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Talking about Clematis 'Sylvia Denny', pepper23 wrote:

Sylvia Denny is a white semi double to double flowered vine. Extremely hardy in zone 5 and tolerates moving like it's nothing. Tolerates full shade to almost full sun.

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Talking about Clematis (Clematis virginiana), ILPARW wrote:

The American Virginsbower grows in various sites from swamp and river banks to forest edges to fields to cliffs from Nova Scotia and southeast Canada down to northern Florida to eastern Texas to central Nebraska into southern Manitoba and back around the Great Lakes. I bought one plant in a small container sent by mail from Prairie Nursery in central Wisconsin and planted it where it grows up on my deck rails and on the Sweetbay Magnolia. It is fast growing of up to 20 feet in one year, though mine took a few years to get big. The white flowers of mine have a little bit of a sweet fragrance. This Clematis species is not sold by most garden centers or nurseries, where the colourful large-flowered cultivars are well-known and used instead. Native nurseries, specialty nurseries, and a few large, diverse nurseries sell some. It is not a common plant in gardens and landscapes. I've only seen some wild vines twice at two land preserves in southeast PA. The leaves are trifoliate compound leaves with some large teeth on margins. This species is dioecious and I have a female that still bears some hairy seed that might not be fertile. I have not seen any babies from seed, but the vine does do some ground suckering. The male plants have brighter white, slightly showier flowers. (I like this clematis better than the Sweetautumn Clematis from Japan that is very rampant growing and makes babies all over the place.)

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Talking about Clematis (Clematis texensis Princess Kate™), treehugger wrote:

Once this Clematis begins blooming it creeps up its support and blooms well into August. The flowers hold their integrity for a long period and the petals do not shatter when touched. This vine is a strong grower.

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Talking about Clematis 'Asao', Yorkshirelass wrote:

This Clematis does not perform well in my garden The flowers are poor and very quickly turn brown. It will be removed and replaced with a different variety.

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Talking about Clematis Sugar-Sweet Blue™, stilldew wrote:

This small flowered Clematis starts to bloom very early in the season when the plant is still rather short.

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