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Talking about Clematis (Clematis pitcheri), ILPARW wrote:

This Pitcher's Bluebill or Purple Leather-Flower, gets about 12 feet long. The leaves get to be 3 inches by 2 inches in size. It is largely hairless. It is more woody than most clematis. It blooms about 1 to 2 months in mid-summer. It is a kind of leather-flower clematis with small urn-like flowers that have thick, succulent sepals, thus its name. It dies to the ground in late fall. It is found around woodlands, thickets, and fence rows from southwest Indiana to eastern Nebraska to Tennessee to Texas.

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Talking about Clematis (Clematis morefieldii), ILPARW wrote:

This endangered native species was first discovered in 1980 in Huntsville, Alabama. It is native to woodland areas of southern Tennessee and northern Alabama, often growing on rock, rocks, and boulders. Its common name is Huntsville Vasevine or Leather-Flower. It is one of the leather-flower kinds of Clematis that get their name from the sepals of the urn-like or bell-like flowers being thick and succulent.

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Talking about Clematis 'Henryi', tabbycat wrote:

My Henryi is starting all new growth, as it does after a dieback following a gorgeous display each spring. It's in a large hanging basket on the edge of my porch, where it gets morning sun and then bright light the rest of the day. It travels up the hanger and then mixes with a 5-leaf Akebia vine I have trained from post to post. This spring it traveled about 5' into the akebia and it looked like that vine had the large white flowers. I water it every other day with rain water I collect. To fertilize it and help fight the diseases it tends to get here in south Louisiana's humidity, I sprinkle granular Bayer Rose & Flower 3 in 1 once a month. It will bloom again in July and then again about October. Except for looking dead between flushes of growth and flowering, its huge white flowers are worth its care.

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Talking about Clematis 'Luther Burbank', tjland wrote:

Grows well in large containers in Zone 10a of Southern California. First set of blooms begins late spring. Deadhead flowers as they fade to prevent seed development and snip off dry leaves to encourage a second set of blooms later in the same year. I grow sweet alyssum from seed and succulents around the base of the vine to provide shade for the roots throughout the year.

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Talking about Clematis 'Sylvia Denny', pepper23 wrote:

Sylvia Denny is a white semi double to double flowered vine. Extremely hardy in zone 5 and tolerates moving like it's nothing. Tolerates full shade to almost full sun.

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