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  • Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Snowfire'), LivinEZ wrote:
    Some of my favorite roses are red and white bicolors. Besides Snowfire, other examples growing in my garden are: Love, Ronald Reagan (RR), Carefree Spirit (Carefree Spirit is a single flowered variety, and therefore somewhat difficult to use for direct comparisons with Snowfire). Comparisons below are from my garden observations:

    In my garden, Snowfire demonstrates superior color contrast to the others. The red petals with white reverse are vividly defined. The red is a bright warm red, almost scarlet, with no hint of bluing as the flower ages. I see crimson, not scarlet, in Love and RR.

    The unfurling bud is attractive, but not shaped as nicely as Love or RR. It puts on a great show in late May early June rose season, not much after.

    The bush grows upright, which is a good thing, because it has nasty thorns. I've let mine grow to about six feet. A good back of the border rose.

    In my SE PA garden, disease resistance has been about average. It needs its fair share of spraying in hot, humid weather.

    To me, a very slight tea fragrance, but perhaps I'm letting my imagination take over.

    For its color and June display, I wouldn't be without it.
  • Has done very well in my garden. Good vigor and shrub like form. More disease resistant than many of my other roses, but still needs a good spraying now and then. Not as resistant as a Drift or Knockout rose.
    This rose is sold in some nurseries here in east PA/NJ as 'Fire and Ice'.
    What compounds the potential for a problem is that an internet search for 'Fire and Ice' shows a number of photos of a red white bicolor rose that is much more like 'Snowfire', or 'Love'.
    Without conducting a thorough investigation first, some buyers (like me) think they're getting a unique rose.
    So, now I have Cherry Parfait in my front yard AND my back yard. It's worth it.
  • Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Gemini'), Trish wrote:
    Based on reports from nearly 800 members in 2004, 'Gemini' hybrid tea rose received the highest rating (8.2 out of 10) of those new roses and was awarded the Member's Choice Award for 2005.

    'Gemini' features densely packed, 4- to 5-inch-diameter flowers in coral pink with cream tones. The flowers have a slight papaya scent. The vigorous plant grows 5 to 6 feet tall and can be purchased as a grafted rose or one grown on its own rootstock. 'Gemini' won the 2000 All-America Rose Selections award and now adds this Member's Choice Award to its trophy chest.
  • Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Ramblin' Red'), Trish wrote:
    For gardeners in USDA zones 4 and colder, there's a new red climbing rose that blooms all summer and survives the harsh winters without protection.

    'Ramblin' Red' features 10-foot-tall canes that have deep red, sweetly fragrant, double flowers. The bushes don't need winter protection, even in USDA zone 3, and have strong disease resistance, too.
  • Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Cherry Lady'), Trish wrote:
    Roses are the prima donnas of the garden world. They are lovely to look at, but often demanding to grow, susceptible to a host of disease and insect problems. Now gardeners who want the beauty of roses without all the work can turn to the new Fiji ™ rose.

    This elegant hybrid tea produces incredible amounts of blooms with crenated petals in a fantastic shade of bright cherry red. Dark green, lightly glossy foliage fills in the few spaces left uncovered by the clusters of blooms. But good looks are not all this rose has to offer. The plants carry an extremely high level of resistance to both black spot and mildew, making them a great choice for gardeners looking for easy maintenance.

    Fiji's compact, 2 1/2 foot size makes it perfect for the front of the border, in a pot by the patio, or anywhere it can be admired and easily accessed for cutting its plentiful blooms. Hardy to USDA Zone 6, like all roses Fiji does best in full sun and moist, but well-drained soil.
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