last year when gathering mulch materials and compost materials. The bog is so wet and muddy all year, and especially this year with the huge amount of rain we have had. The daylilies had sunk way down and in addition I had continuously added more mulch around them. So, they were really down deep. I dug them all up, found new places in dryer spots for a few that were not doing very well. I did it one row at a time. I would dig a row then fill the low area with compost (many wheelbarrows of compost) then when it looked pretty level, I would set the newly dug plants on top. With the huge root systems this would raise the plants anywhere from a six inches to a foot. Then I just added compost around the plants and smoothed everything out. I had done this on a smaller scale before and it seemed to work great. Anyhow, that project is finished except for mulching the entire area with pine straw.
This afternoon I started using a notebook to log in all my cups of daylily seedlings, I still have more to enter, but I am well over a hundred cups of seedlings so far.We have not had any rain for a while so I spent quite a bit of time watering all the new plants and the seedlings. The more established plants have to fend for themselves.
The last bloom on Nosferatu bloomed today, and the last daylily to bloom in the garden will be 'Grand Palais' that I received from Kabby.
Thumb of 2017-10-18/Seedfork/74e1bf
'Grand Palais':
Thumb of 2017-10-18/Seedfork/d072f6

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Last daylily order of the year has arrived.........10-05-2017
Posted on Oct 5, 2017 4:36 PM

I finally received my last order of registered daylilies today. There were only four plants in the order and I received one bonus plant.
Thumb of 2017-10-05/Seedfork/4919da
Thumb of 2017-10-05/Seedfork/2bd296
Thumb of 2017-10-05/Seedfork/f4c699
Thumb of 2017-10-05/Seedfork/fa596c
Thumb of 2017-10-05/Seedfork/28033a
This was the bonus plant. I received three fans of each of the above and two fans of 'Kachina Firecracker'
Thumb of 2017-10-05/Seedfork/3d5796

The plants should have arrived Tuesday, but for some reason the post office forgot where I lived it seems.

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A place for everything....not everything in place yet! 08-13-2017
Posted on Aug 13, 2017 5:23 PM

I got out early this morning trying to beat the heat, seeing I was soaked within 30 mins. I must have not gotten up early enough. Anyhow I had started yesterday digging out the darn oak roots to make a small bed for my new daylilies on order. I dug half the area yesterday and got a half wheelbarrow full of roots. I dug the other half this morning and got another half wheelbarrow full of roots. The plants just would not have been able to grow with all those oak roots taking up all the nutrients. The plants will probably have to be dug up in a couple of years and the bed again gone through and the roots dug out. I have never seen such a mass of fine roots as those darn oaks make. It is like a mat covering the top few inches of the soil. For several years I could not figure out what those roots were, finally I have realized the large roots of the oaks send out small roots that send out smaller roots and then this mass of feeder surface roots develop and try to choke out everything else.
I did not expect to be able to get all 18 spots for the new plants in this area, I thought maybe 10 at best. But I decided to reduce the spacing to approximately 24 inches and by fudging just a bit here and there I was able to make a home for all the plants coming in the fall. I went ahead and placed my vinyl blind name tags in the spots just to make sure the spacing looked acceptable.
Thumb of 2017-08-13/Seedfork/0f40ea
Yesterday afternoon my wife and I saw this looking over the fence eyeing the garden.
Thumb of 2017-08-13/Seedfork/a62844

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Digging daylilies and Oak roots.....08-12-2017
Posted on Aug 12, 2017 11:45 AM

Well, I have messed around and ended up ordering 18 new daylilies for fall delivery. So I had to start getting things ready and making room for some of them. Fortunately I realized the other day that I had a nice sunny area since the tree cutters trimmed up the oak trees and it was filled mostly with NOID daylilies. Plus my neighbor came over the other day and said she would like to have any extra plants I had because her sister has bought a house and has a large lot to fill with plants.
So I took my rake and using it like a hoe started digging up large mats of surface roots from the Oaks. They come loose in big chunks when I use my rake like that, and I just sift them out of the dirt into the wheelbarrow. I did not finish that section but I did remove all the plants that needed to go, I had 40 nice daylily fans by the time I finished. I'll try to dig the rest of the roots out tomorrow and start hauling in the compost to build up the soil. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning those fine roots from the oaks off of the daylilies put them in walmart bags and took them next door.
Now I have got to order new stakes and name plates for the newly arriving daylilies.
Edited: I just went ahead and ordered 30 of the stainless steel stakes with the heavy duty plates.

I have been harvesting a lot of daylily seeds lately, but most of them are repeats of crosses I already have, in the next few days I should be getting seeds from crosses I don't have any of.

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A few more daylily seed sprout.....08-09-2017
Posted on Aug 9, 2017 12:16 PM

I thought for the longest time that none of the seeds in my cups were going to sprout.Finally I had three to finally show some leaves. Then nothing, all those seeds in those cups and they are just sitting there. Well, I not only now have four more cups with new seedlings, the first of the new beds with the new wire cover over it is close to being full of cups now and I had the first seed to sprout yesterday. I am so relieved! That really perked me up to know that I now have eight seedlings in my cups!!!!!

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