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Talking about Sweet Autumn Clematis (Clematis terniflora), ILPARW wrote:

A large number of conventional nurseries in the Midwest and East of the US do sell some of this Japanese vine in pots. It is pretty, but it is powerfully aggressive, grows super fast, and is also invasive to wild areas. One plant can self-sow around the yard a lot and into the neighbours' yards also, and the seedlings are not easy to dig out. It does have a stronger fragrance and heavier bloom than the similar, but less aggressive Virgin's-Bower Clematis (Clematis virginiana) that is native to much of the eastern half of the US. I have the latter and she is dioecious, having separate male & female plants, and is not making babies. Check out the entry of Clematis virginiana to see the difference.

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Talking about Sweet Autumn Clematis (Clematis terniflora), scvirginia wrote:

This plant is horribly invasive in our neighborhood in the South Carolina Lowcountry. There is a large bank of plants in an untended wetland area a block away, and I see seedlings all over the neighborhood. We are frequently trying to pry out seedlings from all over our front and back yards, which is very difficult; we don't like to use herbicides.

This is one of my least favorite weeds; Japanese Honeysuckle and Thorny Olive are harder to get rid of, but at least they smell nice.

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Talking about Clematis 'Otto Froebel', scvirginia wrote:

This Clematis hybrid was raised by Victor Lemoine, and introduced in 1869.

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Talking about Clematis (Clematis lanuginosa 'Candida'), scvirginia wrote:

This Clematis hybrid was introduced by Victor Lemoine in 1862, and reported to be a cross between Clematis lauginosa and Clematis patens.

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Talking about Clematis 'Dr. Ruppel', Deebie wrote:

This clematis is fairly easy to grow in my zone 8a SC garden and thrives in full sun. Its blooms do not fade in intense sunshine.

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