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Charter ATP Member Seed Starter Tomato Heads I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Vegetable Grower Lover of wildlife (Raccoon badge) Birds Garden Ideas: Master Level Butterflies Celebrating Gardening: 2015 Roses Photo Contest Winner: 2016 Hummingbirder Daylilies Bulbs Region: New York Lilies Irises Region: Northeast US Region: United States of America Garden Sages

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  • Joined on March 22, 2010
  • Name: Rita
  • Location: North Shore, Long Island, NY
  • Thumbs-ups: 153,521 received, 95,059 given.
  • Items given special acorn tips: 634 received, 91 given.
  • Bookmarked pages: 91
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  • Daylilies (2,403 contributions.)
  • Tomatoes (676 contributions.)
  • Roses (340 contributions.)
  • Irises (321 contributions.)
  • Tulips (241 contributions.)
  • Peppers (235 contributions.)
  • Gourds, Squashes and Pumpkins (163 contributions.)
  • Daffodils (114 contributions.)
  • Eggplants (104 contributions.)
  • Lilies (101 contributions.)
  • Newyorkrita recommends
    ALGOplus Natural Fertilizer Company
    Neptune's Harvest Organic Fertilizer

    Member Ideas by Newyorkrita:
    Emperor Tulips Truly Are Perennial
    Collect Curbside Fall Leaves for Free Mulch
    Get Your Backyard Birds To Eat Those Tomato Hornworms
    Juliet Grape Tomatoes. Productive and Foolproof
    Plant Saucers Attract Bathing Birds
    Attract Songbirds with Fruiting Shrubs
    Cover Crops for Beauty and the Bees
    Milkweed, in Seed
    Reuse Potting Mix
    Many Veggies Taste Best Raw
    Make Your Ponds More Inviting to Frogs
    Use Q-Tips To Pollinate Summer Squash
    Red Currants. These Old-Time Shrub Fruits Are Easy To Grow
    Parking Lot Daylilies
    Have a Slope That's Too Steep To Mow? Plant Daylilies
    Silk Road Lilies Are the Tallest in my Garden
    Cypress Vine and Cardinal Climber Attract Hummingbirds
    Showy Mexican Sunflowers
    Start Replacement Summer Squash Plants To Stay Ahead of Squash Vine Borers
    Corner Iris Garden Is Easy To Make
    Stock Tank Pond
    Grow Eggplants in Pots
    A Favorite Spot by the Pond in Spring
    Tulips in Every Form and Size
    Scilla sardensis
    Annual Sunflowers Are Pretty and Easy To Grow
    Bamboo Poles Make Instant Tepees
    Brightly Colored Berries for Winter Beauty and Attracting Songbirds.
    Reuse Your Seedling Cell Packs To Start Your Own Seeds
    Use a Tall Shepherd Hook To Hang Suet Feeders
    Short on Space But Want Home-Grown Peas? Grow Peas in Pots.
    Mulch Those Daylilies with Fall Leaves
    Want To Extend Your Bloom Season? Go with Late Bloomers. Here's How
    Paver Method for Sinking Small Round Preformed Ponds in Ground
    Plant Species Crocus in the Lawn.
    Tulips Among the Siberian Irises
    Above-Ground Ponds Are Easy: No Digging Required
    Grow Your Cucumbers Vertically and Save Space.
    Instant Daylily Garden by Moving Clumps
    Tomato Cages for Pole Beans
    Plant Portulacas
    Add Water Hyacinths to Your Pond
    Support Your Tomato Plants Using Florida Weave
    Which Paste Tomato Should You Grow?
    Make Room for Tomatoes in the Lawn
    Parsley and Dill Do Double Duty
    Roses and Lilies Belong Together
    Rose Care in My Long Island Garden
    Crowd your Roses for a Jumble of Color
    Zinnias, Old-Fashioned Annuals for the Modern Garden
    Bok Choi
    Grow Tatsoi, A Delicious Asian Green
    Tulip 'Beauty of Apeldoorn' for Beautiful Colors in Spring
    How To Deal with Poison Ivy
    Scapes and Stalks
    Daylilies in a Cottage Garden
    Daylilies and Spring Bulbs: the Perfect Combination
    Ditch Lilies en Masse
    Add Bulb Lilies to Your Daylily Garden and Add Height
    Feed Birds on the Driveway
    Add Cracked Corn to Your Birdseed Mix and Feed the Squirrels
    Iris reticulata for Extremely Early Spring Bloom
    Cyclamineus Daffodils Add Charm to the Spring Garden
    Double Your Spring Bulb Flowers with Tulips and Daffodils
    Roses in a Cottage Garden
    Daylilies in the Landscape: A Photo Tour

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    "Rose Francois Rabelais" on May 19, 2024
    "Siberian Iris China Spring " on April 20, 2024
    "Azaleas Blooming " on April 11, 2024
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    "Crocus sieberi Tricolor" on November 1, 2023
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