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Mary's Garden Patch specializes in top size quality fall and spring planted flower bulbs for the garden. Different varieties include tulips, daffodils, daylilies, crocus, lilies, caladiums, cannas, amaryllis, iris, hyacinths and many more - all with beautiful flowers to enhance your own home and garden, landscape or just your windowsill.

Mary's Garden Patch is represented on by @MaryC and @mcopeland12

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E-Mail: Contact them
Phone: 1-888-321-0821 toll free
Physical address: 2323 Seawillow Rd
Lockhart, TX 78644

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Main Product(s): Bulbs

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I decided to place an order for daffodils with Mary's Garden Patch because of their support of the National Gardening Association. The bulbs I received were large and very healthy. The shipment was on time and the packaging was great. I'll be ordering from Mary's again soon.

Follow up - The "Early Sensation" daffodil bulbs I received last fall are doing very well and I will be ordering more bulbs from Mary's soon.
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I just received my prize of 20 Ziva paperwhites from Mary's in the Sept. not a raffle raffle. Mary texted me when they expected to ship and then when bulbs were shipped, she texted me with delivery confirmation number. The box arrived and Wow, the bulbs are huge - at least up to 2 inches - all looked healthy.

I got on website and found other bulbs that are enticing me!

Thank you, Mary.

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I became aware of Mary's Garden Patch after winning placement in one of the not-a-raffle raffles. I won 3 nice sized Blood Lilies (Scadoxus), which were grown in a pot this summer. The flowers were stop dead in your tracks Wow. Mary's website was a pleasant surprise, lot of bulbs for all seasons. Good packaging and swift delivery.
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January 31, 2019 - updated
I was so impressed the first time, I elected to go with her contribution when I won again (October). This time I got a giant Amaryllis bulb, Charisma. It has performed quite nicely:
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A third scape has since formed, it should bloom in a couple of days!

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I have bought hedychium gingers from Mary on 2 occasions. There were 3 rhizomes in each bag and they were healthy, not rotted in the least. I also bought cannas and they thrived in my garden. She refunded my money cheerfully when one of the gingers had a crop failure. I really like this business. 😊

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Great website. I saw so many things I liked. Bought my first clump and first Siberian Iris. "Holy Cow" is all I could say. Great prices and I am happy to get Lucifer Crososmia finally. These are so beautiful.
Got a discount for registering. Got an order confirmation and tracking number. Very smooth transaction. I will be back and I will recommend this website to a friend.
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October 15, 2012- got some of the daylilies, I was not expecting dormant daylilies from someone in zone 8. The purpose of ordering from someone in your own zone is so they are more adaptable. However, the roots are a good size, and for the price, I have a nice assortment of daylilies. I ordered these July 2, 2012 and received them 10-15-12. It has been three weeks and all have sprouted nicely. I was in shock at first because I thought they were dead. Still, good plants for the price. If you are planning to start a garden and need a good variety, you can get 5 different daylilies for the price of one. Works out great for someone on a budget.

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After reading Trish's review here on All Things Plants I placed my first order. I give Mary's Garden Patch an A+ rating. I was extremely pleased with the customer service and quick shipping. The size and health of the bulbs I received was amazing and I will definitely be a repeat customer.

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It is my pleasure to introduce you to Mary's Garden Patch. Mary's specializes in bulbs, corms, and rhizomes for both spring and fall. I am impressed by both the variety and the selection of different cultivars that are offered. There is a great selection from which to choose, and very good descriptions and pictures of all of their plants to help you with your order.

Mary's Garden Patch tells me that they are committed to great customer service and that their goal is that their customers have the highest quality products from them which will produce beautiful plants and flowers to enjoy in our gardens for years to come. There is a good deal of information on the website on how to grow the plants that they offer, as well as a newsletter with helpful tips.

Another feature of Mary's Garden Patch is the bulk order. They offer bulbs by the half and full bushel on their website. If you want even more than that at one time, you can call for further discounts on even larger orders. Daylilies, some hostas, and some Japanese irises are also offered in clump quantities of 10-15 fans per clump at a discount.

I asked Mary if they ever run sales, and she replied that they do occasionally run specials. In addition, I note that their prices are reasonably low already. The shipping prices are based on product price, and are listed on the site.

Another thing that you should note is the shipping times. They only ship between 3/10-6/15 for their spring bulbs, and 9/15-1/15 for their fall bulbs. Fall bulbs can be ordered at any time, but will not ship until the earliest date for your zone.

My order was for one upright elephant ear, one crinum lily, and one clump of daylilies. Each plant was shipped in its own bag (paper for the bulbs, plastic for the daylilies), with the name of the plant on each bag.

Thumb of 2012-06-07/Trish/e19d71

Both of the bulbs are a nice large size and firm with good roots. Neither had new growth from this year.

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The dayliles were a huge clump with lots of corms and roots. The top growth was obviously starved for sunlight and a very pale yellow/green. However, daylilies are tough little plants, and they looked in good health, so I wasn't worried.

Thumb of 2012-06-07/Trish/3c34ab Thumb of 2012-06-07/Trish/2848b4

As of the writing of this article, my plants have been in the ground for 7 days. The daylilies are nicely green and beginning to show new growth. The crinum stalk has greened up and is doing just fine. We're still waiting on the alocasia, but elephant ears are usually pretty pokey to come up so that's no cause for concern. Keep in mind as well that I am at the very end of my planting season, so it is a bit harder on my plants to get going right now. We are already in the mid 90s during the afternoons.

Mary's Garden Patch has generously offered our ATP members a discount code of 10% off of your order! The code is: ATP10 and is good through 7/31/2012. Remember that spring bulb shipping ends on 6/15, so if you are planning to order spring bulbs, get your order in quickly!! Also, you can order those fall bulbs with this code, and they will ship after 9/15. Mary also tells me that they want to offer our wonderful gardeners an extra special code for the fall, so stay tuned for that!!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, but the company did provide me with the products I am reviewing. All opinions are my own honest impressions.

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